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  1. Hi and merry christmas, for Case 1, you don't get to trigger the Convent, since your opponent doesn't discard a card. For Case 2, you will deal a total of 4 damage to the capital, but the exact sequence is a bit different, with step 3 and 4 exchanged (not that it matters in this case): 1. Play 2nd Sorceress Convent from hand. 2. Trigger 1st Raiding ship action, discard opponent's 1 card 3. Trigger 2nd Raiding ship action, discard opponent's 2nd card 4. Trigger both Sorceress Convent to dealt 2 damages to opponent's capital. 5. Trigger both Sorceress Convent to dealt 2 damages to opponent's capital. It happens in this order since you have to declare a triggered effect in the very first action window after its trigger condition. Hope this helps. Maik
  2. Hi, the proper answer lies somewhere in the middle: the action of the Celestial Wizard is triggered by playing a development, and it consists of getting a resource token and having the option to spend 2 resource tokens. You can't take the action or parts of it without the triggering effect. That means that a) you can only deal the damage directly after playing a development and b) you don't have to do it, but can instead save up on resource tokens. Using it is a surprise effect is only possible (as far as I know) if you use Dance to Loec when the attackers are announced. Regarding your point 2, you're right: if you manage to destroy attackers or defenders before the Assign Combat Damage step of the Battlefield phase, they won't be able to attack or defend.
  3. It is legit, and a common use of sacrifice effects. Please note, however, that this is only possible during combat, because all non-combat damage (e.g. indirect damage) is applied immediately when it is assigned.
  4. Church of Sigmar only works against effects that target your units, so unless the effect explicitely contains the word 'target', the Church won't do anything. In your example, Troll Vomit will not cost any extra resources.
  5. Yup, that's a misprint. You should also take the neutral quests (#120-121). And the starting hit points of your capital zones are a bit hidden away in the paragraph on developments on p. 11. FFG has come a long way regarding their rule books since then ... Happy to hear that you enjoy the game!
  6. This one won't win you any tournaments, but it's certainly fun to play: http://deckbox.org/sets/346286 A nice surprise start is to play Bordertown and develop Iron Defenders into your Kingdom. And the Helstorm Batteries are expensive to get on the table, but once they are there, they can be quite a nuisance. Especially when you use them unexpectedly after ambushing with Band Together.
  7. Desertion is a hard one, and that's good, I feel. Play some games against Undead opening with Drakenhof Castle (or worse, Remote Monastery) in Kingdom and Vlad in the next turn. This is already pretty strong, and once Undead players have a bit more experience and tuned their decks, we'll be happy to have a silver bullet against this setup. And what about that : "Limited. Action : Each player chooses and sacrifices a neutral card he controls that does not share the racial affiliation of its controller's capital (you choose first)" ? 1) It still kills villages, Remote monastery, artefacts, heroic task, etc... 2) Its not like : you play a support ? I kill it for 1. A unit ? I kill it for 1. 3) It becomes better against Skaven, the only neutral faction who doesn't care about desertion, because of 6 0-cost units in every deck. 4) Neutral factions can play desertion ! 5) Come on, for the fluff ! I did not plan to post in this thread again, but a direct question is a good excuse to forget about that plan Your proposal for a changed Desertion looks good, but I would prefer to play the game for some time to determine whether that change is really necessary. As far as I know, Desertion was not played a lot at tournaments so far (in spite of worthwhile targets like Blood Dragon Knights and the Artefacts), so let's give the new meta some time to adjust to the Hidden Kingdoms content. From my point of view, the real potential for fun decks with the new neutral factions lies in mixing them up with the core factions, and that has not really been explored so far. Maybe some of these fun decks will turn out to be very powerful (judging from experience, those certainly won't be my own decks...), and that's when I would start to consider changing Desertion. Until then, let's be players, not developers. If I had to run a tournament right now, in addition to I'd just nerf the unfun combos (i.e. limit on Barbed Snares, Chaos only for Summons) and see what happens.
  8. As a funny conclusion to this thread (this will be my last post here, anyway), here are some results from the Polish Regional at Cracow this weekend, using the carefully balanced FAQ 3.0: With 39 player, the best of 3 Dark Elven decks ended at place 21. The worst of 8 Skaven decks ended at place 14. The winning deck was Skaven, and the winner was ... (drum roll) ... Virgo! Mission accomplished, I'd say.
