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  1. Ok finally got that downloaded yeah me ! ummm.... what is the difference between mentalist powers and wizards? and are the ki powers similar those a monk in dnd has?
  2. How many main classes are there liked compared with dnd
  3. I was thinking about doing once I get the book(don't know where to look ) So are there only two races and a buch of subraces or I am kinda confused with that
  4. I have read in many threads that character creation is a long process how much longer is then a normal 3.5 dnd character sheet ?
  5. Cool thats exactly what I am looking for
  6. I was having trouble figuring out how to download sorry I know I have bad grammar
  7. Ysalaine said: In french our editor-translator gave us a document to help people to create their first characters. Maybe FFG will translate it. For character sheets : http://projet.animajdr.free.fr/download.php?list.15 merci for the character sheets though I got confused as a fourth year student of french and wasn't quite sure were to download descolae pour ca mais vous aidez moi avec ca si vous plait? je ne jamais fais encore
  8. Recently I have become disenchanted with a roleplaying game I have been playing for several years (cough cough dnd 4E) me and my players are looking for something else now and I would like to know the differences between Anima and dnd anything you can give me would be much obliged I have also made a similar query about warhammer on enworld Thank you in advanced
  9. I love your characters easily some of the best art I have seen
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