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  1. Missed my chance of ordering this PRINT ON DEMAND thing at the time, and would love to find a complete copy I have the .pdf print outs that BGG has on there, but would like a set of the cards. Anyone have a set they'd like to sell? PM me here, or you can email me with my username@yahoo.com
  2. I'm very excited we are finally hearing something about it.....and very much looking forward to being able to snag a copy.
  3. I'm pretty sure FFG will be selling him. They announced that before Christmas. Of course, we're still waiting for the new version of the rules as well........
  4. Come on FFG, throw us a bone here. Is this game still really in the works?
  5. You can still get them (and the Novogorod set as well) from TOY.... http://www.takeonyou.com/spip.php?rubrique3
  6. littlewars said: I associate the "wanted to like it" excuse with something like inarticulate movie reviews you would find on something like Ain't It Cool. It relieves the reviewer of any investment beyond an initial desire, if you follow. Yeah, I follow you. The 'wanted to like' is becoming a bit cliche, and it really can be used as an easy out.
  7. I'm hoping for a bit more depth to the game as well. It's still a fun game, even if you just play deathmatch...The instant kills are what makes it fun. However, I have to defend the statement of 'I really wanted to like it'. I can understand it completely. To compare it to someone not taking the time to read the prose of Shakespeare puts the honus back on the gamer. What if you've read the prose and it still doesn't trip your trigger? Why should that cause your blood to boil? Haven't you ever seen a movie that appeals to you storywise, has your favorite actor, but still doesn't quite meet the bill? I won't speak for the poster, but to me, Tannhauser is a wonderful setting. I love the pathfinder system, I love the characters, the quick play and instant kills...but it still is missing that extra 'whatever' that would make it my favorite game. I'm was hoping a few rule tweaks or ''skill" utilizations will help push it into that territory.
  8. The only changes I would suggest would be to attempt to make STORY MODE much more engaging...and 'storyish'. As opposed to characters just moving around to various locations.
  9. I think the sudden death of characters is what makes Tannhauser appealing to me. But, that said, I haven't gotten him yet.
  10. Love Hass! He's a great looking figure.
  11. If FFG does anything right by me, it's the consistant production values! I got my game today, and it's just gorgeously printed. I'm just making my way through the rules (shocked by several spelling errors in the rulebook, though) Anyhow, adding the mansion map to the backside is a wonderful touch.
  12. The Sundance Kid said: The only fixing I Novgorod has done for tannhauser is New map Brighter mansion map (detail is a bit more noticeable) Does Novgorod come with the mansion map as well? I sure hope so, that would be a great touch indeed. BTW, I ordered my Novgorod expansion from the WAR STORE, and even with shipping, it was under 40 bucks. Maybe shopping around is the way to go... Should be here any day now....I'm excited!
  13. Yay! Finally, some attention to Tannhauser....I'm looking forward to picking this up.
  14. I actually enjoy playing games for the 'story' as opposed to who wins and loses....I'll have to try more solo story mode, that actually sounds pretty fun. All my games have just been deathmatch.
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