  9. No proper tests yet, and I would not go as far as calling it a hard counter without that. However, I'm quite sure that mill decks are weakened against Undead, with the following reasoning: Milling hurts you because a) your opponent wins when your deck is emptied and b) you are losing cards that might have been crucial to your plans. For the Undead, b) is clearly less of a concern, since there are a lot of cards you'd rather see on your discard than in your deck or even in your hand. And Necromancy moves cards from discard to deck and thus obviously weakens the impact of a). So in my eyes, it is rather obvious that milling decks will have a harder time in a meta with Undead than in one without it. For the Wood Elves, the effect is certainly less strong and might not be important at all if they turn out to be still too weak to make tournament grade. But it goes like this: with Wildwood Grove and cards like Abandoned Mine, Long Winter and Pageant of Strikes, you can recycle cards from the discard to your hand, so the effect of b) is diminished. You can also put Ambush cards directly where you need them: as developments on the table. There is no direct mitigation of a), admittedly, except that you might need less card draws when you can play devs from discard. Going out on a rather speculative branch, a deck that treats its developments as a second hand (with the cards mentioned above) can afford to be bigger than 50 cards, which would also be bad news for mill decks. To summarize: Undead are clearly more impervious to mill decks, Wood Elves might be. The first statement can be made wihout tests, and the second is not much of a statement, really
  10. Desertion is a hard one, and that's good, I feel. Play some games against Undead opening with Drakenhof Castle (or worse, Remote Monastery) in Kingdom and Vlad in the next turn. This is already pretty strong, and once Undead players have a bit more experience and tuned their decks, we'll be happy to have a silver bullet against this setup. As far as I can tell, Paranoia is not played a lot at tournaments, and as an attachment it is naturally vulnerable. And technically, it's not a kill, the afflicted unit will just be very lonely in its zone Again, I'd prefer for everyone to get a bit of experience with the new meta before folks go around changing stuff.
  11. I'm not sure that's true in general, but I think we both agree that these players can't do a FAQ. Anyway, after a couple of more games with Hidden Kingdom cards, my stance at the moment is that it's still far too early for any changes to the meta, even if they were carried out in a more responsible way. 'Standard' decks, especially those based on Wurrzag and Hellebron, are generally weakened through Corb Polybog, and DE mill decks take specific hits from the rebirth of Undead and, perhaps, from Wood Elves recursion with Wildwood Grove. Let's see how the meta shakes out with the four new factions before altering the rules and creating regional houserules; at the moment there's no obviously overpowered combo, so turn your creativity towards deckbuilding instead of rule tweaking.
  12. Thanks for your prompt answers, especially given the strength of my criticism. Regarding your point 2, my focus on the Skaven cards may have overshadowed that I am basically okay with everything you've done here Regarding point 3 about the Skaven cards: there is, to me, a general problem with changing rules to strengthen a card. This was, as I have stated, very rarely done in earlier FAQs, and with good reason. Let the community try to get used to the new cards and find deck approaches that make them shine. An additional point specific to Warpstone Excavation that I haven't made above: the best FAQs tried to increase deck variety in addition to balance the meta. Bringing back an absolute auto-include into the field is, therefore, a step in the wrong direction. Regarding your final words and point 1: of course neither I nor anybody else is forced to follow these rules, but you could have done a great benefit to the community by restricting yourself to the less radical changes that everyone will find it easy to agree with (i.e. just about everything except for the three skaven cards). Introducing regional house rules, on the other hand, will only fragment the player community instead of strengthening it. 1 This FAQ will be official in Poland and will be voluntary everywhere else, we are fully aware of that. Also even in Poland players may refuse to play using our errata and restructions. Hell, even FFG FAQ was mostly meant for Tournament Play. 2 The really was huge debate about how to fix DE. The current top tier deck was something like that: Hete in the first turn, Kraken and Infiltrator in the second, in the third Crone gets Liber Mortis from Heroic Task, if there is any "big unit" in discard pile (Grimgor, Kazador or even Corsair) she becomes practically unkillable. Arcane Power allows to return Kraken from discard pile, Slave Pen along with Liber Mortis allows Infiltrator every turn. Also if Crone was played in first turn (good opening with Walking Sacrifice on Task) every turn you're loosing cards and options from your deck. Current DE hand destruction is also very strong, combined with Corsair Towers it allows even faster mill. 3 Skaven in my opinion got the worst cards in Hidden Kingdoms and some of their mechanics just don't work very well right now. Self corruption is one such thing. To play Hellpit Abomination you need three 2-cost units (Clan Rats, Gutter Runners, Night Runners). Which is 6 resources and and three cards, there were combo decks which needed less. Slave Pen and Daemon Prince are quite an investment in Skaven deck, taking Clawleader in DE/Chaos decks blocks racial villages and requires other skaven cards. Also rush is extinct in Poland, even World Championship top four had 3 control decks and one combo. Please remember that this is just a first version of our FAQ, we have big regional tournament in Poland in January, our solutions will be tested there. About FAQ catering everyone's expectations: Look at Doc9 response, he likes warpstone change If you strongly dislike some parts of the FAQ there is no need to force yourself, you can ignore parts you disagree with. Hope every other thing we added helps.
