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  1. The four of you take essentially the same route that you began in the first place. It hasn't been too long and the evening cycle in the hive is still ongoing for a good few hours yet, and the tunnels are as filled with minor oddities as they ever were. ((No navigation necessary, it's easier going back the way you came than getting there in the first place, not to mention it's not been that long timewise all things considered)). Upon making it in to the tunnel system Lax makes sure to turn off the Stummer and the Static Generator as the sounds of a hive existing invade your senses again. Walking back through the tunnels Lax keeps to themselves, leading the way as best he can from the map he still has on him. ((Any of you can make a +20 Scrutiny to see how he's holding himself)). ((I'd certainly like to hear how the sisters approach Balthazar appearing to their aid in the relay station, if they approach it at all, or whatever interaction you've got before I move you out of the tunnels))
  2. If work gave me the time over lunch I would, but I have other projects to plonk away at too. This is still always on my plate but I can't devote as much as I'd like to it.
  3. ((This is curtailed from our Discord discussion where we hammered out the details of combat, it was faster than dealing with it in post form)) Balthazar: It's all part of his grand plan I'm rolling an all-out attack, so +30 to hit with no reactions until my next turn In the end, the result was: 3, So that hits t!dice 1d10 In the end, the result was: 3 My target number was 70 and I rolled an 03, so that's 8 DoS, right? 8 + 3 Warhammer damage bonus + 4 Sb = 15 damage, with 3 pen There's also concussive (1) I think, if the guard is still standing The Game Master: Let me see if they dodge (they don't have it so unlikely) In the end, the result was: 77 Nope Toughness for Concussive (-10) In the end, the result was: 10 Impressive Balthazar: I believe I hit them on the body, in case it's relevant for critical damage The Game Master: roll was 03 so 30 so left arm apparently Damage was 15, total damage reduction is 4 (after penetration) so total of 11 wounds Given the lack of combat in the game so far, I'm going to use the full crit rules, and not mook rules. To give combat more bite. So they are now at -1 wounds as they only have 10 wounds at all. The attack strikes the target’s limb with a powerful blow. He drops anything he was holding in that hand. The Game Master: t!dice d10 In the end, the result was: 8 They are not left handed, so they do not drop the auto-pistol I'm gonna roll against their Willpower to see if they run. Failure is run. In the end, the result was: 10 Wow, target was 28, I guess they're confident they've got backup on the way. Oh, hmm, the prone wording is pretty open on Concussive, I'll rule that they are, because they wording implies that you don't have to fail or anything to be knocked prone. It seems unrelated to the toughness test at all. [9:19 AM] The Game Master: Well, they're hoping to take you out Balt after that impressive blow. Baseline 33, +10 due to Aim as Half, +10 baseline attack ((I always forget that one myself)), Sanctionary is just not going to full auto, -20 for attacking while Engaged. That's his Full amount of Actions. Target of 33 In the end, the result was: 45 Lax moves forward past the cover (can't charge) and makes an attack Baseline 32, Move Half, +10 baseline attack ((I always forget that one myself)) +10 for Ganging Up,+10 for attacking Prone. That's his Full amount of Actions. Target of 62 In the end, the result was: 1. Well, that's 7DoS Truncheon Melee — 1d10 I 0 Primitive (7) 3 SB The Game Master: t!dice d10, In the end, the result was: 3, Replace with DoS 7+3 = 10 Damage total, meaning 3 wounds to the head. 4 Crit Impact Injury Head: The concussive strike staggers the target. The target must make a Challenging (+0) Toughness test or be Stunned for 1 round and knocked Prone. In the end, the result was: 29 They are not stunned target 34 Estelia you're coming into the scene this round your previous post: ((Standard Attack (as a Free Action from Move and Shoot): 50 BS (+ cover or other applicable situational modifiers) Roll (In Discord): 89 for 4 DoF 4 ammunition used, marked on character sheet)) The shot flies wide, and Estelia tenses, realizing she has just revealed her position, when it might have been better to wait. The pistol sits disconcertingly hot in her hand, but fortunately it's rugged design seems not to have succumbed to any