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  1. I've been a roleplayer for 23 years and a fan of Dark Heresy since it was released. I was a member of a couple PbP about 4 years ago; now I am looking to join one again, but don't know where to find them but here. (as this is where I found the first 2) Is anyone running, or do they know where I can find a DH PbP. I'd also be up for PbPing in other 40K settings, but I'm most familiar with DH.
  2. That said, it'd be interesting to play a unique character who, say, came from a now defunct and thought deceased Navigator lineage whom had been going through the process of becoming a Space Marine before his Navigator abilities kicked in, (or he was recognized as such by a Librarian) and so was something of a freak hybrid of the two. There could be some interesting roleplaying possibilities in that. (If they stopped his change before it was finished can he still reproduce? What does that mean to his family and his place among the Space Marines?) This is one of those long shot things I'd probably only ever allow to a good roleplayer in my group - seeing I imagine we could easily find a thousand reasons why this shouldn't be possible - but if a player brought it to me and pitched it well, I'd probably go with it.
  3. Braddoc said: bluntpencil2001 said: I'd be interested, but the time of night may prove problematic. Also, I'd like to know more re: character creation and similar, and what the cell is needing. I am looking for reliable players who can and will show up on game time, I am looking for players, not intrest Well, I was interested before I read that snappy, childish reply. The guy asked for more information before he could make a commitment. I should think you'd want interest and players both, considering a disinterested player is of no use. But if you can't be bothered to elaborate on your game a bit so a person can determine whether or not that interest exists, then your game deserves neither.
  4. Wow, yeah, I've played no fewer than 4 different Star Wars RPGs and ported more than a few other systems over to run games in that setting, and I've play tested for a few other companies, so I'd have liked to get in on Playtesting for this - but there is no way in hell I'm going to Pay for the Privilege of playtesting a pen and paper game. This isn't like a computer game where the interface is purely available online and so you're paying for the opportunity to get exclusive access to that world before someone else … a Pen and Paper game occurs chiefly in our imaginations and I don't need to pay a subscription to get there. A sneak peak at mechanics which will probably be altered later, little art, poor layout and bad editing is not worth paying for. I'd have donated my time and my gaming group, (which has been playing a SW game with another system for some time, as it happens) but I'll let some other sucker pay for an unfinished product.
  5. What rank would these characters be starting out as? I have a rank 3 Scum from an old Dark Heresy PbP that I'd love to play again.
  6. Night10194 said: Obviously, you'd pull them with your enraged, gritted teeth, fueled by your hatred of the enemies of Man. You win this thread. In general I think the Pistol/Chainsword combo is part of the Commissariat standard uniform and in any kind of official function they would be expected to dress as such - how they choose to adorn themselves in the heat of battle is probably too minor a detail to worry their superiors, however. This assumes, of course, that they are competent at their job … incompetence will breed greater scrutiny and as such any deviation from the norm will be seen as another nail in the coffin - quite literally. But, as Cain and Gaunt demonstrate, a particularly successful Commissar can be easily forgiven some minor eccentricities.
  7. The problem with pricing in RPGs is that they never take the economy of their worlds into consideration, but instead price everything based on what they suppose the standard PC will be carrying on their person. As such, no commoner ever makes enough money to survive in a campaign setting - at least none that I've ever seen. To this end what I tend to do is adjust prices based on social class and availability. Thus, rare items or items only available to higher social classes maintain their price in "Gold" or "Thrones" and the lesser objects, which have no business being priced in the same ballpark have their cost sliced by an entire degree and I decide a name for the lower coin if one isn't given, "silver" or "sovereign". In the case of DH, 10 Sovereign = 1 Throne, things like a cup of coffee are repriced as Sovereigns; thus instead of the cup costing 4 Throne (effectively 40 dollars USD for example) it costs 4 Sov (effectively 4 dollars). This allows me to keep the same base numbers and simply reduce the value of the coin to something that makes more sense. For flavor I actually change the name of the lower valued denomination from world to world or system to system … so on a Pleasure Planet renowned for its beaches they'd be called "shells" instead of "sovereign", for example. Throne remains the standard used for interplanetary trade and in large purchases, most common people don't handle Throne on a daily basis.
  8. My party recently got discredited and needs to keep its head down on a Pleasure Planet. To make some dough and look for some dirt that will allow them to get back in good standing they are infiltrating/working in the city's criminal underground. I want to put a bunch of hooks out for my players to grab, so they have plenty of directions and opportunities, but I'm drawing a lot of blanks, so I was hoping I could get some "underworld in the 40k" styled adventure hooks from all of you. (keep in mind, again, that they're in a corrupt resort city where the criminal underground tries to keep a low public profile)
  9. Speak to your GM, see if he'll let you change your character profession. Let him know that you really regret picking an assassin and see if he'll work something out for you to drift more toward a Scum type character - or change professions entirely. If your GM is at all reasonable he should be willing to let you do something to improve your enjoyment of the game.
  10. dvang said: Additionally... this is a fantasy game. There is such a thing as miracles and magical healing. You could leverage it into a long quest. Whether it is rumors of a magical item/fountain that heals all wounds, or doing some important favors for a high rank priest of shallya for their services, etc Considering 40k is kind of a low magic, dark fantasy setting, however, I would not be inclined to have players running into magical healing devices that replace lost limbs - what you're talking about really is a "Miracle" and miracles are big news. As for "healing fountains" or something similar, if such a thing does exist, expect that if the players find out about it, so have other powerful groups and such a thing would be contested over brutally. In a low magic setting something like this is a major asset to whomever controls it; or for some once-men, corrupts it. (Not to mention the churches would want such a thing either controlled by them, or destroyed)
  11. bobh said: What better way to star ta game than by stealing an Imperial Navy ship right form the drydock or spacedock or wherever? It would be incredibly difficult and fun. While that would be awesome, considering these ships come with crews in the 20+ thousand range a successful theft might be nigh impossible. Now if you were stealing a penal barge and managed to get it out of port by disguising yourselves as crewmembers, then finding a way to release the prisoners and overthrow the thing, that could work. (and would make for some very awesome rp as your players attempted to put themselves in charge of the newly acquired ship - what with plenty of other criminals just as interested in being in charge. Crew mutinies and machinations would be a constant concern; power blocks of supporters would be integral to maintaining control ... as would keeping those supporters happy and on your side; politics and power plays would be a theme that just kept on giving - rp wise at least. Hell, this idea is cool enough that I might have to use it down the road.)
  12. Cifer said: The same thing as all RPGs: Faulty spelling, rules errors, wrong references,.. You know, I could really do without the number of these things that fall through the cracks in game books - especially the first and last, which any copy editor should be picking up. Does FFG not have an editing department? If not, I'm an experienced copy editor and would happily sell my services. (ATTN:FFG!)
  13. Isn't there already a corrupted version of Conan out there? Kain, or something? Never read the novels, but recall someone explaining the character to me that way before.
  14. Wing skulls tend to be Space Marine symbols, don't they? In the game "Space Marine" the character (who is an Ultramarine) has a winged skull symbol on his chest. Another image I dug up in the Lexicanum, of a Blood Angel also has a winged skull on his chest. In fact, as I go through the space marine articles in the Lexicanum I see this appear on pretty much every set of Space Marine power armor - so I'm going to say that is your answer. As for the numbers, I'm guessing they refer to Unit and such.
  15. That said, I might allow it - assuming the parrying individual is within 10' of the target - at a negative (-20 say) and the additional assumption that he has used his parries for the round. (so should something now strike at him, he's out of luck)
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