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  1. cubivore said: The document that clarifies Khaine D'Lacrue's Throw ability is in the Web Addendum 1: phildeb.files.wordpress.com/2008/03/at-new-special-rule.pdf Whoops. I mean Claire Adelheid's Throw ability.
  2. The essentials of the Saga 2 rules can be downloaded here in Web Addendum 2: www.edgeent.com/animaforum/index.php. This covers rules for Gnossis points, new army building rules and other stuff. The document that clarifies Khaine D'Lacrue's Throw ability is in the Web Addendum 1: phildeb.files.wordpress.com/2008/03/at-new-special-rule.pdf Among the above, you should find something that addresses the interesting abilities of each character that aren't quite addressed in the Saga 1 starter rules.
  3. 1) The Light starter has a member of the Church faction (Sister Evangeline) and a member of the Empire faction (Kronnen). If you like the high-armor autocratic types, then Empire is definitely up your alley. If you are playing Saga 2, you will be able to augment your list with someone from the Wanderer faction as well. I'm thinking you may enjoy Faust Orbatos, Dereck Shezzard and Khaine D'Lacreu, or perhaps even Tsubasa Kurokame, to bring some more heavy metal or fighting might to your team. Anyone who likes assassins and rogues will find the Azur Alliance attractive, and perhaps the Wissenschaft as well. Wissenschaft is definitely effeminate, though. Again, in Saga 2 he could grab one Wanderer to join his ranks, allowing him to bring in Tokanosuke or Jiang Pao. It sounds like the other direction he leans, style-wise, is Samael, but those do not fit so well into the stealth/assassin archetype, IMO. Actually, in the case of your brother, I would avoid organizations and stick with the Darkness faction. --- 2) Because the Light starter splits between two organizations, it's less clear where to go between Church and Empire. I would suggest going with your gut on that one. It sounds like Empire is your best choice. The Dark Starter is 100% Samael. What am I doing? I'm buying up Wanderers and anyone neutral to augment the starter boxes. If I avoid declaring Organizations and stick with the Light or Dark factions, I will have a good pool of minis with which to create a force, as neutrals can be picked up by both Light and Dark. From there I hope to get a better grip on the game and realize what I'm missing and find the Dark/Light mini that fills that role, as well as zeroing in on a play style I like and thus the Organization that works best for me. --- 3) A good game starts at 150 lvls. For newer players, you will want to avoid the high-price units and make a list that maxes out your model count. This affords a buffer for mistakes in the game. So 150 lvls could field up to 4 models and as few as 2. I would creep up from 150 to 200 as rapidly as you can afford and get 6 games under your belt. Then assess your situation and move forward from there. --- 4) Some models that require no assembly: Bael, Dark Chesire, Dereck Shezzard, Veronika, Akio Kageshima, Sophia Ilmora Some models that require minimal assembly (1-2 parts, easy to attach): Kronnen, Sister Evangeline, Faust Orbatos, Takanosuke, Damien, Duncan Reid, Janus Faith, Lorenzo Cortez Some models that require moderate assembly (>2 parts or 1-2 parts difficult to attach): Celia, Rayne, Tsubasa Kurokami, Feng Yi Difficult Assembly: Shinigami Ayl (I hear), Konosuke Sorry I can't provide a more definitive list - there are too many to list and I have only just begun my assembly and painting of them. Some may disagree on some of the moderate difficulty ones. I simply have trouble with some of the models with the small contact points. I hope this helps!
  4. I have begun assembling and painting my Anima: Tactics figures and, while plotting the order of painting, I think I may have come upon some advice to give the starting player. There are certain synergistic combinations that flow out of the basic starter sets. I started with the starter boxes and began collecting and painting every neutral I could get my hands on. Based on this flow, I recommend the following: Faust Orbatos and Tsubasa Kurokame - these two figures will allow you to get your starter sets to the next level of play (150 levels) with the addition of figures only. Never mind advantage cards - you can develop those later. Tokanosuke is a good introduction of Hidden into the game mechanics and can become a proper Darkness Faction member with his advantage card. Also, he can team with Kujaku Hime to augment a Light Faction party. This makes Tokanosuke "super-neutral" - not only can he work with either faction, he can really integrate with either faction. Being a team of only 2 minis who are Wanderers, I would recommend this to be the first team new players try to create. It continues to be useful for Wissenschaft players after they move on into Organizations later. The Paos are an obvious synergy. Being a Wanderer team requiring 3 minis, they are less flexible in the long run. I'm probably going to shelf this option until much further down the line. Damien seems like a good gateway unit - he's neutral, so you can include him in either army; he can form a team with Justina, both of whom are Church and thus can make a list with Sister Evangeline from the Light Starter. The minis come to 140 lvls including the team card - fill in the last 10 lvls with advantage cards. Note that Evangeline can later team up with Saint Astraega! Kirsten could be a gateway unit, too, except her team consists of FOUR members in the Azur Alliance. Still, Reinhold is a neutral and thus fits with the development strategy, and their team total comes to 180 lvls. Therefore, I would recommend purchasing these minis, in this order, if you were interested in going into the Church faction ultimately. Light Starter - play a game or two Faust Orbatos - play a game or two at lvl 150 Damien & Justina - Loan Faust to your opponent so you can sic Damien on him. Mu-ha-ha-ha. If you were interested in getting into the Azur Alliance ulimately... Light starter Faust Orbatos or Tsubasa Kurokame (depending on starter) to get to lvl 150. Kirsten & Reinhold The Colonel and Kyler Those are the fastest routes for the starting player. One could cut out step 2 in both to get straight to the teams, but I believe one would want the practice with the simpler games. I'm going to be inserting Tokanosuke and Kujaku Hime as a step 2b in my own progress, but that's because I didn't have the perspective starting out I have now. How about others? Any other quick, simple synergies someone could launch off of if they were starting? I seem to favor the Light Starter - any quick and effective builds off of the Dark Starter?
