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    Kahadras got a reaction from Gamiel in 100 Regiments for Only War   
    121st New Aragon Armoured Regiment "The Black Cats"
    Homeworld - New Aragon, Agri World, Jenara Sector, Ultima Segmentum

    Military Specialty - Tank Regiment

    Order of Battle - 58 Leman Russ MBT's (Ryza pattern), 8 Salamander Scout Vehicles, 8 Hydra Flak Tanks, 2 Atlas Recovery Tanks, 6 Chimera IFV's

    Commanding Officer - Major Morgan Hasek (acting)

    History/Summary - The 121st New Aragon Armoured Regiment, also known as The Black Cats, are one in a long line of well trained mechanised units that New Aragon has tithed to the Imperium with the wide, open grass plains of the planet being the perfect training ground for mobile armoured warfare. In a long standing agreement New Aragon regularly tithes crews for the tanks produced by the local Forge world of Voss Prime. The crew regularly refer to their armoured mounts as 'cats' due to the dangerous feline-like animals which roam the uncivilised areas of the planet.
    The 121st NAAR is a unit that has been 'in the field' for several years and has matured into an experienced and deadly fighting force. There many successes have recently been marred by the fighting on the planet of White Reach. An uprising on the arctic world saw Imperial rule overthrown and the 121st NAAR was diverted, along with several other Imperial regiments, in order to crush the rebels. The Black Cats were mishandled badly during the initial fighting and found themselves ordered into the capital city, aptly named Misery, in an attempt to flush out the rebels. Trapped on narrow streets, with no room to maneuver and insufficent infantry support, the regiment was cut to pieces by improvised close range anti tank weapons and suicide attacks. The Regiments commander, Victor Marik, was killed as he tried to extricate his command from the burning city. To make matters worse the regiment was then hit by a bombardment from friendly artillery as it retreated causing futher loss of men and machines.
    By the time the regiment had staggered back to it's original start line it had lost over half of its vehicles and many of its best officers. The Regiment's second in command, Major Hasek, somehow managed to escape his buring Leman Russ and evaded enemy foot patrols to make it back to friendly territory. A military investigation into the events of Misery cleared the regiment of the charge of 'lacking in moral fibre' but the regiment was withdrawn for a long period of rest and refitting. Major Hasek currently commands The Black Cats and has the unenviable task of rebuilding the shattered regiment.

    Miscellaneous - The NAAR is a Tank Regiment built and trained to deal with with enemy armour. Their Leman Russ stock more anti tank rounds than most tank regiments and tank commanders are well versed in the art of stalking other armoured vehicles. The tank crews that survived Misery have taken to painting black rings on their gun barrels in memory of the comrades they lost.

    Adventure hooks - The party are a new tank crew drafted in to replace the losses on White Reach. The party are an infantry unit ordered to help provide support to a section of tanks from the 121st NAAR. They can't help but notice the tank crews dislike for them, then they hear the rumours of Misery and how the 'Cats' infantry support fled and left them to die.
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    Kahadras got a reaction from Grim Knight in Do you think they can realistically release expansions for this   
    A small expansion or two would probably be nice. More tactics cards, a couple more units for each side, more missions/objectives, maybe some expanded abilities for different leaders. I would imagine it would be a nice way to shake things up a bit without having to drop a whole new edition of the game.
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    Kahadras got a reaction from Parkdaddy in Yet another fighter list   
    Hanging back is fine but you're still facing the prospect of diminishing returns. Once a ships shields are stripped a bombing run from Luke is no more effective than a Y-Wing that costs half his points. When I look at Luke I see a squadron that wants to move up and get an early game 'through shield' crit (preferably with Dodonna as your admiral). If he isn't getting into positions to use his ability then he's not really returning the investment that you've made in him.  
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    Kahadras got a reaction from eViL dAvE in Yet another fighter list   
    The advice that I'd hand out is...
    1. CR90 doesn't bring much to the table in a squadron focused list. Why not go for another GR-75? It'll save points and give you another ship that works as a 'light carrier'.
