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  1. On June 28th, 2015, Brap's Magic is hosting a Call of Cthulhu tournament at their store in Burlington, Vermont. Event registration starts at 11am, and play at 12pm. The entry fee is $4, and prizes come from an FFG prize kit (which I thiiiiiiiiink is a store championship kit from the winter, question mark.) For more information, visit the Facebook event listing.
  2. Magnus Arcanis said: Is what they did for Netrunner acceptable? 3x of most cards, 2x of some and 1x of a couple unique cards? If the goal is bringing in new players, using a distribution like Netrunner's for a follow-up or companion core set would be great. I found playing Cthulhu with the core set alone pretty unsatisfying -- though I powered through and built up a card pool to construct decks. On the other hand, I've only ever played Netrunner with the default core decks and have had a much more enjoyable "out of the box" experience. That box feels like it was designed to very playable by itself, probably based on feedback from previously published LCG core sets. It's not great for amassing the 3x playset of everything, but makes the game so much more approachable for newcomers and those who want to play casually. I wish that Call of Cthulhu had such a solid selling point in its own core box.
  3. I've been hovering on the brink of buying a second box to achieve the full 3x complement. The suspense is killing me.
  4. The slowness of the forums generally dissuades me from doing more than visiting periodically to guess whether any of the threads marked as new actually contain posts I haven't read yet. One time I tried to send someone a private message. The auto fill-in on the To: field took something like five minutes to populate.
  5. I love the idea of a Lackey tournament, but I'm sufficiently new at the game, I don't think I'd be a very good competitor.
  6. Svartnatt said: Put another way, if I am at -1 to my roll, spend 1 clue token to raise it to zero, does the bonus dice due to the skill actually raise the roll to 1 dice? If so, I only needed to spend 1 clue token to get a roll, rather than the 2 I actually used... If you're at negative dice and spend a clue token, you are now at one die. The skill's bonus die puts you at two dice. That's how I learned it anyway.
  7. adeangel said: All three boards, that would be sick. It made for a bizarrely short game when we tried this past Tuesday. Monsters kept surging out of a gate at Devil Reef and dropping right into the vortex. With eight people at the table, pulling in different directions, we didn't have our heads on straight enough to get someone up there to start filling the clue track. We went to final battle after about an hour of play.
  8. My pipe dream expansion would be a patch kit of sorts, one that evens out the expansions to increase activity in the outlying towns and the four additional Other Worlds. It's a pipe dream because FFG's expansions almost universally follow the philosophy that each one could be the first, and it would provide maximum utility for people who own and play with every expansion, probably reducing its saleability to under the threshold to make it worthwhile in a business sense, but I would like it.
  9. Hal, are you still working on this project? I have some questions I wonder if I could ask you off-forum.
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