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  1. Is there going to be a demo of this game at Essen? Very excited about this one... I hope it is a big success and FFG is able to use this system in other universes (Cthulhu, Legend of Five Rings, etc.)
  2. I cannot find any information about this game and Essen Spiel fair... anybody knows whether there will also be any demos?
  3. Just google "miniature painting service", but just from the top results I see one in Sri Lanka www.paintedfigs.com And this one in Polland www.denofimagination.com But there are a lot. My advice is to try one that suits you and start with something small (1~2 figures), then if you like their work you can order more.
  4. Google a painting service and get a quote for a basic army with basic quality level. You'll be surprised to see it's a very nice way to get a premium army with more quality and better price than what FFG would be able to offer. (added later) Most of them can even buy the minis directly for you and apply a discount for the bought minis, so that the final minis will be even cheaper.
  5. I think a game like this does not need to be a blockbuster to continue for a very long time. It just needs to sell enough to cover the costs... FFG-Asmodee needs to develop their own IP as a safety net and keep earning loads of money with the Nth iteration of the Star Wars universe and pump a bit of effort into the Runebound universe in the meantime, so my feeling is that this game will be a success
  6. One more question. Is it worthy to remove the mould lines from infantry units (i.e. Reanimates)? It usually takes me 5~10 minutes per miniature and it seems it won't be necessary for big units.
  7. Hi, I've painted my share of minis, but mostly individuals or small sized groups... I am going to start painting my Waiqar army soon and it will be my first big army. Apart from the obvious (base colours, only 1 wash, only 1 highlight), do you have any advice for painting a big army for the first time without investing a massive amount of time?
  8. Yes, also excited here and it has beem a good surprise... now I'll finish a couple IA models that I have half finished and will start painting my Skellies... it's going to be the first mass army I paint, so this time I'll concentrate on quick painting, specially for the Reanimates and the Archers... Anybody has a good advice, video tutorial or blog for painting big armie quickly (i've painted already many miniatures but mostly individuals or 6~8 figures platoons
  9. cogollo

    The Wishlist

    AT-AT. I'm pretty sure they have them already planned as an addition for Epic version of the game (they have aready done it with X-Wing)
  10. I'll use them in private games (I have all expansions and about a third of them painted) but I would prefer not to mix them in official tournaments for aesthetic reasons.
  11. I like the use of cards in FFG minis games, but find that after several expansions it becomes cumbersome to store, organize, etc. One way to solve this would befor FFG to offer an app where you could have stored all the cards that you have already bought (some sort of optical or QR code inside the expansion blisters) to keep track of all the cards you own. What do you think? Would it add value to their mini games or just more cost and overhead?
  12. As for the heavy use of cards in their games, I have mixed feelings. For gaming I find it more convenient than books, and it is easier to add changes to the rules. The problem is storage. After several expansions you end up with lots of cards (I normally use Magic folders to store them) and you need too much time to organize them, plus they may get lost, etc. I think an idea could be to offer a digital code with the cards to show you have the originals for official tournaments. .. I'll post the idea in another topic.
  13. I used to buy GW miniatures back in the day but always enjoyed more the actual boardgame. That's the reason my favourite GW game was Blood Bowl (I have 10 full teams, 6 and a half of them painted). I stopped buying Warhammer models because I found the rules clanky and moved fully to buying only boardgames. I started buying minis again with X-Wing. At the beginning mainly for the collectible aspect, but I kept buying them because I find the mechanics awesome... I then tried Armada and Runewars and also find that FFG has kept a very high quality in their rules. That's why I'm so excited also about Legion and the new bigger and better minis. I have all Descent 2 and IA materials and have been slowly painting the minis. The rules are great (as with most FFG games) but the minis qualities is average, so I think that, if by increasing the size of the minis they increase their quality, and maintain the same level of rules, it'll be a win situation for them and for us gamers. I plan on using IA minis as proxys in my private games, but don't care much whether FFG allows them in official tournaments (I actually prefer they don't as it would detract from the aesthetics of the game)
  14. Also excited with this game. And I plan on using the minis in Imperial Assault and my RPG games...
  15. FFG has been producing high quality games for a long time now. I'm also sure they know how to make a profit from their games. What I mean is that someone in FFG has carefully considered and has taken an informed decision to not do preainred figures for very good reasons. Now, for those of you that would like to have the figures painted as a premium version and don't want to paint yourselves (my advice is to try anyway, because it's a great hobby) the best option you have is to use a painting service. You'll get better quality than prepainted and probably at a better price than FFG would be able to offer.
  16. Who knows? If the game sells as well as their other games, probably we'll see a 10mm one some time in the future... For the moment, I'll enjoy the fact that I can interchange my IA minis with the Legion ones.
