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  1. I suppose a lot of it comes down to the spirit in which the game is being played. What annoys me more than anything else in gaming (board games, card games, war games, whatever) is being held to some sort of higher standard than my opponent, by my opponent. Tactics and strategies that are OK for him or her to use are suddenly unfair when I use them.
  2. I suppose it depends if you want to run two experimental refits. If you don't then it's well worth looking at the Combat variant. It's three points more than the Suppression refit and gets an extra black anti squadron die as well as a blue anti ship die being exchanged for a red. So it boosts anti squadron slightly and grants a slightly better long range dice pool. It's not amazing but its more than worth the extra three points IMHO.
  3. I don't lack faith in the Empire, just in my ability not to ram my ships into asteroids or each other. Thanks for the advice. I'm not sure if I want to go with an ISD or a VSD to support my Interdictors. Konstantine and two Interdictors pretty much sets me back 220 points. The downside of the ISD is that it's going to cost at least another 110 meaning that I've got around 70 points to spend on support ships, upgrades and squadrons. The upside is that I'll have a large ship to attach the Phylon Q7 Tractor Beam to and a big punch to hit any Rebel ships that get in the way. The VSD offers a cheaper option which will free up more points. The main drawback is the fact that it will make my fleet very slow. Even if I drop a Raider into the mix my three main capital ships will all have a speed of two and aren't very maneuverable.
  4. Unwelcome neighbours. A band of pirates has set up a base nearby. They don't appear to be aware of Echo base yet but they need to be dealt with otherwise they might inform the Empire. Man against the elements. A patrol hasn't reported in and the party need to form a search party to look for them. The team need to pit their wits against the extreme conditions that the planet has to offer if they are going to locate and rescue their comrades. Frozen in time. A long range sweep locates a crashed Clone Wars era spaceship. What treasures could it's frozen holds contain.
  5. I've recently agreed to take part in a Corellian Conflict campaign at a local club. Unfortunately I've had to join the Imperial side to balance things out and I don't have much experience playing as the Empire (despite having a sizable Imperial fleet). I'm hoping to get in a game or two to get me up to speed but I'm also having a think about constructing a fleet. I was looking at basing the list around a couple of Interdictors with the idea of making a list that really tries to restrict the mobility of enemy ships via Admiral Konstantine and various upgrades. I'm not sure how successful this type of list would be as I've never really seen one being played before (which is why I'm keen to have a go myself) The real question is where to go after the Interdictors. I have plenty of other ships (ISD's, VSD's, GSD's, Raiders, Arquitens and Gozanti) as well as access to at least four of every Imperial squadron. One thought was to do a themed list around 'test bed fleet' so take 'advanced' TIE squadrons like the Defender or the Phantom. I don't have much time to practice though so I really need some help knocking together a decent list before any practice games.
  6. I have to admit that I really like the A-Wing but I've not been using it much recently with all of the the new squadrons that have been released in Wave five. As has already been noted the A-Wing is an Interceptor. Designed to race out and tie up enemy squadrons (preferably those that lack decent anti squadron firepower); A-Wings, for example, are a nightmare for unescorted TIE bombers. The danger of using the A-Wing is the fact that it's easy to overextend and be hit by a counter attack from your opponents dedicated anti squadron elements. The A-Wing will probably give a good account of itself thanks to counter ​but will probably end up dead unless your opponents dice rolls are garbage. I really like the two aces that come with the A-Wing as they get access to that sweet scatter ​defence token, especially now as more squadron are starting to turn up that don't have blue dice for their anti-squadron shooting.
  7. He's worked pretty well for me so far, I tend to use him with X-Wing squadrons as they're the same speed and he can benefit from their escort ability. I think he's quite a finesse unit as his early activation coupled with Grit and Rogue makes him hard for generic squadrons to pin down (especially if they lack carrier support).
  8. A small expansion or two would probably be nice. More tactics cards, a couple more units for each side, more missions/objectives, maybe some expanded abilities for different leaders. I would imagine it would be a nice way to shake things up a bit without having to drop a whole new edition of the game.
  9. I would certainly advise two to start off with. I'd also look to go for three or even four if you want to get really serious about the squadron game.
  10. Try varying your approach speed and angle of your ships. It should set up extra opportunities to get another round of shooting in. Slamming the brakes on/slowing down Rebel ships with another way to go. Staggering your fleet is viable as well. I commonly leave a light 'carrier' and bomber force behind my main fleet so that any ships that bulldoze their way past my main battle line run the risk of being jumped.
  11. 600 and 900 point games work fine. We've found that at 900 points things slow down a bit too much but it's more to do with the set up (getting out and arranging tokens and cards) then it is to do with the actual game. 600 points is pretty much our standard size game now.
  12. Hanging back is fine but you're still facing the prospect of diminishing returns. Once a ships shields are stripped a bombing run from Luke is no more effective than a Y-Wing that costs half his points. When I look at Luke I see a squadron that wants to move up and get an early game 'through shield' crit (preferably with Dodonna as your admiral). If he isn't getting into positions to use his ability then he's not really returning the investment that you've made in him.
  13. Yes, but when you take it from a Wave 1 perspective, Luke needs his 4 Blue Die anti-squadron to peal through TIE Fighters tobe able to get shots on the hull in teh first place. And wedding Dutch's Ability to a Y-Wing, keeps his cost at a solid 16 points, rather than ballooning up to close to 20 if he was, in say, an X-Wing. I think they were deliberate design choices, which further show the compromise and multi-role abilities of the Rebels, versus the industrial single-track-mindedness of the Empire design philosophy in Fighters. Indeed but the longer Luke is engaged with the enemy fighters the less time he has to use his ability which is increasingly in danger of becoming redundant as the game goes on and ships are stripped of shields. You could well end up paying for a slightly tougher X-Wing squadron. The only time Luke has worked for me is when my opponent has pretty much ignored the option to take squadron and I was able to sit him in front of a plodding VSD for turn after turn. I would have preferred a design choice which complemented the squadrons function. When I first saw the Rebel and the Imperial line up my first though was that the Rebel abilities focused on the individual while the Imperial abilities focused on teamwork. While this isn't always the case (Darth Vader for instance) it does lend certain 'feel' to the aces on both sides.
  14. Lacking a bit too much information about the list to really say much. Couple of MC-80 with Intel officers, Gunnery team and X-17 turbolasers? Maybe backed up by a Nebulon B Escort frigate? Lots of long range firepower, plenty of anti squadron dice. Certainly something a bit different to mess around with me thinks!
  15. I tend to find that there abilities don't mesh very well. Luke is a good example. You want him making those early bombing runs against ships so he can ignore their shields. He's in an X-Wing though which isn't really optimised for that role (despite getting that black anti ship die 'upgrade'). In essence he doesn't really want his escort ability or his four blue anti squadron dice. Dutch Vander has the same problem. He's in a bomber but his ability (and 'upgrade') enhances his dogfighting ability but he's still in a squadron with the heavy keyword. I really feel that FFG had a think about Rebel aces after wave one and did a better job of wave two
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