malfunction. Ariel what do you do, coming upon this scene of a beat down and seeing the arrival of Father Thorne? Ariel: @The Game Master so there's one Guard on the ground and one still standing, right? The Game Master: @Ariel The other guard is still working through the machinery, they'll turn up at the end of this round [3:22 PM] Ariel: oh, so just the one guy in LoS? got it Ariel: I still have to expend a Move Action to really "be there", right? The Game Master: Yes, as Estelia did as well, you're basically breaking through the last mesh of machinery into the small clearing. Ariel: Well in that case I can only do a Full Move, why am I even being asked XD The Game Master: @Balthazar it is again your turn, you see Estelia come on the scene and attempt to fire into the situation and Ariel arrive as well. Balthazar: Then in going to whomp the guard in front of me with another all out attack. It's probably an enormous bonus if he's still on the ground. In the end, the result was: 63 That's enough for a hit with the all- out attack and the gang up from lax, t!dice d10 In the end, the result was: 6, So 13 damage with 3 pen. That's a hit too the body I think. Are they squished? The Game Master: 36 is body indeed (I'm in the middle of something for basically the rest of the evening, I'll get in to it tomorrow morning, thanks for your guys' time. [8:14 AM] The Game Master: Alright, given Balthazar's attack the guard takes 9 damage to the body. Given that crits are ablative it means they're taking a -13 crit to the body (as they were at -4 from the hit to the head) “As per the effect directly above, except the target’s lifeless form is thrown 1d10 metres directly away from the attack. Any target in the corpse’s path must make a Challenging (+0) Agility test or be knocked Prone." Well...they're prone, so they can't really be thrown, so we'll ignore that fine point. Apparently Balthazar gets first blood of the campaign lol. The Sanctionary can't take a turn, Lax looks to Balthazar huffing from the exertion, "We should probably get out of here." @Ariel @Estelia anything you want to attempt in a round, now seeing Balthazar reunited with you two? Estelia: Estelia will just stay ready to engage the other sanctionary if they show up " Do you think we can get out of here before more show up?" Ariel: Recognizing and briefly responding to the priest's unexpected presence, Ariel nonetheless refrains from engaging in a chat right there and then. As the other novice had just pointed out, time is precious: "What are y-... nevermind, Lia is right, we should move." Ariel keeps her shotgun leveled and aimed at the area opposite from their extraction point, expecting whoever the now-squished watchman was talking to to show up from that direction. (Entering Overwatch) The Game Master: Alright @everyone as you take a moment to address that everyone's here now (with the appearance of Balthazar) the other Sanctionary rounds the corner. Ariel you put yourself on Overwatch, they enter your killzone before they can really do anything, so how's that go? Ariel: As the second guard appears, Ariel almost reflexively pulls the trigger, directing a single shotgun blast at her target. What range are they at? In the end, the result was: 98, it's a jam Much to the firer's surprise, the shell does not leave the barrel but remains inside, perhaps having been a dud. Ariel's first reaction is utter confusion as the expected result to the trigger pull does not occur, followed by eyes widening as she realizes the precarious position this puts her in. The Game Master: Well let's see, has moved into the scene and looks over the PCs. Seeing their comrade on the ground not moving I'm gonna say is a Fear (1) check for them In the end, the result was: 3 Well...they're super firm in that they are not purturbed at their friend's death. I guess they realize that they've fulfilled their oath and are full of righteous fury at the PCs lol Alright, well they gauge their chances in a firefight and deem it a poor idea to say the least. So, they'll attempt an intimidation route. They raise their firearm and in a clear loud voice they bark out, "By order of the Consortium invested with the power of the Adeptus Terra stand down!" In the end, the result was: 46, Target 13 for 4DoF, using the skill was the only thing they could do this round. So, back to @Balthazar . Balthazar: Balthazar sees that the guard is standing firm and that there is no option but to take out the guard. He responds, "I shall not stand down. I am the instrument of the Emperor Himself as embodied in His