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  1. Thanks for the input! I'm very much inclined towards the interpersonal intriguing approach. It makes for a good story and drama! The Damocles sword is whether whoever replaces his arm points out that the wound most probably didn't come from a choppa' This was actually just supposed to be a one-off event (people living all over the country) otherwise I probably wouldn't have included a commissar in the cast, but everyone roleplayed way beyond expectation and are screaming for more, so we're going to try to set up some basic maptools and play online. Still a pain to gather 6 players though.
  2. So, the first claw of the 25th mechanized pride of the Lions of Valora just secured the objective in "Against the savages". However, the same autocannon volley that took down the nob managed to blast off the commissars arm as he was in melee. What does the comissariat think of friendly fire taking out one of it's agents? He's not dead, "just" lost an arm and we decided that the fate point would just save his life, since losing an arm is cool. My current working theory is that in all the chaos, flames everywhere, the panicked medic screaming over the comms, chimaera at tactical speed, photon-visors being blinded by the flames, only the melee expert next to the comissar (whom the comissar has his eye on..) and the gunner really know what happened, the close combat expert also has a bit of a.. tense relation to the gunner which outranks her. I think that would make for good intrigue I assume that if everyone knows what happened, it would be fate point time for at least the sergeant and the gunner to avoid court martial? I'm not entirely sure on the commissariats policies on the matter however. Any thoughts?
  3. Peacekeeper_b said: In fact Space Marines are my least favorite aspect of 40K. (other then the Tau, too **** Anime). If I had my way and if the Space Marines where no so integrated into the background and fluff, they would go the way of the Squats. I guess its just that what I am referring to, they -are- that integrated in the background and fluff, to leave them out would be heresy. Although I agree that there's not super-much RP possibilities, as far as I am aware. Space marine chapters bicker with eachother and shoot everything else. But they need to be there.
  4. Cant quite see the point in arguing about this.. In my opinion... to make a WH40k based RPG without including space marines as PCs is to make WHFRP without witch hunters. I mean come on, what is the first thing that pops into mind when you say WH40k? Yeah, a blood angel marine. Besides, its three totally different experiences, I much prefer "low fantasy" (or science fantasy in this case!), but sometimes its fun to blow off steam by playing a high-powered campaign as well, and some people prefer high-powered campaigns so... However, I insist that I should be able as previously mentioned, to spit acid as well as gain the memories of a creature whose flesh I eat.
  5. Hahah Are there any groups that does not include at least one of either Alaric, Mercutio or Nihilus? Or group consists of Tech Priest Eli Caledon Psyker Gravel (I think..) Cleric Cain Castus Noble scummer Nicodemus Assassin Frak Frag
  6. From a "making sense"-pov it sounds really silly, sneaking people do have a tendency to know where their bodyparts are (Or so I would think, I'm not a ninja!)
  7. Righto, thanks guys Silly me for only checking the product description rather than the rulebook ^^
  8. Was browsing through the cities in which you can train skills in RTL, and it struck me that several of the skills were "missing" from the deck. We do not have Altar of Despair however, so figured it could be skills from that box. I remember these skills were not present: Appraisal, Berserker and Pickpocket. Do we need to search the whole apartment, or just get Altar of Despair?
  9. Another thought occured to me.. Perhaps I should scroll to the end of the document, before start asking questions. Nevermind this topic, I'm, an idiot.
  10. Heya! I just found the create-your-own-hero-guide, and I'm wondering if there's some sort of Hero Sheet-template out on the net somewhere? Basically, an "empty" hero sheet, where you can edit in the details and a portrait, to print out and put in the box? Otherwise I suppose I have to make one.
  11. Nah, we know the stuff, I'm just miffed that he most likely will never move the dungeon leader, making us miss out on... what was it 4 conquest and 250 coin?
  12. Ah right, I'm being confused, we'll just miss out on the reward for killing the beastman then, I think we can live with that, we suck so bad anyway
  13. Well, its the last level? I thought you needed to kill the leader on the final level to "finish" it?
  14. So, after long and ardeous fighting against master skeletons (with at least five lives each!) on the two first levels, we've finally gotten to the third area in our first dungeon... and naturally this dungeon is "The fountain of Life" If I understood it right, we need to kill the final dungeon leader to "finish" the dungeon, the problem is him being immortal in certain squares, and with no knockback or anything like that... are we totally screwed for this dungeon? Our current plan is just to raid the place for treasures, flee and go cry in the tavern..Or is there some sort of errata which never made it onto any of the lists for this level?
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