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  1. No, the boat's in the special item deck. But the Captain of the White Ship can't even ram it into Cthulhu, which I think is a monstrous rules oversight. We should see about getting that fixed first, before any of the Call Ancient One nonsense.
  2. I await the addition of Arkham Nights Hastur with anticipation, so I can lay claim to mythos-busting herald mastery once and for all!
  3. MyNeighbourTrololo said: I hate all those max stamina/sanity manipulations. How the hell will you keep all this in head? I suppose that depends on how you like to keep track of your stamina and sanity in general. The way we do it is that we have our stamina and our sanity in tokens on our character sheet. As we lose them, we put them to the side. If we lose max sanity or stamina, we just remove that piece from our vicinity. We just remember because that heart or brain isn't there anymore. Anyway, more to the point. New Hastur: Cultist ability unchanged. (-2 Combat and Flying) He does NOT make it more difficult to seal gates. He has lost the necessity for three extra clues per seal. He instead punishes your sanity for sealing, making you lose one max sanity each time. In addition, he raises the terror level every time an investigator goes insane or is devoured. His combat effect is the same, but his modifier is now a flat -5. While there are interesting stories about using Call Ancient One or the Massa Requiem book, the fact is Hastur was easy to beat without even bothering with his extremely difficult seal difficulty. Optimal play against new Hastur no longer involves keeping the terror level down then beating the crap out of him when he wakes up. While they closed that awfully annoying exploit, I rather liked battling his extra three clues to seal as well. (We, like many of you, always go for a seal victory.) New Hastur is not the most terrifying Ancient One. The exception has to be when you are playing with an additional terror effect, like Dagon or the King in Yellow. This turns a relatively commonplace occurence (going insane) into something to be avoided at all costs. Just play New Hastur with one of them for best results.
  4. Taurmindo said: i have fittingly used the answer to your question as my signature for quite a while now.. You'll find no disagreement here. I love having lots and lots of Sanity, but for some reason, Zoey and Mark are my favorite characters. I guess I chalk it up to sincere badassery.
  5. Another observation: Since I bought Lurker, I put away the old gates. I won't look back. The new gates are really neat, and add an extra depth to the game. These gates can make things much tougher, especially the moving gates and the higher modifiers. (And why does McGlen always have to stop what he's doing to seal the Abyss/R'lyeh gate?) For the purposes of the statistics reports, the standard in this forum is that if you play with an expansion board, you are playing with that set. If you play with the mythos cards from a small box, you are playing with that set. Up until now, I agreed with this. However, I just started playing games without the Lurker mythos cards. My observation is this. Since the gates have a higher degree of difficulty, the impact of Lurker at the Threshold is felt regardless of what mythos cards you use, in stark contrast to the rest of the small expansions. In the game I'm playing now, the gates have added three doom themselves! So, will I be putting Lurker in the expansion field for the rest of the games I play? I don't think so, but these gates may skew the data. Though perhaps no more than the bevy of house rules, expansion permutations and random luck present in any one game already do. Perhaps I am suggesting a components check box. It would be a little more complicated than just checking what expansions you play, but it may be worth it.
  6. So I'm curious, have you obtained enough information to make statistical assertions about the length of games? I know it is a field where people can put anything they want, and different people measure it in different ways, be it time, mythos phases, turns, or lamentations about how brutal the game was. I'm just interested in what other people's experiences are.
  7. Yeah, if you're hanging out in Uptown, and somebody has to get to Y'hanethlei (or whatever), and there's a pack of monsters in the way, then failing to kill or evade the Dimensional Shambler is a good call (pursuant to how well you can fail such a check). You lose a turn, of course, but you may get there faster or cheaper than you could have otherwise. A capital idea! It's situational, but a strong tactical option. The situation changes somewhat if there is something bad about LiTaS - Hydra is the herald, Yog-Sothoth is the ancient one, final combat is close, you're Sister Mary, etc. (Note: I know you can't get to the underwater city place from LiTaS. Teleport to Devil Reef. Move to Y'nthlei. Easy. Though you may have to deal with monsters.) (Another note: I'm not slamming Sister Mary. But a few times, her special ability has utterly screwed me by trapping me in the Church when I needed to be elsewhere - indeed, with no easy teleportation option.)
