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  1. Im playing tycho. my opponent plays an attack and i play hide behind the couch(+2 block value) and failed the block, if i retry the block with tycho's effect, do i still get the +2 block value from hide behind the couch or do i discard the printed block value
  2. during the damage step of jaguar revolver, i respond with holding ground. does the damage of jaguar revolver become 0 since it has a printed value of X?
  3. what is the order of playing an action card? pay the cost printed on the card then the control check or the other way around?
  4. with the current rules, do you make a control check first before paying for any costs of the ability on an action card? Also, if you fail the check, do you still have to pay any costs of the ability? Like if I fail the control check for tag along, do i still need to remove it from the game if im trying to negate my opponent's character ability
  5. If I remember correctly, they also gave an errata to jaguar revolver but I'm not sure. Something to do with its static ability and causes alot of shenanigans especially with holding ground
  6. how does torn hero interact with stun abilities? Torn hero says that if an effect an opponent controls would commit a foundation, they commit that card instead. The "instead" part makes it confusing since stun does not let the attacking player choose which foundations to commit.
  7. If I enhance with Paul's Gi to give an attack stun: 2, is that attack considered to have the stun keyword until the end of turn or until that attack resolves?
  8. **** I was hoping skaven would be a separate faction.. oh well..
  9. maida_16


    where can i find the errata on legacy cards? i cant find it in the advanced rules or in the support section of UFS
  10. yeah i know about the ruling. im asking what if another card effect, not bitter rivals(it doesnt refer to PRINTED keyword ability, hence character only abilities wont work), refers to the printed keyword on the card? does it get its effect?
  11. there was a ruling in this forum that bitter rivals cant discard a character specific keyword ability (i.e. Siegfried Reversal) if the player is not playing the said character. It's as if the keyword does not "appear" on the attack. My question is if a certain card is referring to a printed keyword, will these attacks still get affected by it if they are not playing the same character as the attack with a character specific keyword?
  12. nvm misread it. it says after your opponent's ability
  13. I play friends and rivals' effect and choose to make my opponent's 2 foundations. Can he respond with dormant for millions of years when technically, he is the one committing his foundations and not me?
  14. the "when a player is taking damage" clause is only refering to the damage step because that is the portion of the attack where you calculate damage. You can activate holding ground when they are taking "0" damage.
  15. holding ground is not activated in the block step but in the damage step. If your attack's damage is reduced to zero and your opponent chooses not to block, you can respond with holding ground during the damage step to reset the damage of the attack to its printed. Since no block was played, he takes the full damage of the attack
  16. if i have the yoshitora that makes my assets count as foundations, can my opponent use cards that destroy foundations to destroy my assets in play?
  17. maida_16


    follow-up question. do copies of a multiple attack get the stun:2?
  18. but the ability is from the card thus affecting the card itself, isnt it?
  19. what if a card looks if something is printed? Would it work or does the ralf powerful considered to be not there at all if my character isn't ralf?
  20. maida_16


    if i have 2 stacked mai** (one starting character and one i played from my hand), do all my attacks get stun:4 or two stun:2? Do all my control checks get +2(since i have 2 mai**) or +1 since they are considered the same character?
  21. A player said that there is an errata on jaguar revolver but it is not listed in the rulebook. He said that instead of having "X equals your momentum" text, it now has "X is equal to your momentum when this card is played". Is it true?
  22. what if a card refers to having a printed wording (for example it looks for powerful) and you are not playing ralf? is it still considered not printed on the card?
  23. is there a site that i can use so that ill be updated as to what is block legal?
  24. lets say i have no cards in my deck and i have 5 cards in my graveyard. can i respond with cool-headed so that i dont deck out or do i lose right away?
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