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  1. Card Creator?

    Arkham Horror and Lord of the Rings LCG have card creator software out there (Strange Eons). Has there been anything for Conquest?
  2. Did anyone ever solve the rulebook code?

    Now I'm confused. I've just gone to the Relic rule book to get the page and it's not there. There was a right hand page where the bottom corner had some sort of (IIRC) inquisitorial note but it was encoded as a series of shapes and glyphs. It was definitely from an FFG 40K product...
  3. Haven't played Relic since the Nemesis expansion but adding the new one to the game I remembered the pictagram code in the rulebook. Did anyone work it out was it just some strangeness put there by FFG to confound us all?
  4. Core Gandalf - Essential or Not?

    I use him just as much as I did in the beginning and always include three in a deck (I play 99% solo so...).
  5. Is this commonly the case? (Initiative)

    In my experience going first can help but it is skill as a player and skill at deck building that wins games not going first.
  6. I doubt we will see the Primarchs but Abaddon is a must surely?
  7. Logging Your Games

    Never bothered to do anything like that. Closest we come is an ongoing fluff campaign website that gets modified by any club played games of Warhammer 40K, Conquest, Battlefleet Gothic, Epic or Space Hulk. Been running two years now
  8. Do you sleeve your cards?

    All mine are sleeved and you can fit three sleeved cards into the pockets of A4 deck sleeves.
  9. Storyline?

    The difference is that in this case FFG are licensing the universe so I can't see that GW will have an issue. Also, GW lost the attempt to copyright "space marines".
  10. Storyline?

    I was thinking more of a story theme to a block of expansions rather than introducing new mechanics, much like Magic does. For example, just off the top of my head, you could have a story about Zarathur (or whichever new Warlord really) seeking a relic hidden somewhere in the sector and how certain factions must ally to stop him. Maybe I would just be told in the flavour text but it could also be part of the set design especially if the relic becomes a card in the final pack or we get cards that allow for more ease of allying. The 40K universe is full of lore and tales of heroism and villainy. Making the Traxis sector come alive through the game would be a nice game addition in my mind.
  11. New Planets

    I was discussing this only the other day with some friends and we figure that at some point FFG will add new planets while retiring the old ones, much like the story cards on COC LCG. I would quite like to see a set of (probably POD) planets that gave you the major worlds (Armageddon, Damnos, Cadia...etc) of the 40K game instead. Not tournament legal but something of a more fun nature. If not, then I'll wait to see if anyone makes a program for making fan cards.
  12. Laying out planets

    We used to do the same thing with the story cards in the Call of Cthulhu LCG. Stories played face down so you didn't know what they were and when completed you had to enact the effect. Made for some more interesting games.
  13. Storyline?

    Do you think future cycles will have an actual story line built in revolving around the wars of the Traxis sector or will they all just be generic theme blocks? I think I'd like a story line to run through it all.
  14. first "titan"

    No but they are nice big devastating engines of destruction.
  15. "Faction Pure" OCD?

    It isn't something I expect from FFG, just something that gnaws on my OCD at times. I was just curious how many others felt the same.