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  1. Yeah, barely an hour in and screw this game. If I wanted to play the Rebellion I'd have chosen it. Don't force me to play through their story to get to the Empire missions
  2. Ancient spirits of evil, transform this decayed thread into PUNISHER-RA! THE EVER LIVING! On a more serious note, while it likely won't be competitive I will still field (once it is safe to do so in the US) a list comprised of TIE Punishers and TIE Brutes. The name? Brut-al Punish-ment.
  3. Separate damage and accuracy dice to give better distinction between weapons, particularly missiles and torpedoes. Missile should hit more often but not nearly as hard as torpedoes and those should rarely hit anything with a halfway decent agility value but when they do hit like a mac truck.
  4. The Defender doesn't need a rework. The things around it do perhaps. For instance, Full Throttle granting an extra evasion die instead of an Evasion token still keeps to the idea when moving fast it was more difficult to target without stapling Juke to it. Changing Juke would potentially solve both the Defender and Phantom problem (as currently they are the only ships making this card problematic). My suggestion would be to rework Juke would be make it more like a reverse 1e Expose. "Juke: At the Start of the Engagement Phase, you may gain one Evade Token for each Red die sacrificed during the next Engagement Phase". This can make a ship pretty tanky at the cost of firepower, which to me makes it not only an interesting trade off but removes it's abusiveness from current platforms and makes it an attractive choice on ships previously who would have never considered it.
  5. TIE Reaper "Major Vermeil" (33) Veteran Instincts, ISB Agent, Agent Kallus, Advanced Ailerons, Light Weight Frame TIE Striker "Pure Sabacc" (25) Veteran Instincts, Adaptive Ailerons, Lightweight Frame TIE Striker "Countdown" (22) Adaptive Ailerons, Lightweight Frame TIE Striker "Scariff Defender" (20) Adaptive Ailerons, Lightweight Frame Total 100/100 It'll be fun and will really force me to improve my maneuvering game to make work.
  6. Short answer: No. Long answer: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Real answer: As stated earlier, Fen Rau for the most part does more for less. Especially as a squadron support piece.
  7. Deimos

    Reaper Article!

    Bit of a difference here though. Fenn Rau with Hotshot Copilot is a smaller part of your points, has a longer effective range, still serves a purpose even if no damage is done and doesn't require the player to give up the effectiveness you took Fenn Rau for. Fenn Rau being able to Coordinate to add an action to a squadmate, use his ability to lock down offensive mods on one ship and then shoot with NO requirement to actually HIT with the attack to rob a separate ship of the most common and useful offensive/defensive token is kinda a disingenuous comparison to anything the Reaper can do, especially for the same points.
  8. The TIE Fighter pilots HAVE to be good, similarly to how the Interceptor pilots will HAVE to be good, because the basic frame is entirely too fragile for any "meh" abilities. Especially considering they didn't get any cheaper and as far as we know haven't gained... well anything to offset that X-Wings got objectively better unless they drive the X-wing price up to more then double a TIE fighter.
  9. I liked it, enough I'll see it another time or two after the opening weekend. I didn't mind the Maul reference even though I only got his connection through sheer osmosis of other fans knowledge than having actually watched Rebels. L337, I liked her quite a bit but there were a few times her dialogue was a bit... too meta level political rather then in universe. Or at least they felt that way without a bit more establishing backstory on her. I actually would have liked to have been shown the event Han got thrown out of the Academy for and even a few scenes of him in pilot training showing us how good a star pilot he is. No the hover car chase was not sufficient in that respect, as it would have little translation to ship piloting skills. I liked Han, but the supporting cast really stole the show which was a small shame considering this was a movie about Solo. I can see there is room for a sequel for the jobs he gets with Jabba, maybe ending that movie with him dumping the cargo that puts him debt to the crimelord. If it loses money it likely won't be because of the film itself. After The Last Jedi, there has been a concentrated effort and campaign by some to ensure future Star Wars films are financial failures until Kathleen Kennedy is removed as the overseer of the franchise by Disney. So there are quite a few people who are refusing to go see this movie, regardless of it's own merits, because they perceive her as being the architect of Star Wars downfall and feel the only way to get Disneys' attention is with their wallets. Which they aren't wrong about, getting Disneys attention I mean. I'll not touch on my opinion of The Force Awakens or Last Jedi here as this is about the Solo movie.
  10. Who else is crossing their fingers that the Gunboat gets Major Rhymer as a pilot with his 1.0 ability? Cause all range munitions with a white reload still sound like a good time to me. ?
  11. I would be ok with a Boost into (Red) Reinforce as it would fit their lore of diving face first into fortifications to deliver ordnance and then get out alive. Usually.
  12. I just hope someone on his team can restrain him from including Ashoka, Sabine or anyone from Rebels in this without being willing to actually kill them off by the end of the series. Because that would raise another host of "Where were they during the movies?" questions. Or giving the Resistance a series of unrelenting wins that has us seriously questioning how the First Order was supposed to be a threat in "The Force Awakens". I can't fault him for his energy and enthusiasm but I felt at times he needed someone to tell him "No, that's silly even for Star Wars" during the last show he was in charge of.
  13. Highest spike from a single ship is probably a "Quickdraw" build a friend and I came up with. Damage is variable between large ship and small however. Quickdraw with Special Ops Training title, Expose, Electronic Baffle, Experimental Interface and Advanced Optics (Last one is optional but enhances odds) At range one it is possible of dumping 10 damage into a small ship and 16 into a large base ship it catches in both arcs. Fly in and perform first action (focus, target lock, barrel roll into poition) then Experimental Interface to Expose, Electronic Baffle the stress from using the Experimental Interface to remove a shield, triggering Quickdraws Ability. At range one that is either 4 dice out the front followed by four dice out the back (2 primary+1 range+1 Expose) in the action phase (so no opposing Glitterstims or other "At Start of combat" items) and then dump another four dice out the front and back at PS 9. Or you are performing the same initial setup against a small target then it's 5 dice from the front (2 primary +1 title + 1 range + 1 Expose) again in the action phase then another 5 at PS 9.
  14. The perfect ship is Krennic+Vader, AKA Vennic or Krender. Oh you meant for the game.
  15. Online currently for anyone interested in a match
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