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  1. DarthJalapeno

    SW: IA - APP - Bug Report

    Android version of the game v 1.3. 1. Played the Flight of the Freedom Fighter on the version previous to 1.3 2. During the 4th mission I saved and updated the version to 1.3 3. Continued the mission and finished it. Result: * No new items in the armory * No new class cards to select for my heroes * The only mission selectable was the 4th mission (again) After selecting and beating the 4th mission again there were still no new items in the armory, and no new class cards - Also there was no mission or encouter or nothing to select on the campaign map.
  2. DarthJalapeno

    Jabba's Realm now live!

    The random generator needs som babysitting. During the first campaign my heroes entered an imperial hangar only to find the following enemies there: 1. Rancor 2. Nexu 3. Tusken Raiders 4. Imperial Officer
  3. DarthJalapeno

    Legends of the Alliance Wishlist

    Playing the 4th mission of the first campaign (1.3 version - Jabbas Realm). My heroes enters an imperial hangar chocked that of what they see: 1. Rancor 2. Nexu 3. Tusken Raiders 4. Imperial Officer ... Sort of ruined the immersiveness built up to that point 😕
  4. DarthJalapeno

    X Wing preview

    Am I allowed to look at the damage card before choosing which one to flip with Thane, or is it done randomly?
  5. DarthJalapeno

    Home Is Behind, The World Ahead!

    Any stores in Europe indicating they will be selling these?
  6. DarthJalapeno

    Don't we have any playmats

    I really wish they'd have a few "basic" playmats for sale for us unlucky that are unable to attend any fellowship events.
  7. DarthJalapeno

    FAQ 1.9 Released

    I just bought my third core set to have at least one copy of all cards as written Also it's going to be a pain remembering how many times I've used Hama as my memory takes a hit with all the stress comming off the encounter deck.
  8. DarthJalapeno

    Happy Hobbit Day!

    It's so good I'm not gonna change it 😀 (I blame my dirty phone)
  9. DarthJalapeno

    Happy Hobbit Day!

    This. Preferably with official purchasable playmates, now that (almost?) every other LCG has them.
  10. DarthJalapeno

    New "Guns for Hire" Pack Announced

    Indeed. This really bugs me.
  11. DarthJalapeno

    Hide Tests and Stock Road (The Black Riders)

    You are right. I got an official statement backing up your reasoning. It counts as traveling and only one location can be choosen eash travel phase.
  12. DarthJalapeno

    Hide Tests and Stock Road (The Black Riders)

    Does this mean that on quest 3B Escape to Buckland in a two player game you can attempt the Hide 1 test on Stock Road, place progress tokens on it for succeeding - which makes it explored then choose a different location to travel to?
  13. DarthJalapeno

    It's time to get back to enjoying... X-wing

    Great atmosphere. Pre-painted minis. Theme. Squad building is not as heavy as deck building (compared to card games.) edit: Pretty easy to learn with sensible rules.
  14. DarthJalapeno

    FFG Plastic Dials, what next? FFG Tokens, Templates?

    I'm still keeping my hopes up that one day I will be able to buy some official FFG acrylic templates somewhere else than e-bay.
  15. DarthJalapeno

    Scum needs a few more Illicit upgrades... any Ideas?

    This is interesting. Something similar could be allowing ship some alternative setup area. Range 2. A different edge.