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  1. Love this game but too logical for my wife (she hates to lose).
  2. Ciaphas

    House rules

    A better option would be to change character, keeping equipment (as rules for corruption), and change corrupted rules to new character and loose all equipment.
  3. Ciaphas


    What I would like to see is a 5-6 (or 5-8) player expansion.
  4. I'm currently playing a commissar in a campaign, the GM downloaded it from the Darkreign site, and apart from a couple of anomalies (like iirc bolt pistol being available twice - easy fix, swap secound Bolt pistol training for melta pistol training, the only one not on the list) it works very well, not too powerful not too weak
  5. At our games we have included a couple of XP conventions from other games, because they work :-) 1. On Time Bonus: +20 xp per session for arriving and being ready to play at the given start time (usualy 7pm). You wouldn't believe how this has improved the tardyness of certain habitually late players. 2. Most Valuable Player: +50 xp per session, peer vote. Basically the players vote for the player that brought the most to the table, wether by realy entertaining role-playing, saving the other acolytes from certain death or even just giving up some in-game-advantage for the good of the party. 3. Snack Run: +10 xp Volunteering for the snack run / pizza duty or even bringing food / drink to share during the game. As the games at these sessions tend to be heavy on role-play and light to medium on combat (though when combat occurs it tends to be fast, furious and deadly) the extra xp doesn't impact too heavily on game balance and keeps the interest of players as they don't feel that they have to shoot up every bar in sight to earn xp in some kind of a KODT "kill 'em for the XP" copy ;-)
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