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  1. Trailer looks great! I was thinking about "merely" getting the conversion kit, but now it looks like I'll be shelling out the big bucks!
  2. I hope that Stronghold and FFG are able to sort out the "IP owner" issue and that this game sees release. This is one of those classic games that I have been hunting down for years, but that I would love to buy an updated copy of. Christian
  3. I would definitely be in the market for a Cadwallon RPG, or at least some additional supplements for City of Thieves. I own the Cadwallon Player's Handbook and would love to see that game expanded.
  4. Wow! Add this to the long list of must buy games that FFG has in their queue. Great work guys! I cannot wait to see your update to this classic game.
  5. A couple of things. Sadly, I missed the seminar when I was at Gen Con. I fully intended to attend, but got wrapped up in some meetings. That said, I'd like to thank those that went for posting about what occurred at the seminar. I think it is wise that FFG is only commenting on products that are near completion as fans clamoring for things that have been announced but delayed can do more harm PR-wise than a more opaque production schedule. Add to this the fact that FFG has a lot on their plate these days and we can see why caution might be a way to go. FFG has to be flexible to respond to market forces and making promises in one direction if the market moves another can be damaging. Personally, I am wondering if FFG would be willing to support independent gamers who decide to sponsor/host WFRP3 events at their local game stores. The game is innovative, but very different from a lot of other offerings. FFG weren't demo-ing the game at Gen Con at all and I wonder if it is we the fans who aren't doing enough promotion to guarantee the success of the line. The consumer base needs to grow if we want the line to continue. Christian
  6. Thanks for the information about the misprint. As for replacement cards, I have noticed that FFG really jumps to it in providing players with replacements.
  7. I know that there is a lot of talk about the new hardbacks, and they sound excellent, but the core set is a great buy in my opinion. I have been impressed with the depth of the game, and I like the way that my play area looks during sessions.
  8. Licensed games can be a bear. The IP owner often wants releases to coincide with their own big release to maximize product awareness. They also want to ensure that the property meshes well with the IP. I'm just glad to see that this is still on the calendar.
  9. I would be up for a new edition of Wreckage with updated components or a revamp "Redline" themed board game.
  10. I would love to see a sequel. The storytelling in this independent product was some of the best storytelling of any indie fantasy film to date.
  11. It is quite common for companies to ship hot products "by air" to important trade shows in order to make sure that a limited supply is available to those who attend the show. Meanwhile, the rest of the print run is on the boat from China. This is very common practice. Take PEG's 1889 Savage Worlds book at Gen Con. They had copies enough to sell there, but the book won't be widely released until November. I am not worried about "release delay," but that doesn't mean I don't suffer from Gen Con envy.
  12. Each set of painted figures cost around $30 at GenCon. They look great and add to the playing experience the Duke adds a nice twist to the game as well.
  13. I watched Jay demo a group that looked to be filled with very inexperienced gamers. Jay's enthusiasm, ability to explain the rules, and genuine friendliness won the table over. Watching the demo solidified in my mind that I absolutely must run this game.
  14. I hope signs of faith touches on the religions of the elves, but only touches, because I hope that we get some elf specific products soon.
  15. I'm glad to read that they'll be putting this up as a pdf. I'll be making the big push this year, starting with Gathering Storm, to get my players to move over to WFRP. We did a character gen session a few months back, and I want to bring them fully over into the fold.
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