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  1. facenorth23


    I gave it a go last summer... It was fun, but maybe not what you were looking for. http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/86716-homebrew-podrace/#entry818122
  2. facenorth23

    New books - new talent trees

    Thank you, oh creative one :-)
  3. Anyone working on the new 'printable' talent trees from ETO already? I'm not that creative and love the people that are on this forum. :-)
  4. facenorth23

    Enter the Unknown is Unknown?

    I have had good experiences with http://www.leisuregames.com To be honest, I haven't ordered FFG stuff, but I guess their service covers the whole load. I had ordered some FATE stuff and had it within 8 working days in Belgium.
  5. facenorth23

    Struggling with The Wheel

    You see... The thing is, I'm rather new as a GM and I have noticed that my best sessions were 'sandbox'ish... When I give my players a direction they need to do to, they always choose something else... We don't play canon, but a SW feel,... Just saying... Now my players ended up on The Wheel and we're going to play Beyond the Rim. And that's where I'm stuck... How do I introduce my players to The Wheel, a massive spacestation, but make sure they visit the places from the book? I have not found a floormap of the spacestation and I think just listing the locations makes them feel tighed up and gives them too little freedom to 'explore' The Wheel a bit... Any help? Pretty please?
  6. facenorth23

    Art request...for me...Scout wip

    We should start a fan club... countdown to the next one...
  7. facenorth23

    Adventure Recommendation?

    I'm a big fan of the Enemy of my Enemy module... very fun sessions with my group...
  8. facenorth23

    Completed request for Dex Vulen

    One down... Some more to go... Then it's my turn again :-) Wonderful style!
  9. facenorth23

    Race Selection Stats?

    Chiss, Zabrak, Trandoshan, human and Rodian in my party...
  10. Jep... My wife is jealous... :-) Thanks man. Really. You nailed it!
  11. facenorth23

    Character art for facenorth23

    My wife is playing a female Rodian called Capa. She is a bounty hunter survivalist. She has chosen a forest green skin colour and orange 'hair'. She is specialised in hunting ghests. She has a tattoo of a ghest on one arm, and a tattoo of a karstag on the other arm. She's a specialised heavily armed hunter / Rodian jungle survivor since her complete family was murdered by ghests. Pretty please to put her on your request list :-) I'll take a number :-) If there is anything non-art I can do for you, let me know :-)
  12. facenorth23

    Character art for facenorth23

    I AM YOUR BIGGEST FAN. Man... Such a talent... I wish I could draw like that. My brother will be really happy... In fact my wife is jealous... Really... Big time jealous... I guess I'll need your drawing skills for her character to save my mariage :-). Very curious when the full colour is ready. Big thank you. Really. Big big thank you. Ps I think I enabled pm... Facenorth23 Jeroen, your first Belgian fan ;-)
  13. facenorth23

    Character sketches

    I like the full colour wookiee or the heavy charcoal wookiee... Nice sketching
  14. facenorth23

    Player drawings

    I need a bad-ass trandoshan bounty hunter - hired gun to surprise my brother :-) Pretty please :-) He likes the guy from hitman, so a barcode in his neck wouldn't be strange... That's what he based his character on. He's called Ssoh. :-) Me, not that kind of artist...