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  1. Inventing in RPGs is a nightmare, especially in a setting that is practically the poster child for Space Age Stasis. I don't think it's a good idea to get your hopes too high for any sort of "build your own invention" rules in the Tech book.
  2. As far as the Nikto being the "best" of the brawn based species I counter that with Wookiees and Trandoshans have really nice abilities that are extremely powerful. Not "best", but "correctly priced." Wookiees having extremely powerful abilities is actually supporting, not countering, that statement.
  3. Those are all really good questions, BarbeChenue! I, uh, wish I could answer them. ¬_¬
  4. What, exactly, is the question of "Star Wars Science and Technology" that you're looking for an answer to? Just what technology exists and what doesn't?
  5. This isn't uncommon. Coming from other games where this sort of thing is expected some players need to be broken of the habit. The first and most important piece of advice I can give is to sit down with the group, and just say, "Hey guys. This isn't D&D. This is Star Wars. When did Han and Luke ever loot the bodies in the trilogy?" Make it clear that you have concerns, as a new GM, that besides being out-of-genre, looting will make the characters too powerful too quickly for you to keep up with, and everyone's fun will suffer. Punishing their characters in game for looting is counterproductive because D&D *also* has a tradition of adversarial player/GM relations; it's just doubling down on the bad habits.
  6. Bounty Hunters is also the one I'm having the hardest time imagining three more specializations for.
  7. I don't understand *at all* how this sort of opinion isn't treated like "the Moon Landing was a hoax" and "9/11 was a false flag operation" wingnuttery a mere TWENTY YEARS AFTER THE CLONE WARS. There are probably billions of sapients who HAVE MET JEDI IN PERSON still alive. I could understand "the Jedi were corrupt" and "the Force isn't supernatural" but to just outright say, "pfft. The Force is as real as elves, gremlins, and eskimos" is unbelievable. And I'm willing to accept sound in space from you, Star Wars!
  8. Even in a tabletop homebrew, Mass Effect won't let me play an Elcor or Hanar! BOO
  9. Am I showing my age when I think Brian Daley when someone says Han Solo trilogy?
  10. I thought that the Vong, for those who acknowledge anything after the Yub Yub song in Jedi as canon, were from one of the satellite galaxies of the Star Wars galaxy?
  11. I guess my first question would be why you're assuming a six die (and which dice? Six proficiency dice is a LOT of XP. Someone with that much XP SHOULD succeed a lot) pool will always succeed - is he never opposed, under stress, or slicing in less than ideal conditions? Heroic games make their PCs capable of success against impossible odds - if you're not throwing impossible odds against them, they're 100% going to steamroll a "realistic" challenge.
  12. Abilities are the scariest thing for me to play with. Juggling stats or swapping skills is no problem, it really is a zero-sum game there. But it just feels *weird* to treat things like Claws and Breathes Underwater as being fungible, since Claws is *always* useful but Breathes Underwater is very situational.
  13. If the folks at the table were thinking of the movies, Ender07 wouldn't have this problem. Nobody in the films was going around rifling through pockets and pulling out gold fillings after a fight.
  14. Life is too short to game with people who throw tantrums when you suggest they have a *little* less fun to make sure everyone else has *any fun at all*.
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