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  1. Hein99


    Yup, it sure will get an expansion. Oh look! Here it is now Banners of War
  2. Well, one more expansion for the base game and it will be all over for my system. That box is packed. There is no more room!
  3. The 4th random deck to draw from for adventure/challenge rewards is a very cool idea. It will take a bit of time to separate the deck into the 3 categories but once I did it I would just store them sorted in the box rather than mixing them up again. It is starting to get really tough to fit everything into the core box! I even posted an image of how I pack all my Runebound expansions into the core box BBG.com Image
  4. Hi Tony P, I have one house rule that I use all the time. For me it makes the game a wee bit easier and a wee bit more balanced and of course more fun. After many games of Runebound this is what I settled on. I have all the Market Deck add-ons so my Market Stack is HUGE! The odds of drawing something your Hero could use felt slim. I break the Market deck up into 3 decks. 1) Weapons and Armor 2) Allies and Familars 3) Magic (Runes, Magic Weapons, Rituals, etc.) With the exception of Tamilir I put 2-3 (3 if we just feel like it that day) cards in each towns markets at the start of the game. I add 1 to each town sequentially and alternate which deck I draw from. This way there is great variety in each town and some selection right from the start. I found that this doesn't unbalance the game. I also put back any doubles and draw again. When a player takes a market step they can chose any deck to draw from and they can draw 2 cards. Whenever an encounter/event or anything say's you can draw 'x' cards (usually 2) we add one so that it will still be special. My play group really enjoys this a lot. Becaue there are so many cards drawing still feel very random but you're at least going to get something somewhere in the realm of what you were looking for. I find that this doesn't make it too easy but it does make it more likely to get something you'll use. Even if you draw a crappy sword your fighter can still benefit from it unlike maybe your fighter drawing a Rune. This also helps for those time (when with out this house rule) when one Hero end up with great equipment and the others don't. With this house rule it's more likely that players and get some useful tools. Even if you don't like the idea of adding extra market cards to towns or drawing extra cards in a Market Step the idea of breaking up the Market Stack itself is something that I really love for Runebound.
  5. Hein99

    monster cards

    You know I was sure I knew the answer but I flipped through the manual and I could not find what I was looking for. So now, I'm not 100% sure. I do believe you reshuffle the adventure decks when they are all used. I think the only time you're cut off from a particular challenge type is if you're waiting for a starburst and there are no gems on the board or when you take an extra heart when leveling and remove your ability to take green challenges (and then yellow and purple if you keep taking +1 hearts).
  6. SpleenballPro said: Is anyone available on skype to run me through how the game works, I tried reading the rules, but its kinda confusing. Also, the game box says 3-5 players...but is it possible to play this game with just two people? Yup, at first Android will seem very confusing. What you should do is setup the board and play a mock game with just yourself. It took me a long time just to setup the board the first time but once you've done this you'll see it's really pretty simple. It becomes simple when you realize what all those game piece are for. Each Detective has many pieces that are used just by them. I set aside 5 very small plastic boxes (approx. 1"x1"x1") to hold each detective and their pieces. It took me a long time to find which NPC's belong to which player Detectives because I completely missed the details printed on the back of each Detective card! There is a lot of info to go through but don't get discouraged. Just spend some time with it and it will pay off. Once you have the board setup and you've taken a few turns things will really start to fall into place. Remember, the basics of a turn is just moving to a piece of evidence and then deciding if you want to follow it up by placing a marker on a suspect or by following up the conspiracy by placing a puzzle piece on the board. *This is a very simplified description of a turn but really that's the meat of it. Setup the board, play a few rounds and you'll start to get it. And once you have the concept the next step will be trying to remember the many little rules And yes, the game is best with 3 or more players. But I don't know how well (if at all) it works with two. I haven't tried.
  7. I also own both Runebound and Talisman and they were both good purchases. They share a Fantasy theme but aside from that they are very different games and each offers a very different experience.
  8. Awesome Let us know what you think of it after you've played your first game. Will it scratch that itch? Will it meet your expectations? Was it missing something? Were there a few surprises? The whole scoop!
  9. Hein99

    Q about allies.

    Yeah, Dam nailed it. Typically you can keep spending fatigue until it's gone. But like the rules say... unless the card says otherwise.
  10. Good comments! I completely agree. Allies are great MeatShields. I'll happily buy a crappy ally because it's like an extra life. I usually only attack with an Ally if I think a fail might knock out my Hero or if the Encounter does zero damage in that particular combat phase.
  11. I am hoping for the exact same!
  12. Hein99

    What the?...

    Check out the manual for Android right here on the FFG.com web site. Android Manual And have a look at the details and comments at BGG.com. Start with the manual. It will give you the theme and rules. Then head over to BGG.com for extra thoughts on the game.
  13. +1 I have all expansions (expect Lieutenants) and I will buy almost anything for Descent. What I'd like to see are more Monsters and plastic Lieutenants and more Quests that really use all the Expansion pieces.
  14. Hein99

    Should I buy it

    Hi thordred, These are fair comments. Do you think you'll be playing Android a few more times? After you've played about 4-5 games come back and tell us what you think at that point. I'd be very curious to see if any of your thoughts change with more time. I enjoy the conspiracy puzzle because it's another avenue for the players to pursue and like placing good and bad baggage as well as evidence it can help shape or change the focus of the game. It's part of what keeps the game fresh. thordred said: I bought it but have had some problems with the game. These are some of them: You should be aware that the gameplay does not follow the theme of the game. It is supposed to be a murder mystery but in fact, it is more accurate to say that each of you are competing to direct a murder mystery. At the beginning of the game, each player is given a character that he must try to keep innocent and a character in which he must pin the murder on. A big flaw of this game is there is no way of determining who is in the lead at the moment. This is a problem because you have to play detrimental cards on one another. Normally, you would play cards on the person hindering you specifically or the one who is in the lead. In this game, you can't tell whether the character you are protecting is safe and whether the one you want found guilty is getting close to that. If you can't justify why you are targeting a player, it can cause hurt feelings and leave a bad impression of the game. The card aspect. In order to play the beneficial cards, you must play cards that hurt a specific player. In theory it sounds neat but in practice see above. Very long setup time. My first playtthrough, it took me about 2 hours just to set it up. There is just a horrendous amount of fiddly bits (and I love fiddly bits). In this case, I just felt overwhelmed. Fiddly rules. There is just too many special cases and we had to constantly refer to the rulebook for these special cases. What I liked: This is truly a story driven game. As you play the game, your character goes through life changes. I found that pretty neat. I loved how you moved around the board (the board is big and beautiful!). It really does give you that futuristic noir vibe. Too bad the theme does not quite match the gameplay... What I'm on the fence about: The puzzle element. I could not grasp it and therefore we left it out on our first playthrough.
  15. Well, it's not an expansion but it's still exciting! Android Novel: Free Fall http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_minisite_sec.asp?eidm=153&esem=2 If FFG is putting new stuff out under the Android name then I think there is now a lot of good solid hope that there is more to come for the board game. I'm very excited about this news. I don't read novel often but I will pick this up.
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