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  1. The range band descriptions actually give you the distance in meters/kilometers. Personal/Planetary Engaged: Right next to each other. Short: 1-3 meters/1 meter-3 kilometers Medium: 3.1-36 meters/3.1-3,600 kilometers Long: 36.1-72 meters/3,600.1-7,200 kilometers Extreme: 72.1- 144 meters/7,200.1-14,400 kilometers For the planetary scale convert to kilometers and multiply the numbers by 100. The only exception to this would be Engaged and the lowest range 1 meter on Short. Everything else is as listed above.
  2. In the game I play in, my character is the slicer. I've had to explain that when my character remotely accesses a system that it is using a low powered comm frequency to gain access. Yes, it raised the difficulty of doing what was needed, but it led to a priceless situation of taking over an entire group of pirates without a shot being fired. However, on the other hand, any slicer trying to detect my character trying to access their systems is also increased as I'm using a non-standard way of accessing their systems.
  3. I would add a setback or two if another force user uses a lightsaber whose crystal has been attuned to someone else. The crystal is attuned to the original owner and would make it harder for someone else to use. It also explains why Luke lost so dramatically besides not being that strong in the force in ESB.
  4. You misunderstand me. For characters from AoR, there is no need for them to take the recruit spec. For the careers in the other two core books, I would say it would be required. It all depends on what you think is appropriate.
  5. I'm on the opposite side since there are mentions in the lore that there are training camps outside of explored space, including the world that houses all of the families of Alliance members. I feel that if Recruit is meant to be 'basic training' then it should be the first specialization taken. One does not become a Commando, Saboteur, Pilot, or Commodore first and then go through basic training. Depends upon if they are coming in with zero training or not. Most of those people, in the careers you mentioned, we see onscreen were already trained before they joined the Alliance. Crix Madine, Han Solo, etc... were already trained before joining. I view the specialization as someone brand new to the Alliance that doesn't have training in anything, so it's perfectly viable to disallow that spec for anyone that already has a career and make it only for characters that join the Rebellion or the Imperial militaries. Also, the careers in AoR are those that have already passed basic training either as an Imperial or an Alliance military. Now I can see certain EoTE and FaD characters needing to go through boot to get them to understand how the military operates and prepares them for it.
  6. I recommend Miniature Market in St. Louis, MO as they are a great group of folks and have good discounts on most of the things they sell. Their shipping is really quick and customer service is also fast to reply to any questions you have or if there is a mistake on your order. You also can earn points for buying stuff from them that you can use for more discounts on orders.
  7. How about the fact that in canon they pretty much always end up losing in the end? Because that's a storytelling convention and not an actual indicator of their relative strengths. David doesn't win against Goliath because he's stronger; he wins because God says so. That's a bad story to prove your point with. The story of David and Goliath is a story about placing your faith in God and trusting that God will deliver you in the end. Thus the power of faith is more powerful than any mortal power. In pure terms of good vs evil, if we were to map this story onto the Star Wars universe, the story of David and Goliath would be the story of the Light side vs the Dark side. In this story the light sider David enters battle with only his faith to protect him, thus only the light side. Goliath the giant (and an extremely fearsome foe) is wreathed in the power of the dark side. In the end though all that power, in this case all of Goliath'd advantages such as size, strength, hell better training in fighting, is nothing compared to Davids faith that God will see him through this. Ultimately the story of David and Goliath proves that the light side is stronger because in the end you didn't need massive battle experience, more training, armor, or even a powerful weapon. You didn't need actual power. You just needed your faith .... or in the case of Star Wars .... the Light Side. (Full Disclaimer: I study religion and one of the pastors I regularly engage in Biblical discussions with is a 100% full on Star Wars nerd) You're both right on the views presented. StarkJunior just presented an abbreviated version of it. Keep in mind that the Tanakh specifically states that all good and evil come from God. The story of David and Goliath is not only about faith in God, but it is a about putting your own will to be subservient to that of God's to do things in His name. In terms of the Star Wars, this means that the totality of the Force is that you have the free will to choose to do evil or to good. Yes, you can use evil, but it highlights a character's rebellion against the good side. On the other hand, the Light side is there to do good for the sake of righteousness and walking in the path that is laid before you in accordance to its teachings. Full disclaimer: I am a minister that adheres to the totality of the Tanakh and B'rit Hadashah while rejecting doctrines that are false or based upon mere tradition.
  8. The group I'm in use a system that better reflects the order two characters adhere to. That is the Je'daii Order that predates the Jedi Order of the PT, OT, and ST. Characters still get Dark Side points for doing clearly evil actions regardless of intent or if they are unable to maintain the balance between using the light and dark side of the Force. The award of Dark Side points is there to make sure that you role play appropriately and a player should show that conflict when they are close to the centerline of the Force.
  9. Why not just use the base stats from the Lambda and make it a custom job by Incom or the MonCals. It could be a limited design that combines the features of two different ships, so it would be totally unique and be manufactured before either Incom or the MonCals defected to the Alliance.
  10. I'm on the opposite side since there are mentions in the lore that there are training camps outside of explored space, including the world that houses all of the families of Alliance members.
  11. Welcome to FFG's Star Wars Nerds Central and enjoy posting. Remember what the Joker says, "Why so serious?"
  12. I knew a guy named Art. He wasn't too happy when we tried to frame and hang him on the wall.... Those are awesome man. She did excellent work.
  13. It's a very nice film and they did an awesome job in making it. I really liked how it expanded upon Darth Maul and showed his promotion to Darth.
  14. The demo version doesn't allow players to GM a game. They would need to buy the standard license.
  15. Back in 2008, I bought 1 GM and 2 Player licenses. Since FG has merged the Player license with the GM license, I get a discount of $20 off for each of my Player licenses to upgrade them to the current GM license. I also can upgrade my current GM license to Ultimate that takes into account for what I already paid for. If someone that has the FG GM/Ultimate license or the demo, I will be happy to walk them through the process of using it on Google Hangouts.
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