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  1. But it does not say you have to actually have a card to sell for the type that you pick. (it actually says "may remove") So I could choose X-wings and the Super-weapon upgrade cards. I sell 1 X-Wing, and no Super-weapon upgrade. I can then buy a super weapon upgrade for 7 points. I found the wording so weird. So we took it that if I have 3 bases, I could sell X-wings, Super weapon, and Officers. Sell all 3 and buy something from Super Weapon or Officer, and another type of squadron. But if I am not mistaken you guys took it as, if I have 3 bases I can Sell 1 squadron and/or type, Buy same type, then loose the excess points. Sell 1 squadron and/or type, Buy same type, then loose the excess points. Sell 1 squadron and/or type, Buy same type, then loose the excess points. (I put and/or because that is the way it would have to read to do it your way. The book actually only says "Or" so we took that to mean you cannot do both, unless you have multiple bases. Or to me means one OR the other...not both. But in the example Melissa clear does both) I cannot really see anyone doing that 7 times if they have 7 bases. (not that this makes it wrong) Just seemed to make more sense to combine it. It even says for each base you can remove one squadron or upgrade card. It does not say for each base follow these steps. which is what you guys are doing. So if I have one base using my example above, I have to select the squadron "OR" the upgrade card but not both. I have to have at least 2 bases to do that. Read the example and assume Melissa has 2 bases. Even in the example she is selling squads and officer card to only buy another officer card. (assume she has 2 bases). But I for sure can see it being the way you guys are doing it as well. And I may be just way over thinking it. Either way it does not say you have to actually sell the type of card you choose. so you could still do what I said.
  2. oh ya I see. I get my head caught up in the mechanics, but still technically just shooting from the ship. Thanks.
  3. Do you think your ignition attack can fire backwards? Here is my example. I have line of sight, and its in the Ignition arc. Since I measure from the token can I shoot backwards?
  4. So from the FAQ.. If a ship’s attack would not include any dice, but the ship can add dice through a card effect, can it perform the attack? A: No. If a ship does not gather any dice during the “Roll Attack Dice” step of an attack, the attack is canceled. So, I still think you can change the range since gather dice is the first thing you do in the Roll Attack Dice step. Changing your dice to red happens before that, and your attack is cancelled if you have no dice in range during the Roll attack dice step.
  5. The card says "While Attacking"...."before you gather dice" To me this means that anytime during your attack as long as its before you gather your dice, you can change your blues to red. (although the "before" keyword does say immediately before the specified event") Plus the book also says ◊◊ If the attacker cannot gather any dice appropriate for the range of the attack, the attack is cancelled. So you can actually declare and attack even if you do not start out with the dice that can reach the target. Unless there is something in the FAQ, which I have not checked, yet. So I interpret this as you can change the range to long.
  6. Sure you can. Depending on how you interpret the selling and buying rules. We interpret them as if you have 3 bases you can buy and sell 3 types of squadron and/or upgrades. They are not unique so you could buy them that way. Makes them twice as expensive, but you could still do it.
  7. I would not bother. We have 3 new people in ours and they are picking the game up just fine. We helped them build their fleets, and we are helping them with out to play them. If they really don't like the fleet they can disband it and build a new one, anyway. We are half way through act 2 and the biggest fleet is 225. So it is not like a new 200 point fleet is so far behind it cannot win. You could even give them an Ally token to even the odds. Unless this is the only time you are ever going to play RitR then just play it out and let them learn. The next one they will have a better idea. This campaign plays out so fast compared to Corellian, even if it does go to the very end. It is so easy for one side to get up by 5 and have the next pivotal battle end the whole thing. You could come up with all these crazy house rules just to have it end sooner then later anyway. Play it out I say.
  8. Ok I tested it the latest version you can select objectives when building bases (including Nar Shaddaa). It will just appear blank after you select so that the other side cannot see what you selected. I may have to look at something like at did the start the game...putting a saved there. but it is a bit harder at this point because you do not want to save it yet. oh I also added wins and losses for pivotal battles to each player. I had not included those battles before.
  9. It is only 11 points that you can spend because you forget that your first one is free. 14 points if you completely rebuild your commander. I actually figured it can be possible to get 12-2 xp in a pivotal because some of those battles have victory tokens. Granted it would be insanely rare, but still possible. (8 ships destroyed by squadrons) And you cannot even spend them after a pivotal battle. so you will gain even more XP with the next battle. It will be possible to replace your entire command abilities after a lopsided pivotal battle. Maybe that is the point But hopefully it will be rare enough that it won't matter. Our last pivotal battle was crazy close. 50 points difference.
  10. lol spelling errors don't count. 🤣 ok the spelling error was fixed and the Volatile cargo on Raxus Prime is fixed. the Nar Shaddaa thing I am looking into. I did just add picking base objectives (because I forgot) last update, so who knows.
  11. It is complete, except for fixing bugs and adding features. Hopefully there are not too many more bugs. I had to completely revamp the commander abilities formulas. I screwed them up the first time. 🙊 After completing coding for Pivotal battles, I do not like commander XP. There is a potential for an 11-2 XP in a single pivotal battle. Why? at this point you already are going to have 2 command abilities at minimum. are you meant to change command abilities through out the campaign? Because if not you are going to have a load of XP left at the end of a campaign. At most you can spend 11 xp. If the campaign points stay close (which is what you want) at minimum you will have 16ish xp to spend. and that is if every battle stays within 75 pts, and fleets stay within 25 pts. Which won't happen. Then one lopsided Pivotal battle could see 1 side gaining more XP for each commander they the received in the entire previous act. They say "Never do the math".
  12. Ok fixed some bugs and added where it will tell you what upgrade cards you can purchase. If your name is green you can purchase unique. Although this did bring up more questions. If there is a battle at a base does this count as the one purchase from a base? I would assume it does not and another player could still purchase from a base. If so could that player purchase from the base where the battle was, which means 2 players would have purchased from the same base.
  13. This could be if you select the objective before the defender, since objectives are based on the defender. Forgot I did add validation in for this. You cannot even select the objective before the defender. I have never had this happen otherwise, so there might be a specific case you found. The only time you should not be able to pick an assault is if you are attacking a base. If you can get it to happen again, maybe share that sheet with me so I can see. lol this is fixed, this has been there since day one and I kept forgetting to fix it. ya this was intentional, sort of. I do not like how it works for sure. for now the only number that will go down is the fixes, and "I think" will show a negative number if someone tries to repair too many. this is on the to do list. I have not added in validation at some points yet. but you should not even need to go back. you can just go check the upgrade cards you need. It won't know the difference. the only time it matters is when it is determining XP for battles. for now it won't even know if you select the wrong types of cards you are awarded. same if you incorrectly select a card. just unhide the sell column and check the sell box. I only really added in the separate phases because my group loves to jump ahead without following the proper order, and it makes a difference some times. They are always trying to buy and sell cards as soon as a battle is over, even though those happen in separate phases. I am pretty anal about following the order (might be the coder in me) but in a lot of FFG games it really matters even though sometimes it seems like it may not. I do eventually want to add in actual validation for most of these phases. Once it is completely working.
  14. Nope, that is what I want. if something is broken then I need to know. Try the new one and see if it still does that.
  15. I have not been ignoring you, I have been busy trying to build this thing. I do seem to remember having a problem with the 0. Excel views a blank and 0 as the same thing. this has been fixed. I am not really sure how to interpret your 2nd issue because I had not added the reward upgrade card stuff in yet, so it should not have been showing up.
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