  13. Before giving specific remarks, I should start by describing my general expectations for an unofficial FAQ: to be accepted by the player community and thus become more than a house rule, the aim should be to change as little as possible, only clarifying things that are in dispute and nerfing obviously strong and/or unfun cards or card combos. Strengthening any card or faction should be done rarely if at all, and only if there is a lot of collective experience that definitely shows the need for such a boost. In the light of this, nerfing Dark Elves mill decks is a good thing to do, even if you may have gone a bit too far with restricting both the Crone and Call of the Kraken in addition to the totally necessary Limitation on the Barbed Snares. Summons of Chaos was probably changed to prevent cheap Vlad von Carstein combos, also a good thing to do. I'm also fine with the limits on both Artefacts. What wrecks the whole thing is the massive boost you gave to Skavens, a faction that was just recently expanded with a bunch of pretty strong cards anyway. Going from bad to worst, here are your changes: Reversing the change on Deathmaster Sniktch is not dramatic, but to do this right after the Rat Swarms have strengthened him anyway seems curious. Still, this could be excused as a simplification, cause you are going back to the printed card text. There is no such excuse for the Clawleader, where you elected to ‘fix’ a card that has barely been published by boosting its effect considerably. Recursion is immensely powerful in WHI, and giving a 2 cost unit the potential to provide endless fuel for Slave Pens or Daemon Princes seems careless to me. This pales, however, when compared with what you did with Warpstone Excavation. Let’s remember limiting this card to 1 copy per deck was regarded as a healthy and necessary change to the meta, because this was an auto-include in almost every tournament deck before. So you’ve decided to reverse that ruling and give an obviously overpowered card exclusively to one of the two factions where its ability is more of a benefit than a handicap. And coincidentally, it’s the same faction that already received two other boosts. I’m sorry, but this is so bad that it invalidates all the sensible changes you’ve made, and it relegates your work to the status of house rules for Skaven fanboys, instead of something that could strengthen the community. My advice is to retract this immediately and restrict your work to things that really need to be changed instead of playing developers.
  14. Hm, I thought that was their main use. I see the action to completely disregard loyalty cost as an added bonus - by itself, this would be to situational to make them worthwhile, I feel. You can't use them for their own race, which should keep them from being too strong. Regarding the discussion about Barbed Snares: Limiting this is indeed long overdue, and while you're at it, I'd also recommend slapping a Limited on Soporific Musk and Burlock's Ingenuity before someone finds a way to abuse them. By the way, did you already ask FFG whether they were planning to do a final update for the FAQ themselves?
  15. I'm playing without Skype, mostly because I like to listen to music during play. As Mallumo said, knowing the important commands (highlighting and targeting are a must for quickly communicating your intents, obviously) helps a lot. If both players know what they're doing, an OCTGN game is not appreciably slower than a real one. Not necessarily as much fun, though ... A good way to familiarize yourself with the interface without time pressure is to host a game and start it before anyone else joins. You can essentially play around with your deck a bit and try out some of the commands.
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