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  1. No it's not a Porsche. 411 means to get the lowdown or info on something.
  2. Thanks for the 411 on that. Must not look at other organizations...AAAAAAAAH
  3. Regardless I placed an order with the local store and if his supplier has them, I might have me a bunch of Wissen figs by next Friday *cross fingers* Hopefully the game plays really well and I can get some of the regulars to pick up this game.
  4. Well I definitely see much more flexibility when you play Light or Dark but at the moment, I am more inclined towards actual cohesiveness and themes running through my force so that's what makes me look towards just picking models from an Organization at the moment. How is this game doing overall? Seems to be very little activity on these forums and I'm only finding a handful of sites with anything useful outside of regurgatating material from official sites. To those of you who are collecting this game, do you have healthy gaming groups for Anima Tactics?
  5. Hi, I'm just going to piggy back onto this thread. I'm also looking at picking up this game. The store that I frequent does not carry any minis and I'm trying to get some buzz happening among people I know. The positive spin is the FF feel that some feel as well as the low model count. Next thing to disarm them with will be the assembly and painting bit as most are card gamers. I'm going to have to place an order in the new year with the games manager. There are some models that I'm eyeing right now and was wondering if you find it more more effective to organize teams based on alignment/factions or organizations? I'll probably be looking to order 6-8 models off the get go so that I can let people try it out at the store. I'm digging the Empire and Wissenchaft models. If I go alignment route, I'll pick Light.
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