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  1. Shockwave


    Well, considering 39 points of dead weight and never flying 1st order in 2nd ed before. Not great. I know how/ why I lost my first and 5th round games, but outside that - I need so much more practice.
  2. Shockwave


    So, I played first Order for the first time at the UK SoS this weekend. On day one I flew Holo - Proud Tradition, Hull, Primed Omega Leader - Fanatical, Optics Scorch - Fanatical, Optics Static - Fanatical, Optics Static was dead weight every game, Scorch did work every game (Nothing revealing here). Omega Leader I took because Jedi, never saw them, but she did cause the Fangs and Boba to have kittens. But this thread is about the Tie/Ba - I flew Holo over both days (11 Games total) and I really do think that the Chassis is solid, but I also think that overall, Holo is the better pilot. While PS6 on this ship will be good (Very good even) Ultimately, more often than not, that is all it will be, the pilot ability isn't that great. Holo as many other has said, Holo can swap between Support and Ace as needed on basically no notice, and outside the /SF First order have great dials on their fighters for removing stress. Over the 11 games (Including Sundays event), I triggered Proud Tradition about 8-10 times? Only 4 times was I "At risk" 3 times my Opponent declined to take the crit due to no Focus (Fen Rau on 2 health, Oicunn on 2 Health, Boba on 1) the 4th time it was a kill shot, I told my opponent that they can "overkill" by taking the crit, they replied "I didn't know that, you didn't have to tell me that, so I won't" - But it wouldn't of changed the game, as I had Holo and Omega Leader Vs Fen Rau Also, while it is not Hyperspace legal, I think Ember/ Juke has potential
  3. Shockwave

    UK System open

    I was your last game today (Thanks), hope your event in 2 weeks goes well.
  4. Shockwave

    UK System open

    2-4 For me too, Though I hadn't flown First order at in 2nd ed so... Final (Just about to finish) is Kos-Boba Vs (I think) Obi, Ric and 2 Generic Arc's I know there was a Fo Cadet swarm in the top 8 which was flown by someone that had only two games with more than 4 ships previously (Ie, NO previous swarm experience)
  5. Shockwave

    UK System open

    Well, I'll see you all there, I'm flying hopefully 1st Order (Foba) or failing that Thicc Reds.
  6. 5 Strikers + Wampa can all ready be a thing if you're wanting it to.
  7. Fair enough, so they can't take Brockets. New Question. Reload action allows you to "recharge" one of your "Missile" upgrade cards. Can you or can you not Reload your "Missile Missile" upgrade card?
  8. Huge ships have Hardpoints not missile slots. Can they not equip Brockets?
  9. I've been looking at the following, probably trash, but on paper... Lothal Rebel Magva Yarro Saw Gerrera Shield Upgrade Fire-control System Dorsal Turret Due to Initiative will frequently shooting last and getting shot at first. So, action is Reinforce, reduce the incoming, take a hit, get a TL, shoot back with dice mods and option to boot in a few crits. At 93 points give a lot of room for wing-mates, currently looking at Wedge and Arvel.
  10. Not the first event that FFG OP made this exact ruling.
  11. Shockwave


    Agreed, Homing Missiles at 3 points was great, a nice little filler missile for Scykes, Z's etc.
  12. 43pts can buy you 3 Red, 2 Green, 4 Hull, 2 Shields, Talent, Torp, Astro, Mod, with White Focus, TL and Barrel Roll, S-foils and a better dial on a small ship OR 3 Red, 1 Green, 7 Hull, 2 Shields, Talent, Torp, Missile, Astro, Mod with White Focus, TL, Reload and Red B-Roll The first one also has access to better Astro's. Not to mention that the Reload required that you spend MORE points to actually use it... You are definitely paying for it in some manner.
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