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  1. Battlefleet Koronus, p. 11, in the lower part of the grey box.
  2. I´m not sure about this one too. 20$ for a beta-pdf? At least now we can have a closer look at the contents of Only War. You just have to look at the preview-pdf on drivethru, wich shows us the whole table of conent!
  3. Would be nice if someone could actually post the table of content of the book! Thanks in advance! And contemplative holidays to you all!
  4. There ist no topic simply becaus The Chaos Commandment is not out yet. The upcoming page says Q1 2012. Sorry.
  5. I hope FFG will give Adept´s and Tech-Priest´s more love! Espacially a sourcebook for the Adeptus Administratum would be great! But I doubt there will be a ne "Knowledge is Power" soon - there are still three books remaining on the last "Knowleddge is Power" list.
  6. If you haven´t noticed, the Character Sheet for Black Crusade is avaiable! For quick hop into the support-section: http://fantasyflightgames.com/edge_minisite_sec.asp?eidm=154&esem=4 cheers
  7. I have also another question; are the extended rules for dark pacts? Maybe a similar Mechanic?
  8. Awesome! Sounds great! So, here are my questions: 1. How is the open skill-system build? Is it closely connected to the four chaos gods or respectively easy to use for loyal campaign Charakters? 2. How are the Necrons incorperated into the setting? (I know this could probably be to much of a spoiler) Thanks for answering questions in you podcast in advance! (sorry for my weak english, but I´m no nativ speaker. I hobe everything is comprehensible)
  9. Just found this photo from Gen Con on Flickr - Prototype of the Black Crusade Special Edition!
  10. Would be much appreciated to see the full table of content of the book! If someone would be so kind? Thanks in advance!
  11. Same here. Would love to see videos of the 40k RPG Seminars! Pretty Please?
  12. Great stuff, I really like your ideas for the adventure. Especially the improvements for the pets are good! Will definitely use it! Thank you!
  13. Looks like FFG took the Picture offline... interesting. Anyway, you can find the picture around the web, for example here: http://www.2w6plus6.de/artikel/anhaenge/1048-book-black-crusade-open.jpg?cid=18
  14. I cannot really read anything but the bigger titles. I guess the "Forsaken" is probably one career-option in BC, because there is, on the bottom of the right-hand site, a grey box with "starting skills, talents & gear" as title. But beside this - is there someone with a microscope? (excuse my weak english, i´m no native speaker.)
  15. Did anyone notice the Dark Mechanicus guy on the description page analyse this little cute Scarab? Maybe it´s just artwork for the book, maybe the Necrons will play a major role in the new Setting. Who knows.
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