church, and He commands you to kneel!" Then Balthazar charges and baseball swings his hammer at the guard. In the end, the result was: 64 That's a miss but I'm spending a fate point to reroll In the end, the result was: 85 Still a miss The Game Master: Alright, Lax takes the que and moves to engage as well: Baseline 32, Move Half, +10 baseline attack +10 for Ganging Up. That's his Full amount of Actions. Target of 52 In the end, the result was: 90 Swing and a miss... Estelia: Estelia is checking if she can use the Aim action Right, Estelia levels her laspistols at the sanctionary, checking they’re both toggled to overload, “Fate cannot stay the Emperor’s hand forever . . . I’m sorry you caught up to us, I guess” (Aim as a Half Action) Two-Weapon Wielder and Standard Attack (Second half action, I’d like to roll both attacks before doing dmg if that’s all right, sounds more fun to me :P) BS 50 + 10 (Difficulty of Standard Attack action) + 10 (Aim) = 70 In the end, the result was: 14, For 5 DoS, a hit to (checks rulebook . . .) Body! Second Shot (btw no penalties for 2 weapon fighting because Two-Weapon Master) Oh and Estelia has Target selection and took an aim action before shooting so no penalty for shooting into melee and no chance of hitting Father Thorne First attack hit (unless he dodges) so +20 to the second attack for Double Tap (Yeah it’s on overcharge and I have Mighty Shot) BS 50 + 10 (Difficulty for Standard Attack still applies I assume?) + 20 (double tap) = 80 In the end, the result was: 39, For 4DoS to the left leg Laspistol is 1d10 + 2 Pen 0 but on overload it’s 1d10 + 4 with Pen 2, + half BS rnd up (3) to dmg for Mighty Shot First shot (body): In the end, the result was: 15 Second shot (left leg): In the end, the result was: 16 The Game Master: Well First hit does 10 damage dropping them to 0 Wounds. Second hit does 11 damage dropping them to -11 Critical Effect: In a terrifying display of power, the leg immolates and thick fire consumes the target completely. He dies in a matter of agonizing seconds, his scorched corpse surrounded with smoke and flames. ...So, we know Balthazar has seen death up close and personal, but have @Estelia and @Ariel ? Ariel: Ariel has "Jaded" -- I figured it'd be a good representation of how the Schola hardens the kids The Game Master: Ariel would be fine with Jaded in this case. I don't remember if Estelia has it or not. Estelia: Nope! The Game Master: I was just going to have it be a Fear test honestly Fear (1) when you get the chance. Estelia: Willpower 40 + 0 (challenging) = 40 In the end, the result was: 27 Estelia: Estelia, surprised, looks down at her weapons, “. . . I didn’t expect him to explode like that. Come to think of it I’ve never killed anyone before, the closest I’ve come is either watching a burning at the stake or that time the Sister Superior ordered me and Ariel to shoot eachother. The guns weren’t loaded then though, not that we knew at the time.” She looks back to the smoldering corpse “do I really have that much blood in me? Throne on Terra this is a mess” still locked in place the novice realized she’s running her mouth and looks to Ariel “everyone ok? A- aside from them of course . . .” Quietly she says a prayer for the sanctionarie’s soul, “Great Protector, take this soul unto your breast, felled in its duty to your Imperium, faithful to the last.” It was meant for those in service to the imperial cult but it was the only one she knew, and they had just been doing their job, hopefully they had been pious in life and had earned the Emperor’s grace The Game Master: @Ariel Anything you want to do with your turn (we'll end 'combat' as it were after that) Ariel: The other novice blinked once, then a second time, snapping out of the frozen state she had entered for a few heartbeats. Directing a semiconfused look at Estelia, she finally shook her head: "Less talking, we should move!" Shouldering the unexpectedly useless shotgun, Ariel drew her own sidearm, trusting that the laspiece would prove somewhat more reliable. "Ah, and ... nice shot." ___ ((Personally speaking given the quick nature of combat in FFG games honestly not that much time has passed. Not enough time in my opinion for the Static Generator to kick off, or the Stummer for that matter. I feel given there are no other combatants, as the servitor doesn't care, that feasibly you would make it back to the tunnel entrance unhindered. Why don't we see a Stealth Roll to see how unobserved you are leaving the tunnel when you make your way out and we can work things out from there.))
