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  1. Considering the species in 40k are vastly different alien races with unrelated genetics, your best bet to model this in the universe is genetic manipulation, which IS canon! ...But also immensely heretical. I believe there's something about it in one of the Dark Heresy books, though I can't quote page numbers. My suggestion is to take the Unnatural Origin birthright from Into the Storm, tweak the talents it provides to your liking, and possibly finagle a custom homeworld origin if you feel like doing actual work.
  2. Modern Fantasy, so fantasy stuff happening in a modern world... not entirely unlike World of Darkness or say a Shadowrun game run during the Awakening. I was fortunate in having attended GenCon and I picked up the book there. I've enjoyed it so far, not quite done with it yet.
  3. "I just got that Rogue Trader preview adventure downloaded off the site since they posted it, want to try it as a break from (other game)?" "Sure!" We haven't stopped playing since.
  4. I allowed the higher-rank starting characters to make a choice based on the following houserule: For every level beyond the first, you get one -10 further down the Acquisition chart (so a level 1 character can get one 'scarce' item, a level 2 character can get one 'rare' item, etc.) Instead of just getting one big item, you can choose multiple items, so long as their total Aquisition penalty doesn't exceed your total allowed by the above (so a level 4 character can get one 'rare' and one 'extremely rare', or two 'very rares', etc.) Didn't get a lot of abuse, but then again my group is small.
  5. two steps from hell - to glory This has practically been the theme song to my game. 40k may be dark, but my players are epic trailblazers, by God.
  6. The two most popular Archaeotech items in my game have thus far been pretty simple and unassuming, but the uptick from the norm made the players happy: A two-handed powersword with the equivalent of a Captain's Baton imbedded in it (eventually will be used to get access to a superior ship).An advanced synskin with slightly boosted stats in addition to a psychic sense baffler that provides a penalty for psychic senses attempting to locate the wearer.I have a number of other 'tweaks' of common items like boarding shotguns (with integral mono-axes) and wide-angle lasguns (shotgun lasers!), but the above items really took on a charm of their own even though they didn't do anything really game-breaking.
  7. I'm very hopeful this is a silver lining around the dark cloud that was Fireborn's passing, and I'd be overjoyed at it's return... hopefully with the system tweaked so it's a bit more proper. Never been a fan of Hickman, but I will prob'ly pick this up to support a spiffy setting.
  8. Just got my copy, and I've done my usual initial skim of the material inside. I just wanted to thank FFG for getting this book out. It's the one I've been waiting for since I started running my RT game. Kudos, gents (and gals!)!
  9. I run for two groups, one real group with my wife and a very good family friend, and one online with three players.
  10. TheMadGM

    Art prints...

    Lightbringer said: How about this for an idea: double sided posters that have some of the fantastic artwork from RT on one side and a re-working of the Koronus Expanse map on the other, with loads of new details and surprises? And the same for the Calixis Sector? Oh man, I'd love full-size poster maps for any/all of the sectors.
  11. TheMadGM

    Art prints...

    A good number of artists have their work available on DeviantArt. You might be able to request prints from them. There are tons of other great artists that have 40k work on there that isn't FFG-related, too.
  12. I've been preparing index cards just like I've been doing with my endeavours when I run them. I list weapons, most used special abilities and skills, important traits, wounds, and armor. If it doesn't fit on the card, it's not worth knowing, so I try to only list stuff that's going to be relevant (usually only combat-oriented stuff). The cards look something like this: Lined Side: Enemy Name/Type (Wounds / Armor) >Attributes listed out with unnatural attributes notated as such< Skills Block | Traits Block -Blank Side: Weapons Block Special Powers/Psyker Powers/etc. - I prep things beforehand, sometimes a couple weeks in advance (since I generally know what direction they'll be going once they've committed to a task). I also have a few "generic" foe cards, so over time I've built up a small stable of "mook" cards I can pull out when I want to do something outside the story's flow to slow things down, or when the PCs surprise me and do something unexpected. Taking an hour just to pre-prep once a week goes a long way to making things crisp when we get down to business.
  13. My group has two ships now, the Chalice of Faith, a transport, and the Golden Raven, a raider. They started with the raider, and eventually after some finagling with some other traders in the region they bought the transport. Note I only have two players right now (despite an enormous amount of effort to find a third - still looking!), so it works out. The Chalice is equipped with a single sunsear laser battery, but it's armoured up the wazoo. The Raven is fully equipped with a compliment of macrobatteries, and it has a teleportarium. So far they've managed to destroy, that I recall: 2 Ork Cruisers 7 or 8 Eldar Raiders... and their starbase. and at least one imperial pirate ship. Usually how it goes is the Chalice sits back since it's sluggish as hell and has crazy range with the sunsear battery. The Raven will swoop in and run down opponents. The teleportarium really goes a long way towards being able to disable opponents quickly. By the time the Chalice gets into range it's all over... her commander is the MIU-equipped Seneschal who has a knack for rolling crits.
  14. I use a mixture of old VOID, AT-43 UNA, Imperial Guard, and the cheap plastic D&D minis My players use a Kasrkin and Malifaux miniatures There are also some great-looking WarMachine figures as well (my personal favorite rogue trader-looking guy is a Arcane Tempest Gun Mage that I've been using as my group's Rogue Trader's nemesis). The nice thing about the 40k setting is that just about anything can fit, from feudal swordsman and rogues up to sci-fi starship troopers.
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