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  1. I have thought about a variant like Kamakaze proposes, very similar. And I like it But the point there remains that the Sympathizer "appears" due to a condition of the game (in this case, resources), and has to do with balance of the game. My question was more regarding what you guys would prefer, to actually choose what side to play (actually, that cannot be done under original rules), or to let a random factor not dependant on the side that is winning to determine your loyalty (like simply drawing a card)...
  2. Ok, I know this topic is around here a lot, but I really would like some input from you players... The official sympathizer rule states that the additional "depowered" cylon only appears if a certain condition of the game is meet (meaning all resources in blue, or in another words, humans are doing very well), and that condition is the development of the game until the sleeper phase. There could also be other 2 conditions to determine if this cylon appears in the middle of the game: 1- A random draw of a card (the player simply pulls a card, and that card decides) 2- A willing decision from a player (the player simply "decides" in which side he will play. Indeed, this would depend on the general state of the game at that point, and also on whta that player wnats to do..) In your option, which one will you use, and which one will "add" to the game? (or at least stays inside the general idea of the game)? Thanks
  3. I know i read something about this, but cannot remember where.... It hit me this weekend while playing. When you resolve crisis cards, you have to be able to fill the requirements in order to apply the result? For example: The choice is given to current player between skill check or a player to discard cards. If those players do not have enough cards to discard, then that result cannot be applied, and the skill check has to be done?
  4. I have to agree.. only the designer can tell us how the rule must be interpreted... But for me, it cannot be used, according to the ¨Super crisis are not affected by character´s abilities¨. Besides, Tyrol will be the only character that can actually affect a Super Crisis, and in a 3 or 4 player game, this will reduce the effect the cylon can have in the game with that card...
  5. I just found an interesting variant at BGG, and I think it may work as an expansion... Specific objetives for each player, and getting points for reaching them. That way, each player will have to play for his side (human or cylon), and also try to accomplish specific goals. Obviously, this is also done in secret, so this would contribute to the paranoia. If a player just "seems" to behave strange, that could mean he is a cylon, or just trying to reach his objective. And the point system will also give players a way to tell which player "wins", among the winning side. That is for those player that simply are not happy with "my side won".
  6. stwerner92182 said: I too have been playing it only with unmanned vipers... but reading over the wording again there is another interesting way to interpret it, could lee use his ability to prevent another pilot from piloting a viper? Say starbuck activates the hanger deck, can lee say, no, YOU aren't piloting that viper that you are placing in space, I am piloting that viper. According to azuredarkness, the designer answered and says that Lee cannot do that. So your intepretation (although interesting) goes against the rules
  7. TomH said: That's a fair point. We've discussed an idea where the sympathizer still comes out as in the normal rules, but their loyalty is decided by a dice roll that is dependant on both the value of the lowest resource and the distance already jumped at this - as a human sympathizer is a lot more powerful if 6 distance has been jumped over 4 distance. I've been playing around with numbers and a simple equation and have produced a simple look-up table that will determine the loyalty, so even though the humans force down the resources there will be a chance that the sympathizer could be a cylon (and a possibility that even though all resources are blue the sympathizer may be a cylon). A bit of fun for those who think the straight blue/red rule for the sympathizer is a bit gamey and would like a little bit extra tension. And where, if I may ask, can we get look at that table?
