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  1. I like to sign up for the European Championship. I will also reply to the email with the necessary info. I posted here just to already inform you I like to attend. I tend to be a bit slow in responding to email.....
  2. This game indeed is truly a great one. Its sad to see that this good a game is not getting the attention other (inferiour) LCGs are getting. I only play with one other person but its enough for me to keep the game alive.
  3. use it with cards that have abilities which are paid by exhausting characters. Bringer of Fire for instance. You can mostly go undefended for stories and use their ablity twice
  4. Jan said: Where do you see this? check upcoming section, Yog expansion = Q2 2013
  5. Your mind does not play tricks on you. Original intent was a release at the end of the first quarter. Somehow this really bugs me, we were promised a big expansions once every 4 monhts but if I recall correctly the Seekers of Knowledge was released October, thats 5 months ago and now Yog could possibly arrive in June. I was eagerly awaiting this new expansion, so this really is bad news…. Well it would be bad news if the delay was somehow announced… even a delay for CoC is not worth a news post anymore… Please FFG, give CoC some love. I tried many of the other LCG's but this really is the best out there (beware, this is an opinion…)
  6. i see all kind of messages which include some saying about the new peaslee. Am i missing something? Don't know about a new peaslee and sofar i can see nothing has been spoiled about one?
  7. any progress in finishing the remaining two games of the first round?
  8. Just solve the weird timing issues to get cards back after using their own (sacrificing) effect. I just don't understand the logic about the timing rules about those cards. You sacrifice or play a card to get someting else back and not the card you just sacrificied/played. Thats just wrong. This always leads to some sort of inifinite combo and infinite combo's are no fun (imo). If they hit the table its a instant win, how could that be fun,
  9. Fred, i read you were suprised that I didn't use a skill increaser for using the Logan loop. I didnt use it because I just didnt discover it. Also I would never thought it could work with only one Logan. I still find it very strange that you can get the sacrificed character back from the same effect you sacrificed it for. I suck at understanding timing issues. My deck idea was just about getting as many characters to discard pile as fast as possible and get them all back at once using Logan. Also I dislike infinite combo's so if I were that smart to find this loop I probably should not played with it.
  10. Darkman versus Il nominabile 3 vs 0
  11. i am interested but do you also want to make them tournament legal?
  12. I tried OCTGN tonight with Kriss and in my opinion it is better then lackey. We also discussed the setup for the online tournament. After experiencing OCTGN me and Kriss prefer to play the tournament with this software. The idea was to put a closing date on signing in for the tournament. This could be around January 20, 2013. After the closing date a schedule will be made (swiss format) so you know who you have to play against. Then we can start the tournament the next Saturday (January 26). During this time you can try out OCTGN and get acustomed with it. As said before I played with the software tonight for the first time and can say that it is quite easy to learn and use it. Then everyone has one week (from Saturday till Friday) to play one game against each other(according the current tournament rules). If everyone finished his or her game before the end of the week it can be possible to amove on to the next round in a faster pace. You should approach your opponent for arranging a game. Scores will be emailed to Kriss or me and a new schedule will be made for the second round and so on. Another remark: The use of skype during a game of Coc online is highly recommendable. It really speeds up the game. When signing up for the tournament it would be nice to also mention your accountname at Skype (if installed). I
  13. Im interested in joining a Lackey tournament. Games do not have to last that long if Skype is used to explain your doings during the game. Im only available in the evenings (after 20.00, GMT+1) or in the weekends.
  14. Does lackey already include the Seekers of Knowledge expansion? Would be nice to play a tournament that include cards of the latest expansion.
  15. mzi said: … and he will come back (confirmed by Damon), as well as the scholar or the byakhee Maybe its just me, but I find it strange that when sacrificing a character you can get it back with the same action. However, I should have known this as when playing with Konx he used a same kind of combo with Naaginn and Khopesh attached to it. (wounding Naaginn with Khopesh, finally destroy it and immediately get it back into play). Till then I never thought it was possible. Unfortunately, when witnessing the combo at that time I did not make the link with Logan. It just feels unlogic to me. But the rules (and Damon) seem to be clear on this. I also played Logan at the European Championship with necronomicon (and Khopesh or yuggoth contract) but did not use the infinite combo as MZI did. I had thought about giving it extra skill with "Springfield M1903" to get even Ancient one's (with skill 6) back into play (not knowing Logan also would come back)
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