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  1. There's a picture in the latest Codex: Imperial Guard where a Commander is surrounded by troops, and some of them are holding onto a ream of paper as it spits out of a machine with various fountain-pens and quills on articulated arms. That's an autoquill (though a very BIG one)! It's a 40K term for "hand-held device that you can write text on." Think of it as a PDA of sorts. Whatever you come up with isn't wrong since soooo much tech of the 40K setting is so advanced by our standards (not theirs) that it often borders on magical. Hope this helps.
  2. Also, don't forget that the GM can impose any bonuses/penalties he or she thinks apply to the situation, but the above-mentioned pages and such are dead-on.
  3. Okay, seems we have some new GMs out there anxious to run Rogue Trader. That makes me happy, since I was a playtester for the game and one of my goals was to make this game attractive to new players. So where do you start? First of all the 40K setting is VERY daunting to new players. There's so much material out there it can cause information overload. Start off with the material in Rogue Trader - it's very thorough and was written by one of the authors of the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Next, download and read through the introductory adventures on the support page. These were designed with new players in mind and go step-by-step. They tell you when to do a skill check, etc. Use the pre-gen characters as well and make this adventure a one-shot (an adventure that doesn't tie into your campaign - especially since you're using different characters). Once you run through that adventure, run Into the Maw from the back of the RT book. This is a great starting adventure for beginning a Rogue Trader campaign. This will also help you get a feel for when to ask for skill checks. On the subject of skill checks, you and your players will ask for them. For example, as a player I ask you if I can jump up onto a table and then kick some pasty underhive ganger in the face. You would then tell me that I need to make an Acrobatics skill check (since the Acrobatics skill is not a Basic skill - those that can be used even if untrained, but at a lower level) to leap up over to the table and make the strike. Other times, your players may come across an empty alleyway and you want to see if they notice the enemy lurking in the showdows behind a waste-unit. That's when you ask them to make a Perception check. After a while, you'll get the hang of it. And there are plenty of experienced GMs (like the ones on this forum and myself) who would be happy to answer your questions. On the subject of Endeavours. These were really designed more for simulating an undertaking that increases the group's wealth. As a new GM, I wouldn't worry about them until you have a few adventures under your belt. However, Endeavours are basically plot generators that, once completed, increase the group's wealth (i.e. Profit). They can be long-term or short-term. But they are a guideline for you (as the GM) to gauge when your group has acheived their goals and increases their profit. Again, I strongly recommend that you wait until you have run at least Into the Maw before worrying about these as they can be very confusing to new GMs. Being a GM is a rewarding, frustrating, liberating, stiffling, fun, and miserable job! LOL! Once you enter the ranks of the GMs you have opened up a whole new realm for yourself. The setting is your to create and mold into your vision (with your players' help, of course). There are many books and sites dedicated to being a Game Master. If you have any questions about this, you are welcome to contact me off-forum. Hope this Helps!
  4. Speaking as a GM, I would have to say that unless your character is a tech-adept or some other member of the Mechanicus, it will be VERY difficult to even obtain an MIU. Princeps (the commanders of the god-machine titans), etc, would have them standard, but since they can't be played (yet) as PC characters I would have to say that MIUs are only limited to the Adeptus Mechanicus. Given that, linking an MIU to a weapon would be very useful. In fact, I agree with the +10 bonus for linked weapons, but would have to say there should be a limit of 1 weapon (these might be able to handle more, but the ability to do so would be lost, etc.). However, I wouldn't let them give a bonus for Ballistic Mechadendrite use. The simple matter is that I look at the MIU as helping to control the dendrites; the fact that you need a Talent to control them anyway is a great limiting factor...don't add to the complexity by stacking bonuses, etc. on top of it. Afterall, you can get a bonus by adding a red-dot laser sight and other options. But in the end, your GM gets to make the call - your choice if you are the GM.
  5. Um...I think it's actually an "oops!" Don't know why these appeared in the final production (they weren't there before), maybe FFGRoss would know. The column appears on all the pre-gen PCs, but in the rules section under skills it mentions that Basic skills, etc. are just like they are in DH. Ignore the "Basic" rank...there is no "Basic" rank...these aren't the droids your looking for...
  6. Well...our RT group's ship is the Sword of the Lord. We also had the following: Necromonger Lord Castellan Emperor's Sentinel Just keep in mond that these ships are owned/operated by independent traders and "privateers" so they may have "acquired" the ship from the military, etc. and rename them to something a little more flamboyant...something that suits the Rogue Trader's personality, history, or disposition.
  7. Official US release date from Distributors is August 15, 2009. Yes, I know that's a Saturday but that's the date I have been given for those of you not going to Gen Con this year. Enjoy!