  4. ((I'm just going to type this stuff out here, as I feel the responses will be faster and just copy paste to the community site)) Alright, so Balthazar missed ((Target 60 result 61 no FP spent for rerolling or anything)) The Sanctionary is up next. They're probably a bit freaked out about having some rando come up and attempt to hit them with a hammer, so they're probably gonna try to unload their pistol out of surprise. ((Baseline 33, +10 due to Aim as Half, +10 baseline attack ((I always forget that one myself)), Sanctionary is just opening up so Full-Auto -10, -20 for attacking while Engaged. That's his Full amount of Actions. Target of 23. Result 61 (I know odd isn't it) for a total of 5 DoF)) Lots of missing, Now it's Lax's turn. Not wanting to try to accidentally shoot Balthazar who apparently has appeared he stows his auto-pistol (not wanting to drop it and possibly have to leave it behind) and draws a truncheon like melee weapon. Both use the Ready Half Action, so this takes up his Full turn. Balthazar it is your move once again, the Sanctionary assuredly missed you, and it seems like Lax will be engaging with you in a moment as well ((I'll let you pick that up out of the corner of your eye for free)).
  5. Lax draws his pistol as the Sanctionary rounds the corner, "Understood", and pulls the trigger ((I'm allowing as a Surprise because Lax was ready to just open fire.)) ((Baseline 33, +30 due to Surprise, Aim as Half +10, Lax is just opening up so Full-Auto -10, that's his Full amount of Actions. Target of 63, Total of 89 for 3DoF total miss. After this I'll worry about Initiative.)) The Sanctionary quickly ducks behind a piece of machinery under a hail of bullets. ((Estelia's Stealth will still hold, both of you roll another Acrobatics, but at +0 since you're familiar with running through the cables I just want to see if you get there in a post or not.)) ___ Rhaban rounds the corner seeing no novices to engage but hears the gunfire and makes a rude gesture stamping their feet. They quickly moves to get to their partner taking the shortest path they can, through the machinery as well. ((Rhaban Acrobatics (31 base -20 Untrained -10 base for target of 01) Result 01 for 2DoF. It'll take a post but she'll get there.)) ___ ((I'll assume you were sticking relatively close by, so it'll be next post for you to fully engage, after I get a post from Ariel and Estelia I think we'll try to handle the combat over Discord))
  6. ((Lax Acrobatics (31 base -20 Untrained -10 base for target of 01) Result 84 for 9 DoF. Santioncary Guard 1 Athletics (31 base -20 Untrained +0 base for target of 11) Result 87 for 8DoF. Sanctionary Guard 2 Athletics (31 base -20 Untrained +0 base for target of 11) Result 36 for 3DoF. ...comedy of errors here it seems.)) Estellia breaks through the jungle of wiring and cabinets first, and you note that you are incredibly close to the entrance to make it back in to the sewer area. In the background you can note the jogging of the Sanctionary guards trying to reach the back as well. A few moments later, but no worse for wear, you see Ariel break through as well seemingly having had a tougher time with navigating the mess. Tellingly though, you do not see Lax, you only hear a subvocal communication on both of your micro-beads, "I got tripped up and put in a dead-end, one of them broke off and is about to round the corner, do I engage them?" ((You'll have a post then the sanctionary will round the corner the post after that)) ___ We see that Lax has backed himself into a corner, and has his hand ready to draw the autopistol at his side with a confirmation. ((Also to note he's the one with the pad of information last I remembered.)) "You get to the back Rhaban, I'll get this Bile-fly!" the guard calls out that is about to round the corner. ((Lax's sanctionary will round the corner this coming post))
  7. I never stopped doing these, I had to slow my pace with other things in my life. I'd like to, but that is feasibly years down the line lol. Black Crusade is feasibly the last line I'd work through as I'm primarily focused on the Calixis Sector and immediately surrounding areas though.