    2. Divide your squadron into 'carrier groups'. What ships are going to work with which squadron and what job are they going to do? The most important element of a squadron heavy fleet, IMO, is to get those squadrons activated asap.
    3. Toryn Farr + Flight Controllers is a great combo when aiming for space superiority.
    4. The Rebel Aces from wave one aren't that great IMHO. I'd consider replacing Luke, Dutch, Tycho and Keyan for pilots like Jan, Dash and Han. If you don't fancy the wave two stuff then I'd just advise taking more basic squadron.
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    Kahadras got a reaction from Green Knight in Jamming Fields: wait, are these insanely good?   
    Always on feels correct to me. I was chatting about it last night with a friend and we agreed that the card really needed an FAQ.
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    Kahadras got a reaction from mxlm in Rebel Squadron Composition   
    I suppose it really depends on what you want your squadron to do. For air (space) superiority then you can't go wrong with some squadrons of X-Wings supported by Han Solo and Jan Ors IMHO and I've had quite a lot of success with it in the past. I'm very fond of the A-Wing as well due to it's speed and counter ability but I'm concerned that they might not work that well as Interceptors anymore due to the JumpMaster 5000/HWK-290. I'm a big fan of the B-Wing but I've found them to be rather slow. The Yavaris/B-Wing double tap is amazing but players tend not to fall into that trap more than once. I've never had much success with the Y-Wing. They're too slow to get away from TIE Fighters and can't fight back very well in a dogfight.
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    Kahadras reacted to AllWingsStandyingBy in The tide is turning toward Rebels?   
    Yup, guess you did.
    It's in the data, where Imps made up ~80% of the Top 4 lists during Regionals despite only making up about 60% of the overall field.
    Also, let's not forget that the biggest Armada tournament to date for Wave 2 (Gencon 2016) was just won by Imps in an Imp on Imp final match-up, while the highest placing Rebel fleet came in only 5th.
    Does this mean Rebs were incapable of winning?  Of course not, and indeed some Regionals were won by Rebels.  Rebels also won Origins (though it was about the same size as most Regionals-22 players--if that matters to anyone).  But one cannot deny the trend that Imperials seemed to be over-represented in Top Spots during the Wave 2 tournament season, and if this isn't indicative of an 'advantage' than I don't know what would be.  Furthermore, even basic theorizing can demonstrate how far above the power curve both Demolisher and Major Rhymer are in the ways they amp up offensive damage output and alleviate range restrictions and maneuvering.  Also, it might be worth noting that Imps had a slew of viable Admirals they were drawing from during Wave 2 tourneys, with Motti, Screed, and even Ozzel and Vader all headlining top fleets.  Meanwhile, Rebels basically were relegated to only Reikaan, and while plenty of Rebels were running Ackbar and Mothma neither had hardly any presence in the Top 4.
    At this point, if anyone questions whether or not Imperials were innately advantaged during Wave 2, I have to question if they truly understand the game.  We might disagree about the extent to which Imperials were innately advantaged, but I don't think there is room to say that they were not advantaged at all.
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    Kahadras got a reaction from Marinealver in Headhunter squadron, do they have enough hit points?   
    With the Z-95 I was expecting a weaker version of the X-Wing for a significant points break. I was thinking of a stat line along the lines of speed 3, hull 4, 3 blue anti-squadron dice, a black anti-ship die and the escort keyword. I'm not really sure about them getting swarm as that always struck me as a very Imperial ability i.e. individual pilots lives don't matter, just swamp the enemy in warm bodies which seems at odd with the way the Rebels operate (they don't have the numbers to support that way of thinking). The Headhunter struck me as a potential cheap escort fighter for Rebel players, FFG seems to have taken them in a different direction but I'm still interested to see how they'll play out when wave five arrives. 
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    Kahadras reacted to Tranenturm in Armada on a budget?   
    Get together with a friend, buy two core sets, and one person keeps rebels and the other keeps Imperials. From there just find what ships interest you and you can field a reasonably competitive fleet with just a few more purchases. If you let us know which side you want to play and the type of admiral you think you are we can be more specific. (Lots of ships, few ships, carriers, focus on one big Christmas tree, etc)
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    Kahadras got a reaction from DerErlkoenig in I am starting to see the end of buying...   