  8. I'm almost sure this has been asked before, but I can't find it in the forums here. FFGRoss answered this one during the RT playtest, and I need to know if it applies as well to DH characters, or if there were any changes to the rules: When making a new PC, sometimes the text will read "gain the following skills as Basic skills..." I would take this to mean that the new PC gets these skills to use just like untrained Basic skills (at 1/2 the governing characteristic), BUT I've also been told that this means you get the skill trained (with the 1st level of Skill Mastery, the 1 "pip" for the skill, etc.). Any help would be welcome, but "official" answers are what I'm looking for here. Also, since this seems like a topic that would be asked of by players a lot, can I get this topic pinned, please? Thanks, Arkangel53
  9. Well certainly no one knows your group better than you. I like the idea that there are serious consequences (good and bad) to the player's actions. The fact that your considering the character types and players' personalities into your adventure is AWESOME. It seems to me that too many GMs fail to consider these when writing their games. I know it can be hard to do this, but the payoff is so much more. Go ahead and PM me (if you want) and I'll send you out that Campaign Notebook I have. It should make a great primer for your players' introduction to the setting.
  10. Corvettes are something that I've noticed a serious lack of (as in they aren't there). It also seems to me that the Falchion escort is the smallest vessel in the line, but I may be wrong on this. But if we're talking small craft, what about gun-boats and the like? I know BFG canon lists the Fury Interceptor, Starhawk Bomber, and Shark Assault Boat as the "smallest" type of attack craft. But these ships carry between 2 - 4 (for Furies), and more for the larger craft. I'm assuming these ships are non-warp capable. But I do recall a novel where a fury-type craft was carrying a few crew, an engineseer, an astropath, and the pilot. I think that ship was capable of making short "jumps" through the warp, but I could be mistaken. In 40K, we have the following "types" to go on for Imperial ships of the line: Battleship Battlecruiser Grand Cruiser Cruiser Light Cruiser Frigate Destroyer Escort Attack Craft That gives 9 types of ship classification. Lightbringer makes good sense, IMHO, with the analogy between old Napoleonic-era sailing craft and what's found in the 40K setting; it's a good reference point. I know in 40K everything is BIG and MASSIVE with lots of gothic skulls and such. Even though we have MASSIVE ships to deal with here, with equally massive crew numbers, don't forget (and some people have already mentioned it) that there are servitors, scribes, preachers, AND we need to also account for food, water, air, and waster disposal. Yes, the Imperium has ways of making food that resembles old Hard Tack and Salt Pork (mmm...tasty) with corpse starch rations and the like, but the sheer amount of food required to feed tens of thousands of crewmen is staggering! Water too. Then you have to worry about life support - with the recyclers on board a standard ship, this would be reduced but it's still a requirement. I also imagine that a lot of the waste produced is also recylced (ewww...potty pie), but that would be a given. We also need to consider room for fuel and munitions, not to mention storage for "warp-matter" to power the Geller fields and Warp Drive (this would require special containment since it's so radioactive normal exposure renders a man to ash and slurry within minutes - see Star of Damocles for a visual). Also, can anyone explain why on earth you would ever need thousands of crewer manning a single laser turret? I can understand 20-50 guys in there, but seriously...thousands?! What would they do in there?
  11. Crimsonsphinx said: It says your email address is set to hidden. You could change it? I can see no other way to PM you, sorry. Sorry! It's fixed now so you should be able to see it. Send me a message and I'll shoot it your way. Let me know what you think of it. BTW I really like what you have so far. Giving the players choices, especially ones that have serious repercussions later is awesome! Having a moral dilema with the "heretek" is a great move, but if these players aren't careful they may end up cappin' the guy off without thinking about it. I know that's been brought up. Keep the two parts and develop them out, but you probably won't want to make it much more complicated than this - new players, and all that . Let me know how this turns out.
  12. Hence the reason for this chart. I'm working on ones that cover the other ships presented, but that's will take a little more time. However, I think that if we (as GMs) can come to some consensus amongst us about scale/numbers, then we at least have a reference if one of us were to post an adventure for others to make use of. Just a thought . Because of the inconsistency with the ships and their sizes, this little bit of trivia can go a long ways towards making our games that much more believable - especially if you do any convention play. I hope I'm making sense on this. If you guys think a chart for the other ships (Eldar, Tau, Chaos, etc.) would be useful, let me know and I'll put forth the effort to post what I come up with. Of course, we can always hash out what changes are needed.
  13. Crimsonsphinx said: I would PM you, but I am unable to do so, as I can see no option. Perhaps I need to add you to friends first? I went ahead and sent you a request to join my friends. If that doesn't allow you to see my contact data let me know and I will post my email address (but I will be quite angry if some joker uses it to sign up for stuff). The notebook is a great primer for new players. Also, I was thinking about your dillema with getting new players up to speed with the setting (I have the same problem) and I totally forgot that GW put out a book a while back called The Inquisition. It's a great little $20+ encyclopedia on the Inquisition and has a bit on the 40k Universe. I make extensive use of it. Also the old game "Inquisitor" had a sourcebook called the Thorian Sourcebook - excellent source material too. Just a thought. Let me know.
