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  1. Indeed, I would buy any expansion as well. This prolonged silence can't mean any good, I'm afraid. I hope I'm wrong.
  2. Wouldn't mind seeing the M26 Pershing, even if it only appeared in the last year of the war. THe M10 and M18, heck, tank destroyers for all factions would be extra nice. And I wholeheartedly agree with Jeeps. They would need new rules though, since they are recon vehicles more than combat ones.
  3. Which one would you choose? Obviously none of use knows what the next expansion will be about, but if you could pick one of those two, which one would you pick and what would you like to see in it? I would choose the Eastern Front, since it's a part of the European Theater. The Pacific Theater will have more than one expansion, I believe, since there are a lot of facets to that theater that a single expansion couldn't cover, so might as well try and complete the European theater before moving to other theaters. Expanded rules for weather and rules for urban fighting would be welcome.
  4. A Duck1


    Another vote for nice die. Would get them in a heartbeat, especially for Dark Heresy, Arkham Horror and Tide Of Iron. They would add some nice presentation to the game that would complement the game and theme well.
  5. Another hope that FFG publishes the expansion too.
  6. Me, I honestly think the game is fine as it is. If there was an expansion, it woul either to increase the number of players or to change the board to another location. Extra cards could be risky, since it wouldn't take much to screw the balance of the game. Maybe more diplomatic options in the rules?
  7. Edith The Hutt said: So yeah, the rumour would probably need someone driving it to get through the indoctrinated ignorance of the imperium. However if it did so then it would become dangerous irregardless of whether or not it was plausable or not. Part of the job of the Inquisition is to maintain the veil of ignorance which holds the Imperium together. Exactly. What I wanted to create was a rumor so strong that it would force the PCs to intervene on behalf of the Inquisition, and then create a deep conspiracy that aims to throw down the planet's Imperial rulers to substitute for some form of cult which probably has nothing to do with Eldars, they just use the rumor to create instability amidst the ignorance. To have a small campaign based on the spreading of a rumor which couldn't possibly be true, but was still able to shake the minds of a lot of people.
  8. I actually would love to see a Howitzer cannon gun, much like the AT gun, but used for heavy bombardment.
  9. I'm thinking of getting Descent and all its expansions. How big is the space that this game occupies? Would a 6.9´x3.3' table (210cmx100cm) be enough for the biggest scenarios, or is the table not larg enough for the game plus all expansions in play?
  10. As the topic title mentions. Other than eye candy, any real changes that would be worth shelling out the money for this version?
  11. Interesting. Thanks for the replies, all! I'm looking more into forming some sort of cult that will spread rumors of half-eldars and such, but I do need to know the basis of it being possible or not, in order to twist the truths and lies into something the imperial citizens would believe in easily. A cult using these lies to destabilize a planet's ruler in order to take over could be feasible.
  12. Having played BSG and never watched the series, I have to say I had indecent amounts of fun. So prior knowledge of the show is not necessary, though it will enhance game experience.
  13. Trying to think of something different for my next campaign, something struck my mind. What if a situation arose that was so awful for the PCs that they would be dumbfounded for a while? It isn't something hard to do in Dark Heresy but I had an idea. I know that in some novel there was a half-eldar child, if I'm not mistaken, which means procreation between both species is possible. Of course I'm not going to do such a thing though, too cheesy I guess. But my idea was to spread a rumor about a twisted xeno cult dedicated to creating those half-breeds. Still have to flesh things out a bit, and such a cult wouldn't exist, it would be a rumor sending the PCs on a wild goose chase that may lead them to other things. Still, I will have to flesh this out so I'm turning to you all. How biologically possible do you think it would be for procreation to happen, and would a rumor of such a cult be easily dismissed as something quite impossible and not worthy of investigation? No use in having this idea if in the end the Inquisition will dismiss it entirely.
  14. For my group it's about 45 minutes tops. Never had any complaint about the game running long.
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