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  1. Shockwave

    TIE Reaper

    If I understand correctly, Tac Officer (White Cord right?) is almost compulsory with Vizier, otherwise you lose over 40% of the dial if you try and use his ability.
  2. I think this is pretty accurate. When first released it was pretty much a Beta in writing and they were expecting the players to pay for it. The “Community Intergrated Development” or CID has a lot of mixed thoughts about it from what I understand. I was holding out on converting the MkIII till the tournament rules dropped (I had issues with the amount of pre-measuring and marker placement that was legal) and they dealt with most of that but that game still felt awfully hollow for me.
  3. Edition changes? Wow I’ve been through a few. Shadowrun, 2nd in to 3rd. I own half of 2nd and all of third including the transition (Story) books in to 4th. Didn’t buy in to 4th as 3rd was good enough Battletech, Cityfight in to Compendium to Master rules to Total war. While all technically edition changes the rules sets are close enough to be more like version changes. The only upset here was Total War changing the rounding of FerroFibrous armour from round up to round down, which made a lot of previous Clan tech books illegal as they had a random extra point of armour. I believe they changed it back to round up. WFB. 5th-6th. I stopped playing once they binned Storm of Chaos for tournaments after previously making an announcement that specifically wouldn’t do that. 40k. 2nd through to 5th. 2nd in to 3rd was actually very good for the game 4th (or as I call it 3.5) was for me the best GW got for getting the game “right” when 5th dropped so quickly after 4th I dropped the game and moved to..... Warmachine. 1st, 2nd and 3rd. 1st was broken as **** at 750pts (Epic casters) which was why my group stayed at 500 where it was less so, but it was still fun. 2nd as a rule set was and to this day is the tightest ruleset I have ever played, model balance was a little off at times and the Theme forces while well intentioned ultimately was what cause the edition to break. 3rd was when I dropped the game. However I will say this, the transition from 1st to 2nd was the best way I have ever seen a game company do it (MKII Field rest) however it did mean that the company had no sales for 3 months which is why they did it a different way for 3rd I Also have Flames of War, started in 1st edition, moved and played 2nd edition, brought 3rd and 4th but never played them. On the transition of 1st to 2nd they game out a free mini rulebook on proof of ownership of a 1st edition rulebook, yet most players still went and brought the hardback anyway. What a lot of people forget is that RPG’s and toy soldiers are non-consumerable products, there’s is no natural re-purchase like there is with food and drink so edition changes are sometimes needed for the bottom line and not just for rules bloat. BUT most companies do try and keep the existing players base involved as it is them that will get the new edition of the ground and selling (when done right). Now in regards the X-wing 2.0. It is the most expensive initial out lay of and edition change that I have dealt with because of the base plates, dials etc. But it could of been done FAR worse.
  4. Shockwave

    X-Wing Worlds 2018

    Beautiful opening engagement by Sim.
  5. Shockwave

    The fate of your favorite list in 2.0.

    Same, been my main list for over a year now.
  6. Shockwave

    X-wing 2.0: The Big Thread o’ Pilots

    If we are adding Pilot abilities, Duchess has the same ability as now PLUS can Aileron while stressed
  7. Shockwave

    New Information from Live Stream Today

    FFG wouldn’t be the 1st company to do this in recent history.
  8. Shockwave

    X-Wing 2nd edition announced

    Well something that happened with Warmachine during its 2 transistions between editions, the releases prior to the announcement were frequently broken (in both directions), because why spend tons of time getting the balance right when just around the corner it’s all going to change?
  9. Shockwave

    The problem is not complexity

    That I agree with. War machine MKII was for a while, very balanced and that is a complex game and it was fun. But this game is inconsistent among other things, this fast becoming unfun.
  10. Shockwave

    What is your favorite Alt art card?

    Absolutely love that Han, never flown him though (Rey’s my girl with Alt Art as well) Im assuming due to the age of Han there that is re-roll Han.
  11. Shockwave

    Rulings for worlds

    Dash ignores Obstacles, the consequence of your manoeuvre template or ship touch an obstacle (rock) is the you lose your action and roll a red dice. But that’s okay, Dash ignores obstacles (So no action loss or red dice) Nym ignores bombs, the consequence of your manoeuvre template touching a bomb (mine) is that it detonates, but that’s okay, Nym ignores bombs (So no detonation) oh wait.....
  12. Shockwave

    The Perfect Ship

    I agree with this though I only fly Rey in the Falcon (At least she cares about arcs) Tie/fo Kimo maybe, but that might be it’s looks
  13. Shockwave

    Streaming of Top Cut from Italian System Open

    Do we have a breakdown of what's in the top 16 lists yet?
  14. Shockwave

    Xwing is alive and well despite what the clickbaiters say

    Actually a good potion of cards can be ignored. Take the Scurgg, can ignore all cannons, tech cards. Doesn’t have to worry about Droid and crew combos as it can’t have both. Doesn’t have to worry about generic droids. Most of the EPT’s can be given a once over just to make sure things are safe. Genius being missed is a play tester/FFG thing. You have to take the title to take Genius. Genius directly interacts with bombs The Havoc has 2 Bomb slots Bomblet Generator had or was being tested at the same time. The Genius interaction HAD to be looked into, and anyone competent and honest would of done so.
  15. Shockwave

    B-Wing/E2 should be a Title

    Not on the opening engagement, it’s without use.