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  1. My group used 40K to role-play/fight the Siege of Vraks, the GM converting our characters to 40K (giving them 2 Wounds, special equipment). I am currently getting ready to run 40K battles to fight out the war in Apostasy Gambit (from original Dark Heresy). Here is the link to that discussion: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/144897-apostasy-gambit-part-iii-40k-version/ ~ alemander
  2. This talent says it can be activated as a Free Action. However, should there not be a rule/house rule that it must be done BEFORE any shot is taken? Granted, it is once per combat encounter. ~ alemander
  3. No, they are unfinished. I remember reading somewhere else online that he had spoken to someone at a convention or something and relayed what the next part would have been. Since it went from Black Library to FFG, he couldn't continue the series. It was a darn good series and I wanted to really follow those characters further. ~ alemander
  4. Since we are on the topic of Fate Points, another GM and I were discussing the nature of death in DH2 and Fate Points. Anyone have an issue with how unlikely a character is to permanently die without extremely special circumstances (a voidship exploding, an unconscious execution)? This is 40K and death should be almost mandatory and while it is a role-playing game, characters should die almost. I am reminded of the old D&D setting of Dark Sun where they actually said that characters would die and advise the inclusion of a "character tree" of ready made characters that could be inserted. It seems in DH1 they had this kind of idea, including a paragraph at the beginning of almost every one of the chapters in Haarlock or Apostasy giving advice on where new characters could come in, etc. ~ alemander
  5. Just for reference: Question: Can an ability that allows a result to be re-rolled ever be itself re-rolled (page 22)? What if this is the result of using two different abilities, such as a background special rule and a Fate point (page 293)? Answer: No. A re-roll cannot be re-rolled, and the second result must always be accepted. Note that a player cannot spend multiple Fate points to re-roll the same test multiple times. He can though can spend a Fate point before rolling to gain a bonus on a test, and if needed spend another to re-roll that test (and even spend a third to gain an extra degree of success on that test, if desired). ~ alemander
  6. I only play DH and DH2 but I would surmise that it allows the character to ignore when his Corruption passes the threshold where he has to roll for a Malignancy and a Mutation. That seems awfully powerful however. ~ alemander
  7. News recently broke that they are coming out with an Imperial Agents Codex, so that is a positive thing. GW has been quite a different company of late. They also reestablished a general warhammer site at www.warhammer-community.com. ~ alemander
  8. I assumed I was $5 per unit and only cases could be purchased with 6 or 10 or 12 units. In Your Basket: Rogue Trader: Edge of the AbyssPrice: $5.00, Case Qty: 6 I don't want six books. ~alemander
  9. Am I reading it wrong? $5 for a book but it is per case with 6 or 12 books per case. I would buy up a bunch of those books but only as singles. ~ alemander
  10. This is the best thread I have seen to coordinate the sectors. I think you have the route basically right, but check out the map here in this thread for aligning and such. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/130435-editable-calixis-sector-map/ ~ alemander
  11. I am hoping someone can help with this as I am confused by the timelines for OW. I don't have most of the books but I saw the following: Duke Severus XIII took control of his house in 779.M41 and came to power as Lord Sub-Sector in 799.M41. It says it took him a little more than a standard decade to consolidate power (put loyal people into roles). Then at some point the orks came. He eventually asked for help, eventually got it, but not enough and he seceded. It says under Kulth that the war on the planet has been raging for 83 years. If the start date is 817.M41 then those dates don't jive, unless I am missing something or got them screwed up. ~ alemander
  12. I took that as part of the game/fluff. When we switched to DH2, we kept the "rank" and "position" alive without the need of the actual class, which basically was made so that the GM did have to actually deal with an Inquisitor as part of the PC group. ~ alemander
  13. Hi Xenic, There are a number of talents under the Elite Advances that only have one aptitude, Jack of All Trades & Master of All Trades being two under Inquisitor. There are a bunch under Untouchable with only one as well. Like ThenDoctor said, it is to jack up the cost as means to limit them. ~ alemander
  14. I don't know about other systems they could use, but our GM is attempting to convert the Midnight rules and such over to the HarnMaster system. We have been using that for a few years now, and when our current Harn campaign concludes, we will attempt to recreate what we had played back in the day with Midnight. The setting is just so epic that if FFG doesn't return to it (and I hope they do with the loss of GW games), then we need to do so ourselves. ~ alemander
  15. My group will definitely continue with DH2 and DW. We have built a whole "thing" around the game, with us now venturing into playing 40K using the Jericho Reach and having our DW characters make appearances and so on. As ThenDoctor is doing, I am looking to pickup up the books I don't have, as the fluff for game (DH, DW, RT, OW, etc) in and around Calixis Sector is outstanding. If GW or someone else comes up with a new system, we will look at it, as we did when with DH1 back in the day when we wanted to get into "sci-fi" roleplaying. ~ alemander
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