    I'm still interested in wave 5. I'm planning to pick up a couple of each of the squadron box sets, a couple of Light Cruisers and a Phoenix Home. I'm not sure about the future though. The same thing happened with X-Wing where I was really into the game but bought less and less as later waves came out. Still I'm prepared to wait until they announce wave 6 before deciding whether I'm going to keep buying. There is certainly enough stuff in wave 5 that I want to get hold of. 
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    Kahadras got a reaction from Oridaellin in Inquisitor / Interrogator BIOs   
    Inquisitor Winter - Unknown Ordo
    Inquisitor Winter was an NPC I came up with a while back. Essencially I wanted an Inquisitor that didn't exist, who works from the shadows; manipulating events to suit his plans while viewing his acolytes as little more then expendable pawns that can be easily sacrificed if it benefits the greater game. I wanted an Inquisitor that was intimidating as a 'ghost in the machine'. If you work for him things just 'happen' or you get 'requests' to do 'odd jobs' that make no sense at the time.  As an antagonist he's terrifying as he doesn't exist.
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    Kahadras got a reaction from ColArana in Need help roll playing my sororitas!   
    Behavior would probably be down to the individual (remember they are human at the end of the day). Ultimately it depends on the personality of the individual sister as to how they view less pious members of the Imperial flock as well as what Order they are past of. As far as I can recall there are four major orders...
    Orders Militant - The warriors
    Orders Hospitaller - The healers
    Orders Famulous - The teachers and advisors
    Orders Dialogous - The translators
    There are then dozens of smaller non militant orders which perform any number of different tasks from retrieving holy artifacts to singing in choirs to helping discover new human-settled worlds. At the end of the day though each sister takes the Emperor as her husband and is about as devout and pious as they come. If this voidborn is general disrespectful they might pity him or see him as a test from the Emperor on their patience and foreberance. Equally it could lead to the voidborn getting punched in the face if he comes across a Orders Militant sister who has a short temper and  little time for fools. 
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    Kahadras reacted to Truthiness in Wave 3 is garbage: good time to rage-quit?   
    In most cases that's past tense. I will never forgive them for Fantasy. After years of neglect, they opted to nuke the most developed fantasy universe out there in favor of Space Marine wannabes. Sadly, they neglected and ruined most of their other games. Blood Bowl and BFG come to mind as great games that they didn't support. The only thing they really have left is the 40k universe. It remains a great universe with some wonderful Black Library stories, but they continue to run the game's rules into the ground.
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    Kahadras reacted to Truthiness in Wave 3 is garbage: good time to rage-quit?   
    I understand the initial disappointment, but when you start actually looking at the release, this is a huge game changer. And they did it cheap for the customer. That's a win-win. I find these rage-quit threads hilarious, especially when someone mentions Gothic's upcoming re-release in the same breath. Enjoy what is almost certain to be hot garbage rules and crap support from a company that cares even less about their customers. Say what you will about FFG's support for Armada, but don't you compare it to GW. They actually HAVE dropped a major game.
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    Kahadras reacted to ThatRobHuman in Anyone else dissappointed?   
    As mentioned in the other thread, check out the product codes. The flotillas are SWM18 and SWM19 - we still don't have SWM16 or SWM17. There are at least two more products out there that are unaccounted for. While this is a great teaser, and I'm excited to play them, we haven't seen everything for wave three yet, methinks.
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    Kahadras got a reaction from WGNF911 in The Deadly Combos <Ships>   
    I'd probably go for a similar fleet for my MC80 build.
    MC80 Assault + x17 Turbolasers + Engineering Team + ECM + Redundant Shields + Raymus Antillies
    CR90 A + Ackbar
    CR90 A
    CR90 A
    CR90 A
    3 A-Wing squadrons
    393 points
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    Kahadras got a reaction from WGNF911 in The Deadly Combos <Ships>   
    So the best MC-80 build is 'don't take one, take an Assault Frigate and a CR90 instead'?
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    Kahadras reacted to Snipafist in Why the Raider doesn't work (I + II) and won't.   
