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  1. Some of you may know I do youtube reviews on my page...here is my take on the Realms of Terrinoth setting for Genesys! enjoy.... https://youtu.be/oN-kAQhbTVg
  2. does anyone have any Terrinoth pre-gens made? I am in a rut and need 4 toons for tomorrow nights game.
  3. Stacie_GmrGrl, I hate to say it but I feel your pain, I feel that FFG released this too soon. As it needs a lil more playtesting. I have the funny feeling they wanted to get this out (Genesys) while they still hold the lic for Star Wars? Sad to say but FFG has not been the greatest with RPG's for quite some time now.
  4. So I went back and did a lil update for Genesys.....
  5. I just want to say that I called it in my review (which was one of the first ones out in the youtube wilds!) that Realms of Terrinoth would be the first setting that FFG releases. And the next one will be set in the Twilight Imperium universe I think! Thanks to all the peoples for watching my review...
  6. That is AWESOME StantheMan! Thanks for the kind words....I truly hope you enjoy the game....I getting ready to run a fantasy setting myself using this system.
  7. I look forward to that review...
  8. First off HUGE GURPs fan...but....Genesys is a little easier to get up and going and I think the learning curve is allot lighter for a new player than GURPs...Course that being said I have not seen the new fantasy GURPs as I have heard its much friendlier to new players. GURPs is allot of work for the GM and the player with having stat out the NPC's and mooks....Genesysis very LIGHT in that department and its pretty easy to fudge a npc if he is not going to be showing up allot. Course you can do that in GURPs too. So I guess its just up to you to try it out (Genesys) and see if its to your style.
  9. Man looking great! I'm gonna see if I can run with this and see how my players like it! Sadly wont be for another week or 2 at best!!
  10. How could one go about getting a copy of this...I am looking at starting a new group and would love to use this as I own all of the Rogue Trade and Dark Heresy books....Also bang up job on the layout! JP.
  11. Hi all...just wanted to share my review of the game and hope you all like it.... enjoy...
  12. I know Genesys is all the rage but have you guys and gals seen this... http://www.redshirtdown.com/kingdom/ It is very well done and might just scratch that itch till the core book comes out and IMHO it is very well done! I also did a lil review of it here on my youtube channel...
  13. In my EotE game I do allow the players a say in it....It gives them a sense of ownership in the game. I find its just another way to keep all the players invested in the session... I also find that in my 20+ years of GMing that players are their worst enemy! They will hose themselves far worse than I ever could. Which is very cool and I love their creativity in the moment.
  14. yeah we have one player that comes from about an hour away with no traffic so he does not want to lug all the books either! Luckily I am a GM in SW as well so I have all the books and he can use them if needed. If your lucky we can just load pdf's and just bring a tablet or laptop...I'm a dead tree edition person myself so dont like trying to look stuff up on a pdf...but thats just me.
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