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  1. player296215


    So far we have seen 1 card and no rules. I wonder if each card will be unique or their will be duplicates. You could have cards that will have more hits or can have more type of units hitting. I'm not fond of having to reshuffle the pack everytime but I can see it better resembles the randomness of dice. I'd rather see some cards saying when to reshuffle.
  2. Way cool! In the original game "Battlemist" their were only 3 types of units. Archers,cavalry and foot soldiers.You could also recruit monsters. Their were dragons, giants and firegaunts. You also had heroes but I don't think they could be in battles. They were used for quests,but could attack other heroes. They did come out with one expansion but it was mostly naval I believe. I just dug out my Battlemist game from the cellar just to review what it had and now I'm rereading the rules. I have high hopes for Rune Wars.
  3. Am I seeing this right? If you check Upcoming, it says Middle-earth Quest is on the boat but coming out in the Fall. While Ad Astra is still at the printers and is listed for a Summer release. I have a vacation coming up in September and I'm now hoping Middle-earth Quest might be out. Maybe.
  4. If I remember right, when the game was under Days of Wonder control-their was talk of lore cards coming out that would be used as command cards. This would add to the command card deck indirectly depending on your lore masters. I don't know if FFG plans on going this route.
  5. Fortress or stronghold? Fortress acts lile a city- first round of combat attacker needs 6's. It's the stronghold you can retreat to, which ends the battle action until the attacker seiges it.
  6. If you really love this game I would get all the expansions as they are available or you have the money. Kingsport adds more characters like Dunwich. I've been only playing since September and loved the game so much that I've been buying all the expansions as they are available. So far I've only played with CotDP and DH. The first game we lost was with DH. I don't think I'll ever combine DH and Kh, too much going on. The card expansions I'm not sure yet if I'll keep them all in.
  7. No. The price would be steep. Easier to get the expansions one at a time as you get the money. Of course I finally picked up the last expansion I needed to complete the series (Kingsport). The only thing I would like is a rule book with all the rules.
  8. Another idea is when a hero rolls lore it, he can use it for certain effects like rerolls,immunity to battle back, even attack again after either a failed or successful battle back against him or her.The list could be endless. I like the idea of a hero being associated with the war council. Heroes could also fight better in certain terrains.
  9. Hi! I just received this game for Xmas, and one of the questions I have after playing a partial game is after playing a card like Book of Mazarbul (you can move a passive Dwarven nation to the at war step). If you have to be active to be at war does playing this card automatically make you active and at war or do you still have to activate the nation to be fully at war? This is the only question I can't seem to find out after reading the rule book 4 times. So far this game has captured the best feel of the books and can't wait to play again tomorrow Dave
  10. They were found at the Days of Wonder site. If you registered your game there you could download scenarios by R Borg or scenarios by other players. They had hundreds of scenarios last time I was on the site. It's been awhile since I've been on that site so I don't know if they are still available.
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