    This just in, clontroper5's fleet composed primarily of Raiders (4 of the 5 ships) just won the international Vassal online tournament, casually sweeping aside all opposition to such a extent that people are now concerned that the fleet is invincible (and are probably overreacting, to be fair).
    Norsehound and Lancezh demanded objective proof earlier and now we have it, giving this thread some closure. Raiders can be included in a competitive fleet (and not just included, but be the backbone of a competitive fleet) and can be run well. The helpful part of me wishes to present this as food for thought to those who were otherwise doubtful. The snarky part of me would just like to get in a parting "told you so" as we put the final nail in the coffin of this thread.
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    Kahadras got a reaction from DUR in Swatting A-Wing Swarms   
    I like the A-wing but I feel that you have to be careful when you field them. They aren't as tough as other Rebel squadrons and with the introduction of wave two the Imperials now have access to plenty of ships that have more than one anti squadron die. Intel has also made the A-Wings job harder as they can't just dash out and lock up enemy squadron threats if they have a HWK-290 or Jumpmaster 5000 around. Even Grit makes things harder for the basic A-Wing.
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    Kahadras got a reaction from WGNF911 in The Deadly Combos <Ships>   
    So even if you run with your build it still won't get you another ship.
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    Kahadras got a reaction from WGNF911 in The Deadly Combos <Ships>   
    So your build for the MC80 is 'don't take one'?
    If I decided to strip the cruiser entirely of upgrades then I would save around 33 points which isn't even enough to get a CR90 B. 
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    Kahadras got a reaction from WGNF911 in The Deadly Combos <Ships>   
    My idea for the VSD is a carrier...
    VSD II + Expanded hanger bays + Flight Controllers
    Pretty simple design based around gaining space superiority. If you want it to support a Rhymer-ball then swap the Flight Controllers for the Corrupter title.
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    Kahadras got a reaction from player1130419 in Tie Fighters; are they worth it?   
    A mob of TIE fighters is pretty terrifying especialy if the Imperial player is using squadron orders all the time. While they might have a low hull value they are fast, cheap and can quickly gain space superiority especialy if your opponant only takes a token ammount of squadrons. The trick is to not over extend and place your TIE fighters in a position where they can get hit by anti squadron shooting from multiple enemy capital ships as they can quickly get ripped up. Don't be afraid to swarm isolated enemy capital ships as well. They might only have a blue die each for anti ship shooting but those hits can add up. I remember one game where I moved a CR90 (which had lost most of its shields) into long range of a damaged VSD. My opponant, however, had squadron commands stacked on both his VSD's and my CR90 ended up dying to a horde of TIE fighters. I never made that mistake again.
    As a Rebel player I'm looking forward to my cheap fighter squadron (the Z-95). At the end of the day I think that the TIE fighter is nice because you don't have any expectations of it beyond dealing with enemy squadrons (whether that's killing them, maiming them or just holding them up so your capital ships can kill your opponants capital ships). With Rebel fighters you're always left wanting them to help with anti capital ship work as well. If my TIE fighter takes out the X-wing them I'm happy. If the X-wing takes out the TIE fighter that's all well and good but it better get in a couple of bombing runs as well. Even if the TIE squadron dies it's only 8 points.
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    Kahadras reacted to Mundo in So I tried Vader...   
    Dare I say it, but Ozzel is probably a better choice for the OP's list due to all the high speed ships.
    I love Vader, but like most admirals he needs a specific build and mindset to win. Vader is all about attack, attack and attack. Spending defence tokens doesn't matter if you kill the opponent's ships. He really sings with red and black dice fleets due to the greater standard deviation of results. I have had a fair bit of success with the fleet below. The damage output with Vader is ridiculously good.
    ISD-1, Vader, Avenger, Wulff Yularen, Quad-laser turrets
    GSD-1, Demolisher, APTs
    Raider-1, Ordnance experts
    5 X TIE fighter
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    Kahadras got a reaction from AdmiralNelson in So I tried Vader...   
    IMHO I think it was probably the wrong admiral in the wrong fleet for the OP. My main beef with Vader is that he's expencive and I really haven't had much enthusiam to sit down and start building a list around his ability.
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