  8. It's been a while since I posted one of these, but I am still continuing my readthrough of all my DH1 books. In turn I am still compiling questions and the ffg dev I had been speaking to is still willing to answer them. Tattered Fates: Is the Toughness Reduction of the Steel Clock, while it's invulnerable, permanent or temprorary noted in "Out of Time"? -------------- > I’d say the latter. Will a person with the blood of Haarlock take the termporary toughness reduction? ---------- > It doesn’t list any restrictions, so I’d say they are treated like anyone else. Is it the 9th or 10th hour that kicks in the possessed knife's effect? -------------- > 9th Is Heron Mask's Resistance (Psychic) supposed to be "(Psychic Powers)" or is it somehow expanded? ------------- > The former. Seems like either Vulpa's hand canon doesn't have enough pen or Grist's hand canon isn't doing enough damage based on their respective special ammo, opinions? ------------- > I’d use the profiles for those ammo types when firing the weapon with those ammo types. Bliss is stated to have "Secret Signs (Occult)" however, there is no skill in the rules known as Secret Signs. Replacement? ------------ > No, this is just to say they are able to make and understand clandestine/furtive/disguised markings of an occult nature that others can also pick up on. It’s more for the GM to use than anything else. Bliss also has Resistance (Psychic) as Heron Mask does, so same question as #4. ------------ > Same answer. Concerning Protean Form. Is it 20 wounds inflicted in a round not going past Toughness Bonus? 20 Wounds in a single attack in a round past Toughness? 20 Wounds overall past Toughness in a round? ----------------- > 20 wounds that the being would suffer. So the last one if I read it right. Concerning getting access to the Elite Campaign Package if you're a new character in a campaign, do you still need to spend XP to get access to the Package or are you automatically given access? ----------- > The latter. If you have to spend to get access what is the cost required for the Haarlock Legacy package? --------------- > N/A I've worked through Damned cities and am working on Dead Stars. About halfway through Dead Stars I'll send in some more questions from tattered fates and at the end of Dead Stars I'll send in my Damned Cities questions. Afterwards I'll work on Radical's Handbook.
  9. ((I'm assuming the Awareness is either to find good cover or to watch for the arrival of the Sanctionary guards. The guards aren't sneaking, and you're able to note where to go with that result as well. If I misinterpreted that then correct me and we'll resolve as necessary. Awareness for them to notice Estilia in hiding, normally it'd be +0, I'll make two rolls as there are two guards. +20 baseline for a target of 57. Result of 31 for a total of 3DoS, and Result of 98 for a total of 5DoF)) The guards each come around an opposite corner of the main relay station noting the servitor plonking to the station, but also scanning the area for the intruders, they take their turn to search for Lax & Estelia because they're running together, target 67 result 100 - Critical Failure.)) "Fenk me! Where are they?!" Rhaban yells out. "Throne take me if I know...this is getting scary." the new arrival adds. "Screw that! They can't have gone to the entrance, they...ugh! They have to be making their way to the back, it's the only other place, come on!" Rhaban calls wheeling back around the open path in the facility to try to beat the group. ((You two make me an Acrobatics -10 test next post to see how held up, if any amount, you get from weaving through the machinery on your way back to the underground entrance. I'll be opposing you with their Athletics +0 to try to leg it to the back area.)) Inellia nods accepting of the plan and allows Balthazar to leave on his personal task. As he departs follow the trio Inellia smiles to herself, "There might be something to make of him yet." *** ((I'll allow you to remain in shadow currently, they guards aren't expecting someone to have come in after the one already came in to the facility))