  14. Okay, I was thinking about all your comments and input (which I really appreciate). Then it hit me! The adventure "Shades on Twilight" has a map of an Inquisitorial Black Ship! IIRC these are essentially cruisers with most of the holds converted into holding pens for psykers. That gave me a base-line reference since the map was kind enough to come with a scale. Measuring it out I came up with this: Length = 2,400 meters (2.4 km) Width = 1,000 meters (1.0 km) -at its widest point Height = 1,000 meters (1.0 km) -at its tallest point So, that helps to reinforce the lengths I put in. I also used the holds as a reference for the number of decks the ship has (this is all assuming the decks are the same height, which they're not since you have massive cargo holds for food, water, air, etc. and the engine room, and other large areas) But let's keep it simple. By the scale I used, I came up with about 15 decks measuring from the tallest points to the lowest points. Okay, that comes in really light to what I have, but...neh. Now for the numbers of crew. I have to consider a few things like food, water, air, and waste recycling (which might reduce the amount of the other 3 needed - gross, I know). I also can't help but go back to the Ghilliam - those freaks that live in the black holds of ships, and the fact that most Imperial ships are hundreds if not thousands of years old! I imagine there are places on these ships that even the captain wouldn't know about. I also remember reading in Star of Damocles where a few hundred press-ganged ratings were laboring to pull on massive chains to secure the ship's docking clamps while officers yelled and screamed at them cracking whips and such. So, I took Lightbringer's advice and scale up the crew numbers by a factor of 10. Assume these are averages - if you need more, use more and if you need less, use less. Keep in mind that a ship will have to have stores for munitions, spare parts, manufactoriums, chapels, berthing, mess halls, latrines, and more. Yes I would say a ship's crew (more so for those toiling away below decks than the officers) would form some sort of tribal culture. Heck, voidborn are like that. And I love Dezmond's vision of serfs being tossed into the fray, etc. No-1_H3R3 also has a good point with the idea that maybe the lower decks would be packed but that some areas would be palacial (like the navigator's sanctum or the ship's main chapel). Now, Space Marine ships (which I'll tackle a bit later) would probably have much lower numbers with the majority of the crew being bonded serfs. I can't imagine the Battle Brothers not wanting to keep a tight rope around the crew that takes them into battle . So without further ado, here's my revised chart for Imperial ships of the Line: Ship Class Type Length Decks Crew Min. Emperor-class Battleship 8.0 km 60 50,000 Retribution-class Battleship 8.0 km 60 50,000 Apocalypse-class Battleship 7.0 km 55 45,000 Oberon-class Battleship 7.0 km 55 30,000 Mars-class Battlecruiser 6.0 km 47 40,000 Overlord-class Battlecruiser 6.0 km 47 40,000 Armageddon-class Battlecruiser 6.0 km 45 40,000 Vengeance-class Grand Cruiser 5.0 km 45 35,000 Avenger-class Grand Cruiser 5.0 km 45 35,000 Exorcist-class Grand Cruiser 5.0 km 45 35,000 Lunar-class Cruiser 3.0 km 42 30,000 Tyrant-class Cruiser 3.0 km 42 30,000 Dominator-class Cruiser 3.0 km 42 30,000 Gothic-class Cruiser 3.0 km 42 30,000 Dictator-class Cruiser 3.0 km 42 30,000 Dauntless-class Light Cruiser 2.5 km 30 27,000 Endeavour-class Light Cruiser 2.5 km 30 27,000 Endurance-class Light Cruiser 2.0 km 30 20,000 Defiant-class Light Cruiser 2.0 km 30 20,000 Sword-class Frigate 1.5 km 15 15,000 Firestorm-class Frigate 1.5 km 15 15,000 Cobra-class Destroyer 1.0 km 15 10,000 Falchion-class Escort 1.0 km 10 8,000 Now, the numbers of crew would (again) be averages. The number of decks are based on the scale of things like windows (you can see cathedral-like windows on some of the drawings) and a 20-25 ft tall (65 - 82 m) deck. Some decks will be smaller and some will be larger. The only thing I'm having trouble wrapping my brain around is 8,000 people crewing a small escort like the Falchion, but neh! I hope that the Powers-That-Be will put out a sourcebook on these ships (and Rogue Traders) <hint> <hint>. I do like No-1_H3R3's "rule of thumb" of using 2,000 crew per "hit" a ship possesses. Maybe this would be a good benchmark for xenos ships. Just a thought. Thanks 4 everyone's input. I'm still refining this so any more feedback will be greatly appreciated.
  15. Yeah, I kinda thought that the crew numbers would be light. I just have a hard time imagining tens of thousands (if not millions) of people crewing a ship! But hey, it's the 41st Milllennia. Honestly, logistics-wise we also need to consider food, water, air, etc. Not to mention fabrication workshops, hangars, munition storage and more. Yes...I'm nitpicking here . Now for a Sword-class frigate (an escort with laser turrets) it might be safer to say that the crew compliment is more around 3,000 - 5,000. Maybe... It has been mentioned in the Inquisitor's HB that there are decks on ships where no one goes and where strange things dwell. IIRC, I seem to recall reading something back in the day (White Dwarf) where ship crews pretty much lived and died without ever seeing the outside of the vessel. Some sources mention crews of tens of thousands, and others more or less. I like what I'm seeing here so please keep it coming. I'll refine the numbers tonight and see about reposting the chart in the AM. That thought about crews becoming tribal and crossing the void intrigues me . Let me think on it for the night.
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