  17. I prefer unpainted... I enjoy painting, even if I don't have time to paint every mini I own (work, kids, other hobbys)... still, there are a lot of cheap and professional painting services if and when you really want to have them painted. Nevertheless I advice to try painting as a learning experience: it can be relaxing and enjoyable and you'll feel proud of youself when you see your improvement after painting some minis. And today, with so many great artists in Youtube (Sorastro is my favorite for FFG games) it has become simpler than ever
  18. I also prefer to pay for the extra content. The app will be sustainable, they can create more campaigns and we all avoid the obnoxious adds of "free" apps
  19. Did you check Asmodee? They are now the owners of FFG and they have a big section in SPIEL so maybe they can provide some info in tgeir stands
  20. This is the kind of thing that can and will make games very nice tactically... When I play X-Wing I always have a copy of the dials of every ship and their possible maneuvers influence a lot the decisions you take. I suppose you'll play similarly here and maneuvering well, guessing your opponent correctly and making feints will play a big role in the game. Also, as someone else pointed out, the Human player never chose the Shield bonus for the Spearmen, and it seems it will be the default tactic until you get in melee... plus the Archers rolled maximum damage.
  21. Would buy, even if they had to increase price for quality pre-painted. Just some quick calculations to show you that this would be too much money. I like painting and have a good (sometimes very good) amateur quality (have painted 300+ minis already). It takes me around 2-3 hours to finish a simple miniature and 7-10 hours to finish a more detailed one. I consider 2-3 hours the bare minimum to have something that looks nice enough on the table to be worth the trouble. EDIT: by simple I mean a mini like a Skeleton Archer. And bare minimum I mean: prime, base colour, wash, 1 layer of highlight, 1 colour base and varnish. I think a more experienced guy could achieve results in half the time, let's say 1 hour (which would be almost impossibly quick, but just to make a short calculation). In China (seems reasonable to use this country for this sort of calculation), the minimum wage is 1$/hour... This means the core box, at the very minimum, would cost you an extra 50$... and this does not take into account other costs like logistics, that these people are experts and would not charge you minimum wage, etc... An (extremely optimistic) minimum cost of 150$ dollars (and more realistic would be, I think, an extra 50$ for a total of 200$) for the core box would make the entry cost prohibitive to a lot of people. So, as I said previously, I prefer non-painted for these reasons: 1. Cheaper 2. More flexible (you can play unpainted) or paint yourself, or pay someone to paint them. 3. You avoid having garish and horrible-looking pieces on the board, which is worse than having unpainted models.
  22. I would approach this one as I do with Armada. You have terrain with the same "base size" as the cardboard terrain and you place it on top. Then, when any unit is going to overlap the terrain, you just remove it but leave the flat cardboard. Considering that the field dimensions and the game length are similar to Armada, the above should work out quite well.
  23. What do you think? Now that they are going into the "big minis battles" system, will FFG publish an RPG for its Terrinoth world to help develop its fluff? I think it would be great if they use an evolution of the dice system of WHFRP3 and Star Wars RPG. I have run (and played in) several scenarios with those systems and I liked them a lot.
  24. Difficult to say. I would use the analogy of Facebook... Is Facebook the best social network out there? Probably not, but once some "social network" has enough size it's pretty difficult to "move away" from it... You have a lot of "investments" made on such thing to easily go away... It's not just material investment like minis, paints, books, etc. but also things that are more difficult to quantify, such as that your friends are already there, that you don't know much of other systems because you don't have more time/money to spend on them, past experiences that you enjoyed and then re-live when playing the game, etc. I think Warhammer's success has more to do with their shop chains and focus on making you spend as much time+money as possible in their systems than the mechanics of the game, which I agree are horrible... It's also weird, because GW have proved that they can create mechanically amazing games (Blood Bowl and others) even miniatures (like Mordheim)... Maybe they'd like to change the mechanics of the game in new editions, but then their fans would abandon them (a bit what happened with D&D when it moved from 3rd to 4th edition) and then they are forced to keep absurd "compatibility" with horrible mechanics (a bit like Windows 95 and MS-DOS). It must be tough to be the one calling the shots in these companies, as you can spell the doom of your IP if you try to make changes too fast, even if is for the betterment of the system.
  25. That is a really good and often overlooked point. A game like this you need opponents and while you might find a friend willing to play with you, playing the same person, regardless of how good a game is over and over again gets very boring. Having access to a good fan base in your local area where you can get games is actually paramount to the success of a game. In fact to a miniature game, this will pretty much make or break it. And I think this is where GW excels because of their chain of establishments where you can go and find people to help you with painting tricks, organize tournaments, etc. I would say that's the main reason they are still the leaders in the "big miniatures battles" systems... Will FFG try to establish such a chain of shops or give a lot of stuff to local stores to organize tournaments? I suppose that will be a big part of the success/failure of this game, even more that whether they have N factions at the launch. Still, I think I'll buy at least the core and some expansions to try the game out. I saw the video from Team Covenant and the game seems very interesting. The minis look also quite nice.
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