  10. As the repair servitor rounds the corner Lax looks up and then back down at the pad noticing it has completed its transference process, to which he quickly unplugs the device and moves away from the area motioning to the two of you to get out of the way as well. ((I made an awareness test to see if the Servitor discerns that you are not Sanctionary and therefore something to deal with, Servitor target 05. Servitor result 37, 4DoF.)) The servitor plonks forward seemingly no worse for ware or any wiser for seeing the trio, and makes movement to work to the main relay tower station. Lax makes a movement with his head, "We should go...now." _ ((I'll roll Awareness for them, normally it'd be -10 but they know there's something wrong with the alarm which I'll give as a +10, additionally now they will have +10 for assistance as I don't want to make two rolls. +20 baseline for a target of 67. Result 07 for 7DoS)) "Rhaban, wait...did you hear that?" the new arrival says. "Yeah, main station" you hear the distinct preparing of an auto-pistol, "Malfunction my ***..." The trio can hear the sounds of movement from both the areas that were being searched. ((Mechanically they'll be at the area next post, they're essentially using a 'full movement' to get there quickly. Depending on how the next post goes we may go in to combat over Discord.)) __ Tagging as the player has stated they're in a capacity to get back in to it, and have nearly finished reading past posts.
  11. "Just fine," he mumbles out loud as he works on the connection. He makes a few typing rituals on the keyboard and a small bar appears at the edge of the screen, "won't be long now." If you glance at the screen you can see he's correct, the machine spirit is apparently swift at sharing information with others, and the bar looks like it will finish before the next time you'd look at it. ((Mechanically next post it'll be done.)) ___ Next post for the servitor to arrive. The Sanctionary continues to search, now with the assistance of their compatriot. ((I'll roll Awareness for them, normally it'd be -10 but they know there's something wrong with the alarm which I'll give as a +10, additionally now they will have +10 for assistance as I don't want to make two rolls. +20 baseline for a target of 67. Result 83 for 3DoF)) Rhaban calls out, "Anything?" The new arrival is checking the other side of the perimeter, "No, nothing, you sure it's not a malfunction? Lug-head's making it's way over there..." "I'm...getting less sure myself, but we should make a full sweep. The comm issue has me worried, never done that before" Rhaban answers. Their companion takes a moment to respond likely thinking about it, "Yeah...that takes a special piece of tech as far as I know, but it's a relay station right?" __ Tagging as the player has stated they're in a capacity to get back in to it.
  12. ((I'm ruling 5 for baseline info Tech-Use Known +0, Combi-tool +30, Manual +10, act -10 normally I'd rule it +0 but things are rushed. Anyways Target 64, Roll 11 for 6DoS. Total 10 DoS, I was only going to rule that he'd need 10 DoS for extra information anyways)) Lax continues typing and pulling on a few component switches for the time, but in a few more moments he seems to come to a revelation with a "Ha!" out loud, to which he realizes his problem grabbing for his waist. "...I need a dataslate to put this information on to, there's a lot here." ((assuming one of you passes him the last it'll take a round to transfer the data, so we'll handle it next post)) ___ It'll take until after the next post for the servitor to make it's way to the area. The Sanctionary continues to search. ((I'll roll Awareness for them, normally it'd be -10 but they know there's something wrong with the alarm which I'll give as a +10. +20 baseline for a target of 57. Result 94 for 5DoF)) While they continue to work the perimeter they don't pick up anything out of the ordinary, "You're not getting out of here scum!...'wherever you are'" they mumble to themselves. Distinctly the entrance to the Relay Tower opens with a loud clang, "What's going on Rhaban? My bead's down." "Unwanted guests" Rhaban replies gaining a chuckle from their companion in the entrance. ---Back at the Villa--- ((We'll say narratively this happens with enough time previously for setup purposes)) Inellia request's Balthazar's presence shortly after the group have left for the evening. She requests he meet her in the kitchen area, and Balthazar finds her putting together a mug of herbal drink. "I'd like you to follow the trio's path, with a bit of distance, and assist them when they inevitably get themselves in to some trouble. No one's first...expedition like this goes off without a hitch, no matter how well you plan. Do you have any theories for aid you'd like to broach with me before setting off yourself?" She says while finish off with putting the holding fixture on the stove that is full of water and herbs to heat up.
