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  1. Thanks for responses. I will try them both.
  2. Game of Thrones lives in Czech republic. On Saturday was tourney in Prag. I was not there but we had 14 players. Winner Awqwerty: Lannister (City of Shadows) "Dancing in the shadows" 2. - Andre: Lannister (The Maester's Path) 3. a 4. - Libor: Martell (The Maester's Path) 3. a 4. - Lumirius: Greyjoy "Puredrowned" 5. - Mortuss: Martell (Knights of the Hollow Hill) 6. - Marek: Stark "Frozenborn" 7. - Rendolf: Targaryen "Fireborn demon's dance" 8. - Chroust: Neutral (The Maester's Path) 9. - Coewolf: Baratheon (Knights of the Realm) 10. - Pilda: Stark (The Siege of Winterfell) 11. - Atterdag: Martell "Riders of the Sand" 12. - Jackie: Martell (Brotherhood without Banners) 13. - Jirka: Targaryen "Fireborn" 14. - Míra: Targaryen
  3. Hello, my friends will go in October to Washington and I gave them a mission. Are there some shops where they can buy Game of Thrones chapter packs?
  4. Treachery cards aren´t ignored. Treachery are resolved and then discarded. You don´t replace that card. - Setup of Scenario 3, when you are adding an encounter to each objective rules, page 24 Treachery: The treachery’s effects resolve, or are canceled. (Treachery cards are immediately triggered when they are revealed.)
  5. No you cannot. Eowyn says that you may discard 1 card from your hand. So you get 1 willpower. Her effect may trigger each player once each round. It means she gets max 2 willpower per round. Everything important is written on the card.
  6. It must to be written on that card, that you need exhaust attachment and hero. Otherwise you need to exhaust only the attachment.
  7. Steward of Gondor has text: Action: Exhaust Steward of Gondor to add 2 resources to attached hero´s resource pool. So I don´t know what is the problem here.
  8. No, only from cards in the staging area. Step 3: Quest Resolution Finally, the players compare the combined willpower strength of all committed characters against the combined threat strength of all cards in the staging area.
  9. Read the rules or this topic http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=176&efcid=1&efidt=373947
  10. Theese archers shots every round once at the beginning of the command phase. And because there are 3 archers, so they will roll dice 18 times per game .
  11. Of course it's multiple times per game. You can use the card effect and flip the card facedown and your opponent gains momentum and flips his card faceup. Now he can use the gambit card and so on.
  12. This will be maybe stupid question, but I can´t find anything about rotation. There are a lot of cards now and maybe after this new cycle? What do you thing?
  13. No, both Kennelmaster units belongs to Greatjon Umber.
  14. Except 2 games with Targ it was about 40 minutes.
  15. I know, but theese limitations was out 14 days before the tourney. And no rules are changed in this period, so it was first and last tourney of this deck.
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