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  1. Out of probably 30 or so games we have played, Khorne has won about 80% of the time. Even if everyone turtles in their own region, chances are that Khorne gets 2 dial turns while everyone else gets 1. I guess that the best tactic against Khorne would be that everyone else is in the same region and only summons cultists. But that's not a very fun game, now is it?
  2. pahapasi said: Yes, these pieces of Ian's art (and several others) were originally featured (and commissioned for, I think) in GW's 1988 Realm of Chaos- Slaves to Darkness (Khorne and Slaanesh), and it's sequel, The Lost and the Damned (Nurgle and Tzeench), so I think that these are still property of GW. Don't know if Ian has managed to keep rights to them. Moi Pasi. Toi tyyppi joka ekana tiedusteli asiasta on Wanhan koulukunnan vasaroitsijoita. Kyl se tietää PS: kheenkhi on paskin jumaluus
  3. pendrag2k said: Tzeentch isn't easy to play. A few thoughts on strategy with Tzeentch: Re: the 2 pt Dazzle card. Remember you can discard 1 card at the beginning of the draw phase. I almost always discard a Dazzle or Meddling of Skaven. Possibly your strongest single defense is Temporal Stasis. Play that on a location to keep others out, then load it with your cultists to ruin it. Remember that with the upgrade your cultists can drag warpstones in as well, increasing your odds of ruination. You can use teleport and Warp Shields to jump to areas about to be ruined to share in the points. Should you get a good draw one thing you can do is to use 0 pt cards to delay your actions to see what others are planning. You can then react accordingly. I thought that Slaneesh was a subtle god to learn to play until I started messing around with- and fell in love with- the big T. Judging by your text, you seem to go for a VP victory (early ruinign of areas) with Tzeentch. Tzeentch has the second shortest dial. Can you win with going for VPs? Nurgle is a pretty strong contender for those VPsand I don't easily see anyone going over Nurgle in VPs, unless some Old World cards are heavily against Nurgle.
  4. Yeah? My OS says it is .doc and OpenOffice support page doesn't know anything about docx. Their forums does, but I'm getting more confused with these KnowledgeTree features etc. I think I'll just wait for someone to fix the problem
  5. jadrax said: Moracai said: I have an old program for .docs and it can't open the file properly. I would say download the update that allows you to open docx files, but I have that and it still wont open. docx, you say? Hmm... *Scratces head*I also tried with newest OpenOffice with the same result...
  6. I have an old program for .docs and it can't open the file properly. Any chance of changing the list into a .pdf?
  7. jadrax said: For all we know the cards simply copy information that is in the rulebooks. I wouldn't be too optimistic about that. I haven't played a single FFG game (which admittedly haven't been many) that duplicates card text in the rule text. After all, it probably wouldn't be economically sound to double up on the texts.
  8. Hi. Hadn't posted anything on this side of FFG forums before this. Last friday we had the weirdest game of AH I've ever played. It was scenario 3 of the current league, but that probably hadn't much to do with how the game went. We had a total 2 investigators retired and 5 investigators devoured at the end of the game, and we still won through sheer luck! So, what is the biggest numbert of investigators you have had devoured in one game?
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