  8. jgt7771 said: Naw, Finn can keep himself clean. Ask the cops: nothing sticks to Finn! Which is why I feel like Finn can slip out of jail if his symbol comes up. The rules don't really support it, of course. And it would be a hella rare occurence. But I would totally play it that way.
  9. Finn Edwards and Fine Clothing. Am I right in thinking that this is an item that Finn will never lose? Unless, I suppose, he chose to allow it.
  10. Oh, you can bet we asked them about expansions. But they just didn't say anything about them. There was a Q&A session after they finished talking about the design in general. It was really neat to hear them talk about it, and extremely cool of them to come around to do it.
  11. I will field this question as well as I can. Unfortunately, I didn't take any sort of notes, a decision for which I am now kicking myself. I will be posting a detailed event report of the whole affair, and it was very good. Aside from some scheduling issues inevitable to gaming conventions, Fantasy Flight's customer service is unparalleled. Other than the questions you just posed, is there anything else you can think of we might have asked him? I suppose also I might have asked you guys for questions before going, but I was probably too starstruck to ask any of them... To answer your burning questions there, there was no mention of future expansions or collector's editions. Their lips were pretty tightly sealed about any such things. Although, as one fan put it, "Fantasy Flight Games never does expansions." The other designer was Tim Uren, who was very influential in developing later expansions of AH, as well as Mansions of Madness. Kevin Wilson's favorite investigator is Ashcan Pete. Kevin and Richard were both very fond of Wilson Richards (as you might expect), as they created him as the investigator who starts with everything an investigator should need. Apparently, Richard's gaming group hates having encounters. They are very fond of Cthulhu and Ghatanothoa as far as Ancient Ones go. Kevin indeed mentioned that if he could go back and do something over, he would take a closer look at balancing spells, but that he is very happy with how it all turned out.
  12. The interesting thing here is that the rest of the Dunwich Horror cards will eventually kill you. The fight can go multiple rounds without a problem with any of the other incarnations, just as long as your investigator can take the punishment. If you draw the ones that deal sanity or stamina damage, you will go insane or unconcious if you keep failing the roll, or possible devoured on the one where you lose both. If you draw the ones that give you a Madness or an Injury card, you will eventually draw duplicates and be devoured (unless you're Rita, I guess, which may actually be another question for the FAQ). And then there's obviously the one that devours you. The rest of them don't create a problem except in the one corner case. So, the rest of them don't really need fixing, as you will eventually triumph or go away. Mortal combat works for the rest of them. This is the only one that needs to change.
  13. I can't count the number of times The Stars are Right has come up and we need to go purchase an ally to sacrifice. One hundred percent of the time we select an ally that can give us something in the brief time we are destined to have them. Bain and Rice are great of course, as are Corrina Jones, Ruby Standish, Sarah Danforth, Erica Carlyle, Asenath Waite, or even Ryan Dean (and there are certainly more). We pick them up for what they give us before we take them Downtown to sacrifice them. As far as I know we've never pushed this by buying the same ally again after the sacrifice, but I'm not sure if the circumstances have ever seen it necessary. I know we've drawn the same ally that was sacrificed, perhaps randomly. (It was very funny at the time.) Where do you draw the line? Should all such sacrifices return an ally to the box? It makes some sense. No good killing Duke to stop the horrible ritual if he comes running out of the Woods a turn later.
  14. Zealot - Take a look at some of the double doom cards from Curse of the Dark Pharoah, for example. In general, you are correct, but there are some exceptions.
  15. It's still better than what happens when Kate Winthrop is on a location with an Elder Sign token that has a gate burst. Or, Kate-Burst!
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