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  1. Dulahan said: crowhaven said: so my qestion is what is the 12 career paths avalible and how in depth will charecter creation be, will it be as in depth as rouge trade or maby al littel less as in the case of deathwatch. i realy hope that the careation will be as in depth as rouge trader because i have found that the more in depth the carecter creation is it helps the players become more inrole and genraly makes peole more in volved. any other veiws? Right now we know 8 of them for sure: Though nothing about them beyond what their name says: Commissar Sergeant Heavy Weapons Storm Trooper Medic Enginseer Sanctioned Psyker Ministorum Priest It's all conjecture what the rest will be. And we only know those 8 because they're mentioned in the announcement pages. I will bet on scout, sniper, comissioned officer and intelligence officer
  2. Aztecs and other Pre-Colombian Mesoamericans. there is such a chapter, they're the rainbow warriors and they were official once http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Rainbow_Warriors#.TwELr9RvtZg
  3. the classical way to fight a titan is close and personal with melta bombs, or Land Raiders or thunderhawks/stormraven.
  4. Anonymus said: H.B.M.C. said: Firstly, it’s Khornate, with an ‘a’. Secondly, the Blood Ravens are not Khornate. Having Blood in your name does not make you Khornate. The Blood Ravens are a Loyalist Chapter. Thirdly, if the Chief Librarian of the Blood Ravens did fall to Khorne, he would quickly lose his favour with Khorne or lose the ability to use his powers, as Khorne does not allow for psykers. BYE Oh wow talk about strawman arguments. Why do you even bother correcting a obvious misspelling and then including it in you argument by saying "firstly". Secondly. What? Who claimed anything about that? The blood ravens are a loyalist chapter who split in two thanks to a Psyker who first fell to Nurgle but fell out of favour. He then turned to Khorne who was very pleased with him apparantly because he 1. Split the Blood ravens i two. 2 Plunged a sector into war. 3 Fooled the =I= to exterminate a planet. In return Khorne made him a Daemon Prince greatly enhancing his abilities. Stop assuming stuff without sources. Ergo: Khorne allows Psykers. Now stop fooling around. +1
  5. in dawn of war 2: retribution there is a khornite psiker, the chief librarian of the blood ravens.
  6. Hello, there is a character in a book who is a space marine blunt, in fact his entire chapter is made up of blunts and he is seconded to the death watch. I will search for the book to make the bibliography.
  7. Hello, I just found this bit from False gods "Though all the Legions had once had Librarius divisions that trained warriors to tap into the power of the warp, they had been disbanded after the Emperor's decree at the Council of Nikaea" And from The Flight of Eisenstein "I was there at nikaea when the Emperor himself censured the use of these warp-spawned powers for the good of the imperium! i will not allow such forces to run unchecked among my warriors!"
  8. You could name the squats demiurgs, made them as a spaceship based race (just as eldar) and you are done with de fluff. for stats I will recomend use this as birthworld (same as dwarf in wfrp) you will need to work over the initial skills and talents. BS 20+2d10 WS 30+2d10 Strength 20+2d10 Toughness 30+2d10 Agility 10+2D10 Intelligence 20+2d10 Willpower 20+2D10 Fellowship 10+2D10
  9. Hello, I was reading the book and can't found anything similar to overbleed in RT. Had I missed something? or there isn't
  10. I just compared forsaken bounty (FB) characters with shatered hope ones. The shatered hope pregenerated characters are out of the mould, in fact they lack the initial experience points (except the two extra characters from the web enhancement). So we can presume, though it could be a far fetched presumtion, that the FB characters could be an exemple of what we can expect for the new penned characters in rogue trader. I, in fact, agree with pacekeeper that it would be an improvement to make initial characters a little bit more competent. cheers.
  11. Hey , they're great, but a bit overpowered over our Dark Heresy boys, they also got special abilities but no talents.
  12. I did it as a house rule, but it proved to tough and I stoped it.
  13. It s mentioned in the Eisenhorn trilogy something called Disciplinary Detachment of the Battle fleet, acting as naval military police as well as security detail, I presume there will be some kind of naval intelligence whose aim will be monitor naval movements both friendly and enemy as well as asses hardware, enemy tactics and profiles. But the old kind snoop job will be up to the DDBF as theirs is the responsibility of keeping an eye on security matters such as harbor bombing and that stuff… See you P.S. my original copy of the eisenhorn trilogy was written in Spanish so the nomenclature of the disciplinary detachment could be altered at the translator whim.
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