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  1. I think you are missing more then half the deck. the # cards go to about 180ish. cannot remember the exact number
  2. I've now played a couple of 4 players games, and I think I've changed my tune about this game. There is almost no point in playing this game with less then 4. Except maybe to learn. although we did get lucky and have at least 1 player working for each faction. If all 4 ended up working for the same faction it may turn out the same as a 1 or 2 player game.
  3. oh this is my new favorite game. I do not think it needs an expansion except to add some variety and more players. I would love to see a 6 player game.
  4. I was just going to post something similar. The end game is very odd. The game is too short, and/or the faction track is too short, and/or there are too many faction cards in the agenda deck. The game is super amazing, until the end when you go "oh? thats it?" I read some review where they said this game already needs an expansion to "fix" it. I'm a huge FFG fan boy, and I normally disagree with people that say games need a house rule or fix. This game isn't necessarily broken but the end game is just weird. I do like the faction interaction, but its too prevalent. Once the faction snowball starts rolling you have to drop everything and either jump on or try to play for the other faction so that everyone can lose.
  5. Do you think you "HAVE" to shoot (roll your dice) in combat? I know you "MUST" have combat, but when it comes to shooting it does not say "MAY" or "MUST" What i'm talking about is the Brotherhood of Yin Flag ship. Basically just a big Nuke. So I had the idea of just retreating. I'd let him shoot at me, but could not decide weather or not I had to roll dice or not.
  6. Cause its way better. We played a TI3 league with 8 for a long time. Of course we do not take 20 hours to play like some people seem to do. That would suck. We actually wouldn't even play it unless we had 8. We loved the split galaxy map. We could play an 8 player game in 6 hours easy.
  7. I could see an argument being made where you cannot play 2 of the same card Multiple action cards with the same name cannot be played during a single timing window to affect the same units or game mechanic. However, if you cancel a card it does not affect the unit, but it is still the same timing window that would affect the same unit. I guess it depends on how you read it.
  8. The first expansion needs to get the game back to 8 players. extra tiles, fixed tech cards, maybe a couple of new races.
  9. Exact same here except android 7.0 I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Sound but black screen. Cannot play saved games.
  10. hexes is a huge step in the right direction. squares was the only thing that bugged me about the old game.
  11. actually ya rereading it, it doesn't sound quite as bad as CIV. that must be what the coloured symbols me on the ships as well. 3 reds and yellow for a war sun.
  12. same time as Fallout 4....going to be an expensive February 2018
  13. I don't like the "streamlined" tech thing. They did this is Civilization. Ya its streamlined, but it just doesn't feel right. I do love the other changes though. especialy the ship upgrades.
  14. holy crap. this is going to be $200 cnd.
  15. my parents took me to the original in theaters. I was 4 in 1977
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