  5. Samiel does indeed come with the lions emerging from the 40mm base. I can advise best on the neutral choices. The ranged character you are looking for is Kirsten. Ranged attacks are her forte, and she comes with some interesting options for those ranged attacks, plus all of them cause Poison (Effect 14). The stealth character you want is Takanosuke. I don't think you'll be disappointed - the model is excellent. The character can form a team with Kujaku Hime (a figher for the Light faction for you!) to grant both models significant advantages, or, without her, Takanosuke can convert to Dark faction and pick up the ability to Doom enemies. He's also got a ranged attack option when he's hidden, and a good melee attack that is also an option when hidden. That's just my advice, but I can't think of any other characters that satisfy your requirements for neutral characters as well as these two. Good luck!
  6. StormKnight said: 3) Can Sister Evangeline's healing power heal herself? Does she count as a 'friendly figure'? The answer in article one on this page (www.anima-gaming.be/rulesfaq/characters/evangeline.html) suggests that Evangeline can heal herself, as she also benefits from her Blessing ability.
  7. StormKnight said: 6) Can you Dodge a Counterattack? For example; Cheshire attacks Kronnen. Kronnen Counterattacks. Can Cheshire then dodge the counter attack? (I see no reason why not, but it came up). Yes, you can Dodge a Counterattack. (www.anima-gaming.be/rulesfaq/rules/counterattack.html)
  8. StormKnight said: 1) Does initiative ever change? It looks to me like one player goes first for the entire game. I just wanted to make sure I had this right. I have become obsessed with finding answers to your questions. I found a clarification on this one here: www.anima-gaming.be/rulesfaq/rules/initiative.html. To summarize, if you are using the rules that come in the starter sets (Saga 1), then initiative stays the same throughout the game. If you are using the book to come out in January (Saga 2), then you re-roll initiative every turn. I will keep searching for answers to the others!
  9. StormKnight said: Just to make sure, I assume all modifiers from special abilities stack. For example, the knight in the Light starter has attack 4; Scarlet Heartbeat adds +4 and is a counter, so if he uses it he's got 4 (base) + 4 (ability) - 2 (counter) for a total +6 bonus, correct? This is the only one I know the answer to. Your interpretation is correct. Kronen would counter with a net 6 + 1d10. Excellent questions - I was wondering about a couple of them myself. A rules book for Anima Tactics is supposed to come out this month. Clarifications may be in there.
  10. StormKnight said: Just to let those who offered advice know, I picked up the starters last weekend. Have a bit of a hang up in that my Light starter was missing Sister Evangline! Bird and base, but no mini. Hopefully Fantasy Flight will fix the problem quickly. Looks pretty cool - I look forward to playing! I had a missing part and FF was excellent about getting me the replacement part right away. "Send me Tusbasa's head! In a good way."
  11. Johnni said: [...] How is this game doing overall? Seems to be very little activity on these forums and I'm only finding a handful of sites with anything useful outside of regurgatating material from official sites. To those of you who are collecting this game, do you have healthy gaming groups for Anima Tactics? You'll see lots of discussion at http://www.edgeent.com/animaforum/ . It's well worth the visit!
  12. She came in the original Dark starter, right? How can I get the model these days?
  13. cubivore


    I've been starting to gather the collection and I can't wait to play my first game. One question arises, however... Haste - it seems to cost 2 APs to activate any ability that results in the Haste State. Now, if it costs 2AP this turn and I only get one additional AP per turn until the level expires, wouldn't I need to expect a net return of 3 APs to make it worth-while? In other words, I could just not use the ability, keep the 2AP, and enjoy their benefit the next turn(s) anyway. As it is, lvl1 Haste seems to be a net loss. Am I missing something? Please advise.
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