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  1. Right. No collectibles for me. I´ll pass, too.
  2. So, Tome of Blood and Tome of Excess are no longer in "awaiting reprint" status, but "out of stock". That´s a bad sign, I suppose?
  3. I always add a NPC to my player group, who is de facto a party member. That character is normally played by me, but in the case a PC dies, the player of the deceased character will take control of the NPC for the remaining gaming session. This ensures that the player can join in decision making and take part in battles, and has no time to do non-game-related things that disturb the event. Maybe you could install such a feat in your group as well. It helped me greatly so far.
  4. Mecha is right, maybe we have already crossed the critical point of gaming interest for this precious piece. I clearly have a lot of enthusiasm left, but I am the last man standing in my group. We did not play for some three monthes now. As hard as I try to organize meetings for W - DW it all failed. My circle is already dead.
  5. Still missing discs to flesh out the "Minor" races which can not deploy any army on their own. Supporting them and making them playable as a complete, single army should be the first thing to do. Of course Order armies should also be stocked up, for fairness, but as I clearly favour Destruction, I will only list my very personal wishes: - Queek Headtaker (Hero), Stormvermin and Jezzail Teams for Skaven - Deathblade (Hero), Cold One Cavalry and Cauldron of Blood for Dark Elves A lot of wishes for Chaos and Orcs, too, but this can wait.
  6. I truly, from the buttom of my very heart, agree and support everything that Jedhead and Sniper Troll said until this point in this thread. There is nothing to add, reduce or change.
  7. True, true. Some Anime- or Manga based coop-LCG would be nice. There actually are some games already out there in Japan I think, but they are all CCGs at the moment. And I am not sure about the liscensing. FFG tends to go for very strong, solid franchises right now, and as long as these are popular enough there will be no such I thing as any Anime LCG. And when will Star Wars, GoTH, and Warhammer lose popularity anytime soon? Not in the near future (which is a good thing). Besides, I do not think that there are a lot of people in the FFG community that are to eager about Anime or Manga based games. Would be the first one FFG would publish. Apart from this anima-thing, but I do not really count this. @ Tekwych: Now that you mentioned it: there was a Sailor Moon CCG out around the early 2000ties or so (only in the USA, as it was not developed in Japan), but I do not know to much about its mechanics as I did never play it. If I remember correctly it was competive, non-cooperative. You did not chose factions, but actually controlled senshi and villains at the same time, trying to eliminate the opponent player´s senshi with your villains and vice versa. But, as I said, I did never play this game. I naturally evade CCGs, so it disqualified instantly. Also, it used the changed english character names. If it goes for competive LCGs (roughly anime based), I would very strongly favour some duel-like game such as from the Street Fighter or Soulcalibur franchise. I remember there actually was such a thing from FFG , still made in the CCG format. Still have some Astaroth and Chun-Li starter somewhere lying around.
  8. Even if the Warhammer tabletop setting changes dramatically... I do not see why that should influence the board game in any way. There should be no problem running two parallel WH settings simultaniously. In my understanding there are just two ways why development of Discwars WH would stop: First, sales drop dramatically and FFG gets rid of some non-profitable project. Second, liscence contract for the franchise runs out for any reason. That may already has happened or not, but let us not jump to conclusions. As long as FFG itself does not announce anything about Discwars I assume that the war rages on, sooner or later.
  9. What´s with that long face? Something wrong?
  10. I want to add that one of the parts I liked best in your article is your comment about Disruptive Roles and pointing their high tactical situation-depending usefulness without neglecting them because of their relatively low combat stats. Disruptors can easily influence the tides of a battle at its most critical times.
  11. Good thing. A very good thing, indeed. I applaud you both!
  12. I think the important points can be seen directly from the article: - game is seen by FFG as a casual game, with players showing very low interest in competative play - therefore, no tournament kits will be sold in the future What is not NOT the article, and what would be pure speculation: - the further development of the game will end now, and no further expansions will appear Fine with me, I do not participate in tournaments, but like to play with my friends.
  13. I totally agree with High Elves 77. And it is not over yet. The production ends as soon as FFG announces so. Until then, let us not jump to conclusions and rumours, just because tournament play ended. It could be a hint, but is no proof.
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