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  1. My DM is letting the players make up a home-world for their characters; rather than selecting a premade home-world from the books. The rules are that for every +5 we put into one stat, we take -5 from another (such as feral worlders have +5 to str and toughness, -5 to fel and wp). We also need four traits (such as hive-bound and wary for hivers); two must be positive and two negative traits. So my idea is for a Ocean Homeworld and here is my rough-draft. Ws 20, Bs 20, S 25, T 20, Ag 20, Int 15, Per 20, Wp 20, Fel 20. Skills: Speak Language (Oceanic World Jargon) and Swim as a Basic Skill. 1. Agile Fighters; life in the limited confides of the floating cities or on the deck of a boat gets crowded. Those born on Oceanic worlds learn how to move gracefully in a wave of bobs and weaves. Ocean Worlders gain a +3 to agility and suffer no penalties to agility tests when running or charging though crowds. 2. What the Water Gives; For some unknown reason, oceanic worlders are compelled to have some form of water on them at all times. If a Ocean Worlder is without an source of water (i.e. a canteen or a charm that contains a small vial of water) the character suffers -10 to all actions and -10 to all wp tests to resist finding a source of water. In addition the character may start with a small vial of water on a chain (charm) or a canteen. 3. Sea Legs; Children on ocean worlds learn to swim as soon as they can walk. A Ocean Worlder removes a level of difficulty to all swimming tests as well as never suffer fatigue from swimming. In addition Ocean Worlders gain a +10 to all perception tests that are sight based and Survival tests while underwater. 4. Anhydration; Ocean World's skin constantly needs moisturizing and hydration, if a Ocean Worlder does not put oils or water on their skin it begins to dry and crack. In addition Ocean Worlder's are susceptible to heat and may never take Resistance (Heat) talent. Hit Dice: D5+8 Fate: [1-2] 1, [3-8] 2, [ 9-10] 3. Classes: Assassin, Cleric, Guardsmen, Imperial Psyker, Scum,
  2. @ Atheosis. I didn't say I could use it. I said I found it as a random generator loot in a weapons locker.
  3. Is it that obvious that no one wants to reply to this post Q.Q
  4. My Tech-Priest, just got to level 3, and he specializes in the mystical aspects of the tech-cult. ( Luminen Shock, Charge, Blast, etc.) But then my character found a best quality plasma pistol, sound it and now my character is rich and after buying Dragon Scale and a Utility Mechadendrite. I had some extra cash, I disided to buy a Gun Servo-Skull armed with a .54 Tranter. Now I wanted to buy a Combat/Utility Servitor. Does anyone know where I can find the listings or you could just tell me.
  5. Hey, I've been looking for character sheets, but the Character Sheets from FFG's old site are blurry and I wanted to know if anyone had a pdf or website that had a nice non-blurry character sheet (preferable white, non-colored)
  6. Its not really Foreign Cultures Imo, i see it as more of differn't wars. Catachan - Vietnam; Tallaran - Desert Storm; Vostroy - WW2; Krieg - WW1&2
  7. What sounds better; a Imperial Guardsman who plays by the book (will actually use the GW's Uplifting Primer for every situation or alteast try to) or a Viking, feral guardsmen from....fenris have him use frenzy and risk arm and leg for the emprah or a paranoid adept who thinks that everything from the horus heresy to now is linked via some evil Non-Chaos cult that is actually controlling chaos to do there bidding (aka question from the justice leauge) A pirate (idk what home world) Scum, using the whole Gun and Sword combo A suicidal Elysian Drop Trooper, w/t jet pack (my gm said that he'd let us use Jetpacks w/t training)
  8. There has actually been a Brother Paulicus-Rhodes, he was killed with a flamer (his own) Firebrand preachers ftw
  9. They ran and found an imperial guard regiment, that had a bane-blade.... Actually the Fluff around the name "rhodes" is actually an organization called the Rhode Warriors, infamous for dieing tragic deaths. In every story, there is a rhode warrior, you couldn't tell by look at them, but they are everywhere. Movies: Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back - Rebel Soldier that talks to luke before the assault of the death star. Luke - "like shooting swamp-rats in Begger's Canyon back home." Band of Brothers : Dude who got shot in the beginning, idk which one. Dawn of War : Winter Assault - Imperial guard soldier who was shot by orks in the cut scence "Fall back dammit! There to many of them!"
  10. Also all my characters name's are Rhodes, and there is a Great Sword of the Rhodes (best quality mono-edged) that is retrieved by another player to give to the next Rhodes (sad but funny). Its kinda like the Guardsmen Gary (a whole regiment of guardsmen named gary ((Tech-Priest Gary, Commisar Gary, Cleric Gary, etc.)))
  11. Well, It happen again. my character was brutally slaughtered a chain axe to the upper torso (last character was killed by a chain sword to the head). I was about to call that the Gm has it out for me and my antics, but it was a greater demon or Khorne, so I kinda threw myself into that one. Anyway, I now have to make a new character, idk what thought. My question to you all is what do you suggest, i have the curse of (in gaming terms) Altaholic (one who can't keep a single character). My characters went down like this Guardsmen -> Guardsmen -> Arbite->Assassin -> Scum (gunslinger) -> Resurrected guardsmen (2nd) -> Adept -> Now. Do you all have suggestions or things to stay away from? My characters are usually jack of all trades, and iam open to stupid/unussual stuff my assassin used only primitive weapondry (did pretty well) so throw out your suggestions or do/do not. ps. we do a session every day, thats why so many characters are dead.
  12. The original gun was fine sence he uses a Long-Laz
  13. http://s63.photobucket.com/albums/h145/google_album/?action=view&current=Sniper.jpg This guy* Sorry, i didn't relise that this picture wasn't posted, Any Clue how to remove the squat?
  14. For the picture of the Empire Engineer with the sniper, do any of you have suggestions on removing the squat?
  15. Lol, some times the simplest answer is the best, thx.
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