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  1. This makes this card an auto include…
  2. There is this one card (can't remember name…) which is an attachement to a hero that lets you gain two resources when exhausting it. If I understand the rules correctly the hero is not exhausted in this action as it is another card so this is basically a "Get two additional Resources each turn"-card for one hero without any bad side effects?
  3. Swarms of Bats might be a good card and the undead stuff you put in is generally okaish too, but still I would not dilute a skaven deck. I own every expension released so far and the key cards from the first cycle too so I think sticking with skaven only units is pretty good. There a quite a few very strong synergy effects that these rats can unleash… anyway… woodelves seem to be on the other end of the scale. I have yet to see an outstanding woodelve unit and there supports aren't great either… Trying to make a woodelve deck is giving me serious headaches… :-/
  4. …those are the neutral races.. I am interested in building all neutral decks only with those 4 factions. Can they build competitive decks? I have skimmed through the lizardmen-cards and they have pretty good units so I think they can be a pain. On the other side the woodelves seem to be pretty weak on their own.. what do you think? Is it possible to build a neutral race only deck that is viable?
  5. Hey, this is a bit of a cross post from BGG… What are your favourite faction, caracter and map► Haven''t played the game yet so i cannot comment on anything..
  6. Hey, this is a bit of a cross post from BGG… What are your favourite faction, caracter and map► Haven''t played the game yet so i cannot comment on anything..
  7. Greetings from Germany! I'm willing to buy a few extra cards for my cthulhu collection! Since i dont want to spend tons of money for cards i don't need, i made a list of cards i'm heavily interested in. If there is someone out there, who wants to trade some cards for money and who is willing to ship to germany, please contact me. 1* Psychopath 2* Spreading the Disease 2* Ammo Dump 3* Deep one Assault 2* Deep one Rising 2* Helpless Hopeless 6* Ravager from the deep 3* forced Entry 4* Undercover Security 2* Ancient Guardian 2* Carl Stanfort 6* Fetch Stick 2* Undercover Security 1* Master of Silver Twilight 2* Song of Hastur 2* Sedated 2* Government Liaison 2* Dr. Carsons Treatment 2* Arkham Asylum 3* Regeneration 3* Degenerate Ghoul 2* Claws of Bubastis 3* Unspeakable Resurrection 2* The greatest fear 3* PAyback 3 * Sacrificial Gate 2* Hunting Horror 2* Short Fuse 2* Lurking Star Spawn 2* Sky Torn Asunder 1* Yig 1* Hastur - The King in Yellow 1* Hastur - He Who Shall not be Named 1* Hastur - the unspeakable 2* Unspeakable Revelations 2* Victoria Glasser 2* Plateau of LEng 1* Randolph Carter 3* Steve Clarney 1* Itaqua 2* Hail of Bullets 3* Oath-bound Servant 2* Broken Vessels 2* Mindblast 1* Arkham Psychologist 1* Crafting the elder sign 2* Calaeno Fragments 2* Rush to judgement 2* Egyptian Contact 2* Sniper Rifle 2* Mi-Go Warrior 2* Pnakotic Manuscripts 2* BAck alleys of cairo 1* Star Vampire Minion Thank you, Malte
  8. thank you for you're information. as i said, im not longing for competitive game. by the way i dont think it would make any sense to try it at all with just two booster displays and one premium starter set. nevermind, thank you for your link as well.
  9. correct spelling seems to be "brettspielwelt". http://www.brettspielwelt.de/
  10. yes, playerbase seems to be very thin. even at online platforms (such as lackey) there are no players to be found. whats wrong with CoC? " (I would be put on a pointed stick on this forum for this sentence) not always fractions are balanced, some are tougher some are less, BUT all are playable especially combined one with another, some fractions are not good for mono-fraction decks, they need to be protected by other fractions" Which fractions do you thing are out of balance? I'm heading for a straight cthulhu deck, since first of all he's the great cthulhu and besides that i'm highly attracted to the color green. so... perfect match! My girlfriend wants to deal with some kind of friendly fraction. not so sure yet whats the perfect fraction for here.
  11. no need to say sorry! you need to save the http://lackeyccg.com/cthulhu/cthulhu.rar file as a html file to your harddrive, than you rename it to the proper format (.rar) and than you're ready to unrar it.
  12. ok, i will give that whole draft thing a try in the future. first of all i need some guys to get into this game besides my little girl.
  13. Oh, i've read the rules twice, but my english appears to be not good enough to get that straight. Isn't it possible to get 3 markers on a stroycard by beeing the only one commiting to a story card, having a investigator icon on one of your agents and winning the skill ckeck (+1 +1 +1)? Since i dont want to play any tournaments, i dont really bother about having the newest cards or having the best cards in terms of competitive play. I'm just looking for something to play with my girlfriend inside of a coffeebar - and some deck building is always welcome... so i just bought two booster displays to have a bit of a variety and the fun to construct some decks. Hope, these Cards will give me the room to achieve that goal. If i really like this game, i can buy the LCD sets as well, but yet they seem to be infior due to their higher cost. The old CCG cards are very affordable at the moment (40 euro for 36 booster).And mixing the different cards should be no problem at all, since i have a lot of card sleeves here. Greetings
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