  8. It turns out I thought of another option, thanks to your comments... Since my idea is to keep the "secret" aspect a bit longer in a 4 player game, in fact a second cylon would be too much. My option now is playing as normal, with Sympathizer card. If a resource is in the red, it works exactly the same, a human or cylon player will go to the brig. If cylon, he still can reveal later (in or out of the brig). Small change... If resources are in the blue zone, the sympathizer DOES NOT reveal in the sleeper agent phase, and can reveal this card later to become the "powered down" cylon exactly the same (no cylon fleet location, no super crisis, not cylon reveal power). That way, if a human gets the card, he CAN decide if he stays unrevealed for some time and work exactly as an unrevealed cylon, or finally reveal himself an become the "limited" cylon. If a cylon gets the card, he can decide if he stays unrevealed, reveals the Sympathizer or the cylon card. When revealing, I think everyone will choose the cylon card, since it is better to be the full cylon than the "limited" version. The full cylon will get the super crisis, his reveal power, cylon fleet, AND can also pass the unrevealed Sympathizer card to another player. In both cases, since resources where in the blue zone, a second cylon will appear anyway, but this change gives the possibility to the player to actually decide what to do and when, and eliminate that forced reveal included in the sympathizer card. The turned-cylon human can stay hidden a little longer (freaking out all other humans) and the cylon getting the sympathizer card can also stay hidden a little longer while retaining his abilities, and later turning another human into the sympathizer. I think I will try this option when a 4 player game appears..
  9. I also think the best way to keep balance with an expansion would be the "Season decks", that actually replace the normal decks, or adds cards,. keeping ratios an percentages... Arkham Horror does that very well...
  10. 1- The ability ïn Boomer's card says "Instead of resolving it normally", so you dont put cards or do anything at all as normal. The player just picks a result. 2- Good question... I say it can be done, since rules do not mention that. But for me, it is obvious that humans want vipers in space all the time, so the cylon is revealing himself if he tries that. (can someone confirm this)? 3- The card reads "While this player is not President...", so when he becomes President, then the location can be used. But if that location is used to give Presidency to another player, the card kicks in again, and Admin cannot be used again... The card just creates an "eternal" vicepresident.
  11. aammondd said: Was not suggesting that the current rules are some how broken only stating that if you wanted to try 2 cylons in a 4 player game you should give it some mystery as to it actually occuring. I agree that 2 vs 2 is death for the humans. The one thing the sympathizer card does is destroy the "hunt" aspect of the game. Knowing it will come can be planned for and kind of ruins the mystery part of the game. You know after jumping if the sympathizer will be cylon or human it kind of kills the hunt. In a 4 player game it can be pretty easy for the humans to make it a 3 on 1 game and they have that kind of control. In the 3 -5 player games they dont. Also 4 plays very differently than 6. If you want to keep that hunt aspect alive or throw some mystery into the sleeper have it such that the sympathizer cant reveal till its their turn. I understand the reason why the sympathizer conditions are the way they are but I think it would add to game play a bit if they didnt reveal till their turn. Giving that player a bit of a choice possibly of which side they end up on. ie where their sympathies lie. aammondd, great alternative you propose.. thanks. Have you actually used your " 1 loyalty card left" variant? And that is exactly what I was talking about concerning the 4 player game. A 3 to 1 seems too easy for humans, but besides that, what I really miss is the "hunt" aspect you mention. I was asking for an alternative idea to keep that part of the game. And I agree this does not happen with 3 or 5 and 6 players... Actually, 6 player game is a lot better with the Sympathizer....
  12. I have to mention that I have not played in a 4 player group yet... But I fell that only 1 cylon and the sympathizer (powered down cylon for me) reduces tension and fun in those cases... Similar to a 3 player game, once you find the cylon, the game changes, and the "watch your back and other players actions" disappears. So, I wonder what would happen if, instead of using the sympathizer card in a 4 player game, you simply use another "you are a cylon" card. In theory, this would mean that there IS going to be a second cylon after the sleeper agent phase... And yes, more difficult for humans, but for me, more fun for everyone (one of the human players IS going to become a cylon... imagine that) Has anyone tried this? I would also appreciate any comments or thoughts on this idea (specially from those forum members who can think of every possibility of such a change in seconds.. I wonder if they are cylons..)
  13. I play it only with unmanned vipers....
  14. Mattr0polis said: It's an interesting idea to be sure, but it is not how the rules are. The rules say that Super Crisis Cards are treated just like normal Crisis Cards, so going off of that, they should be discarded/reshuffled the same way as normal Crisis Cards (aka only reshuffle when the Super Crisis Card deck is empty). Thanks.. very clear as always... I am starting to wonder how many times have you read the rules Mattr0....
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