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  1. Do you need a Black Dog in play in order to use its response (so you'd need one in play and a second one in hand) or can you use the response straight from your hand? If the latter, what character abilities can you use straight from your hand?
  2. Pretty much what it says in the title. I have a huge collection of the CCG era cards and was wondering which I could use with a clear conscience in the new format.
  3. Don't have my cards on hand - can the Porch be combined with the Shub who returns everyone from discard piles?
  4. Marius said: Would it hurt if Polar was more powerfull than it is now - Well, probably not. If the game goes on, though, and I hope it does, there might come a point when Polar gets revisited, or some other card is made that makes polar the deck to beat. The foundation is there. The seed has been planted. It's not the worst - as in: least playable- thing I've seen over the years. A polar deck could probably take an overpay, brotherhood, benefactor or (why isn't it playable?) Tome deck on... Benefactor deck? But seriously, I get both sides of the argument. I still agree with TRO in that Zann is simply unplayable even in a casual environment unless you do so just for flavour. The situation where he is useful is so overtly special that I don't see it coming up even in a casual environment. And that is the real problem, I think.
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