  13. ((Whatever it was in Discord it was strong))
  14. ((Alright, yeah I feel like the area is busy enough with other stuff that there's area within the range. base -10 +30 for Stummer = total +20)) "Thanks, they'll know they're blocked, but that won't help them actually get any help here for a bit", Lax begins to start quickly open one of the operating panels on the station and reads some descriptive inscriptions on scripture on the inside of the panel. "If you two want to pull out we'll pull out, make the call, but we came here to get information didn't you?", Lax gets to typing on the operating panel of the panel of the relay tower. ((I'm treating this as an extended test, Lax needs to get a certain amount of DoS for baseline info. I'm ruling 5 for baseline info If you want him to go farther we'll go farther for more info. Tech-Use Known +0, Combi-tool +30, Manual +10, act -10 normally I'd rule it +0 but things are rushed. Anyways Target 64, Roll 39 for 4DoS.)) "I'm getting somewhere at least, the machine spirit doesn't seem built for defense, we shouldn't need too much longer." ___ You can note that the servitor seems to be making its way closer to the group, but only in a very plodding manner, it will take time for it to make it's rounds to you ((a couple of posts)). You hear the guard on the other hand try to call to their companion, the guard inside of the station is female. She notes the static generator in effect and curses loudly, but you hear her making her way into the relay station to try and find the source of the disturbance. ((I'll roll Awareness for them, normally it'd be -10 but they know there's something wrong with the alarm which I'll give as a +10. +20 baseline for a target of 57. Result 72 for 3DoF)) They start searching the perimeter it seems to try and see if the targets are already leaving, so you've got a bit of time if the audio cues around you are anything to go by currently speaking.
  15. ((Alright, are you trying to hid within the field of the Stummer or are you going to move outside of that? Awareness will be relevant certainly, I just want how to figure difficulty for Stealth first.))
  16. ((Alright, I'll try an Awareness test for the occupants of the station again, Guard target 57 and Servitor target 05. Guard result 43, 2DoS, does not surpass Estelia's 6DoS. Servitor result 31, 4DoF. Great roll Estelia lol, gotta love it when Stealth actually works out.)) The tension in the air is palpable in the field of silence as you work your way through the relay station's interior, you occasionally see a shadow of the servitor pass against a wall but it seems the maintenance path of the automaton isn't in the path that Lax is leading you along through to the main control console of the tower device. An odd feeling may pass over you traveling this way, your brain trying to pick up on noises it knows should be there, but cannot actually be created due to the Stummer's effects. After 3 minutes of moving in between machine stacks and a tense 15 seconds of waiting for the servitor to make a turn you arrive at the main console. Notedly even in 'death' the servitor has an Oath Cog on its wrist, you note as it trundles along in whatever daze servitors exist in. You make your way to the central column of the relay station's tower construction, or at least the monitoring station access point. The structure is impressively large, the tower seemingly going for much farther into Desoleum's sky as it would connect to other relay lines from elsewhere in the hive. It likely takes up a fourth of the area of the relay station, which is useful for you, as it gives a good blocking view into the entrance of the relay station from where you're at currently. The station itself seems to be in a locked case structure, that would then give you access to the monitor itself. Lax slumps a little realizing he'll have to attempt to undo the lock with a clock running now, but shrugs and gets to work. ((Security -10, Target 24, Result 63 for 5DoF...well...yay.)) "Oh fenk me sideways..." Lax says in his bead, he tears open the monitor door and quickly tries to get to work, "That door had a silent alarm, I triggered it getting through the locks, at the least the sanctionarys and servitor know. Estelia hit the feed generator so they can't call out." ((So...I'll have some talk ooc with ariel and estelia's players to figure out how we want to handle the situation lol))
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