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  1. Thanks for the feedback, folks. Very helpful (and encouraging, too!). I'm using Citadel White Scar. Whilte I'm still doing super-thin layers, it's still coming out uneven in many places, so I'm just going to have to suck it up and say "good enough" I guess. Besides, the non-stormtrooper minis will look better, so most of the attention will be on them, right?
  2. To be fair, it should probably be "freakin' white paint." Hi folks, I'm a fairly experienced miniatures painter, but I was hesitant to actually put the brush to my IA minis. I finally did, starting with the Stormtroopers. And now I feel like it was a terrible mistake. I know white has always been a difficult color to work with, and I usually basecoat with a gray and then build up to white (which STILL usually results in a clumpy, uneven mess, so I try to avoid it as much as possible). Seeing the amount of success Sorastro had using his technique, I figured it worked well for him, so why wouldn't it work for me? The problem I'm experiencing is post Nuln oil wash. I'm not even slathering it onto the mini. I'm being very cautious with it. When I go to layer on the white, I'm experiencing the same old problems I've always had (and that's despite everyone crowing about how the new Citadel colors have a better formula). So, I've attached a photo. You can see -- on the front left upper leg -- the uneven nature of the white coat. I don't want to continue slathering it on there because I'm worried about the ever-present paint crumbs that usually result from too much white or yellow. I'm also using matte medium with the paint -- I've always had good luck with it (and I highly recommend novice painters start using it, it really helps, guys) so it's not like the mix isn't flowing evenly. I'm basically ten minutes away from spaying them all with White Army Painter Primer and saying "Yep! They're all white!" Suggestions? Many thanks in advance.
  3. Hey there, I live in Appleton and I'd love to sit down and play some Netrunner. Send me a direct message and we'll see if we can work something out.
  4. Jeppedo said: Well, when I'm there, I will win, of course, cuz i play Stark, and it wins, FACT I look forward to awarding you said pin.
  5. It's just a basic tournament. The prize is a really nice House Greyjoy pin.
  6. FYI I'm considering running a Hedge Tournament and a Multiplayer tournament on Feb. 21 and 28 respectively. Or it could be the other way around. If anyone has a preference, feel free to post here.
  7. We got the league kit in today at the store, so we're good to go on Saturday night (and for the next six weeks). I'll go over the specifics at that time, so be ready to start right at 7 p.m. Hope to see you guys there.
  8. Just saw the posting from Fantasy Flight Games on the front page about their delay in the league sign-up process. If you were planning on coming Saturday and playing LCG format, go ahead. Consider it a warmup night with some Valyrian Sealed mixed in. Or vice versa. We'll be formally starting now (or should I say, the plans are to formally start) on Jan. 10th.
  9. Kennon said: ~There's a Watchmen movie coming? There is. Zack Snyder, who did the film version of 300, directed it. He's pushing to be as faithful to the comic as possible, but he's excised the giant squid ending for a more...modern ending. Whether or not this kills the movie is up in the air. Of course, the Alan Moore faithful are already up in arms about it, without having seen a single frame of it, but what can you expect, yeah? Personally, as long as it turns out to be good and logical, I'm not gonna complain. But since Snyder's directing it, expect a LOT of slow motion. If I haven't suggested it to you yet, pick up Scalped, by Missouri's own Jason Aaron. It's from Vertigo and there's three collections already out. Fantastic book. My second favorite comic of the year (just behind Joe Hill's Locke and Key which if you're not reading, go get it). Also from Vertigo -- Unknown Soldier. Awesome, awesome, AWESOME launch.
  10. You're welcome. And yes, that's the plan. Unless we don't get the League Kit, then it'll either be a warmup night or if everyone wants to just go for it, we can start and just keep track of the results until the league kit does arrive. As for Valaryian results, I played Clinton and beat him, taking his Catlyn Stark. I do wish we'd have managed to get a game in, but there's always next week.
  11. We're open to just about anything, including melee. Especially if there's enough interest for it. We're going to begin the formal league next Saturday night, so make sure you're here for it. If you have any questions, PM me, I'm the league organizer at Meta-Games.
  12. Unless you count me (and I had to be there because I was working) we had no one show up at all this past Saturday. This makes me sad and worry about turnout for when the league starts in January (which is dependant on FFG actually accepting my application and/or contacting me in any capacity), but I still remain hopeful.
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