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  1. Does anyone use or know if map making software that could be used on an Android Tablet? I would like to be able to make tactical maps of combat areas and keep them on my tablet instead of printing them out and I have not been able to find any kind of RPG software that looks like it will do this. Anyone else have any luck on this front?
  2. Oh man, that is so cool! I use your site for all of my heavy hitter NPCs. You guys have no idea how much time you've saved me. Keep up the great work.
  3. I stopped playing table top 40k back in the early nineties, but the release of Deathwatch has put me in the mood to dig my old armies out. I had heard that a couple of years ago GW put out "non-official" rules for Space Marines that put them more in line with the fluff, and less in line with game balance. Does anyone know what book or White Dwarf issue those rules may be in? thanks
  4. This has probably been asked before, but a search through the forum didn't bring anything up right away. When using a "Hot-shot" pack for a las-gun (or long Las as the case may be) it removes the "reliable" quality from the weapon. Is this permanent? Does using a hot-shot pack actually damage the weapon and remove the quality, or if a standard power pack is put back in does it go back to being "reliable"?
  5. Hooray! My FLGS confirmed it. I should have my copy next week. Too bad I was on vacation this week. Oh well, just happy to have a date to look forward to.
  6. Has anyone else had trouble with the binding on their Creatures Anathema? I got it when it first came out and it looked a little dodgy back then, but last game I opened it up to check some stats and the pages split away from the spine. None of the pages fell out, but it looks pretty grim. Everything else FF has done has been great I was just wondering if this is widespread or I got a dud.
  7. One of my favorite pieces of art from the old Rogue Trader book (the miniature combat game, not the RPG) is the exploded diagram of marine armor. Is there anything like this in the new book?
  8. Exactly what I was looking for. thanks
  9. I'm sure it's right in front of me and I just miss it, but is there anywhere that explicitly states if Strength Bonus is added into thrown weapon damage like Throwing Knives/Stars or Spears? I've found where it says that strength bonus is added into all melee weapons but I can't find anything on when said weapons are thrown. thanks
  10. You are exactly right. The difference in the figures is so small I completely overlooked it. Thanks.
  11. The box and the instruction manual both say that the game includes 8 Chaos Warband figures. I got 16 (four from each Ruinous Power). Is this a typo or did I get too many figures? What initially drew my attention was that I ran out of 1 power black bases fairly quickly. Anyone else run into this?
  12. I just wish FF would produce an Emperor's Tarot. Like what WW did with the old Mage Tarot deck. It'd be a great prop to have for the RPGs.
  13. Here's the link to the game I was talking about: www.spacemarine.com From the videos I've seen it looks like a 3rd Person Shooter, but if they start incorporating MMO elements as well that'd be cool.
  14. I know that it would be next to impossible due to copyright and legal issues, I still think it would be cool for Death Watch to have some ancillary ties to the upcoming video game. Maybe the planet from the game could be some random world from the DW setting sector, or passing mention of the campaign from the video game in the flavor text of DW. Cross ties or not, I'm picking both up Day 1. No question.
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