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  1. There looks to be an overlay about the size of Colonial 1 that is an explosion…
  2. Example 1: Runner sucessfully runs at HQ which has an installed upgrade. Does the runner choose to access a random card in the corp's hand or the upgrade or can he access both? i.e. On success does the runner access HQ or the HQ Core or both? Example 2: Runner sucessfully runs at a secondary server which has an installed upgrade and an asset. Does the runner have to opportunity to trash both or just one of them?
  3. My GM is the same, told me that Ratlings had no place in his game. He's the GM, it's his world, so my response was "Okay". So I'm now playing a Weapon Specialist and I persuaded my group to take Sniper Rifle as the favoured basic weapon of our regiment. I still get BS and Finesse as aptitudes and due to a duplicate picked up perception so I have everything I wanted in a sniper. (although I'm playing more as designated marksman) My only real "loss" is that my companion can't do "set up shot" so I'm vulnerable to dodging. My orginal concept and my character being much more sociable and playing being "Private walker" with requisitions and the like but I'm happy with what I ended up with.
  4. Actually I hadn't spotted that Sprint was a tier 3 talent, so I stand corrected; to a degree. I still think their equipment makes them under powered but yes by making some other regiment shoices you can offset this, but when you are messing about like that simply to pick up a single talent then there is something wrong. I agree with one of the other posters, it would have been nice to have a 1 point regiment type, but then again (book not to hand) I don't think any of the other doctrines are 1 point (min 2).
  5. We've recently be building our regiment as players and being limited to Infantry by our GM were tryign to decide between Light, Line, Drop and Seige and quickly came to the conclusion that Light were simply inferior to all of the others. They get a useful skill, but it's one that you can pick up elsewhere at character gen, but their talent isn't so useful and their equipment is massively inferior to all the others. My feeling was that Light Infantry should either have been given some extra gear or cost only 1 point. The starting with a flak vest and helm maybe theamatic for the like of Catachans but combined with their toughness penalty it does seem to want to make the PC's very fragile. In the end we went with Line Infantry; as they seemed the most adaptable to the roles we each wanted to play. But what do you guys think about the cost balance in regiment creation?
  6. wgerrard said: (These stats are from memory, so please don't burn me for errors) Astartes Bolter 2d10+5, Pen 5, Tearing Ascended Storm Commando using his Hellgun 2d10+4, Pen 2, Tearing I was wrong Stormtrooper w/ Hellgun is d10+4, Pen 7, Tearing but lacks a full-auto setting. They are inferior, but a Stormtrooper of that level will no doubt have all the ranged combat talents, so gets to pick where their shot hits, ignore rnage penalties and get a +2 damage. and don't get me started on Vindicare Assassins. The ability to dodge literally every attack on them (even if it would normally be undodgable), in addition to one of the nastiest weapons in all three games, which can do upto 4d10 base dice damage (and ignore unnatural toughness). I believe they get access to unnatural strength, toughness and agility. Death Cultists can get unnatural Agility x4... but also a Moriat Death Cultist is doing tearing damage with two power swords and can take 5 attacks with a half-action and may reroll a failed attack!
  7. Just to comment on all the people whinging about the Astartes Bolter... (These stats are from memory, so please don't burn me for errors) Astartes Bolter 2d10+5, Pen 5, Tearing Ascended Storm Commando using his Hellgun 2d10+4, Pen 2, Tearing Comparable character levels...
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