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  1. ThenDoctor

    New character acquisitions

    Since the only thing available was the Armoury at the time, I don't see an issue with at least opening it to Into the Storm. That supplement is a ton of cut content anyways that didn't make it in to the core. Anything else I'd rule is GM approval, but I've not seen anything official over the statement. DH would be straight out though, they're different games and different balances.
  2. ThenDoctor

    Of Great and Terrible Things

    Lax looks at Estelia seemingly noticing that she had no luck in finding anything and nods in understanding. ((Yeah, it's been a while, I don't see why we can't use the Influence bonus thing. Ariel 10 for Auspex, so Success. 22 for Hallucinogen Grenade, so Success. 90 for Awareness, so Failure.)) Turning to Ariel he notices her acquisitions and adds, *static* "Auspex should be useful in figuring out the positions of any occupants in the relay station, but...what's the Hallucinogen grenade for?" *static*
  3. Well then...you have your answer, it loses 1 point after it's abated you'd have to "recast" it. If it works as cover, then treat it as cover. PR/AP 3 1st Pen 2 so damage reduced by 1, if it does enough damage then the second strike would be reduced by 0 because the AP would be reduced by 1 from strike 1.
  4. ThenDoctor

    Of Great and Terrible Things

    "That's expressly what I suggested him for, to be used by you as you please." Inellia states with a straight face, but without his helmet Lax doesn't realize the raised eyebrow he has can be seen by anyone looking at him. _ The date is 3.002.868.M41 the time is 0800 standard Imperial. ((How did you end up spending the Feast of the Emperor's Ascension?)) It has been nearly two weeks since your meeting with Inellia concerning the next move in your investigation in to the Relay Station near House Novianna. This this end Lax was tasked with trying to scour the manse for materials and see what contacts he may be able to scrounge up in terms of acquiring items. ((Side Note: You may make acquisition tests as well for what supplies you feel may be prudent, or general tests to try and get a bit more information about the situation overall. There's no reason for you guys to have just been sitting around or anything.)) To this end Lax requests that you meet him in the armoury room to show you the fruits of his labor. On a long table that's generally lined with weapons awaiting maintenance you note what appears to be a small, hand-held, compact device that seems like it has many minor attachments within it, a device that seems of a smooth black material about the size of your palm that seems puck sized, and a device that seems to look like a scale with to orbs on the ends of the arms. He presents to you: 1x Combi-Tool (-20 Influence roll vs 41 Influence result 07) 1x Stummer (0 Influence roll vs 41 Influence result 38) 1x Static Generator (-30 Influence roll vs 41 Influence result 06) Lax stands with his helmet on again, *static* "I tried to turn up a few other things, but apparently it's harder to find a Multi-Key than I thought. Makes sense I guess given that they're used to bypass security. I was right though there was a smaller jamming device than what I'd thought, so we won't be knocking out the entire tower. It should just take out comm beads in a few dozen meters. They'll know we're using it when it's active however." *static* He pauses for a moment waiting to hear about what either of you two rounded up, or awaiting a general commentary on what he accomplished.
  5. It might be something similar to Fettered power use in some of the other systems.
  6. I don't see why it'd be removed at all, unless I'm misremembering how Telekine shield works. As long as you sustain it going then it'd be fine no?
  7. ThenDoctor

    Of Great and Terrible Things

    Lax looks at Ariel a bit nonplussed and blinks, "You have a very...kind view of how seriously the Mechanicus take situations like that, at least if Kappex was anything go by. Unless you pulled rank with stating your Inquisitorial allegiance I guess. Even then they'd be a bit angry over the whole thing." Inellia regards Estellia, "They are, but in connection to the possible machinations of heretics one cannot spare the bud to get to the root. The Emperor knows His own and rewards a Loyalist's sacrifice, willing or not, with a place at His side. Your souls will not be judged for carrying out your duties so long as your mindset remains pure. But it is something to keep in your hearts when you consider the path forwards. But, we've discussed the situation I feel for long enough. You have a plan, a means, and time to try and get a hold of any equipment you feel relevant. Is there anything else you require of myself?"
  8. ThenDoctor

    The Witch-Cursed World

    Never let it be said that the developers overly cared too much about timestamps. That's one thing I've found in my readings of Dark Heresy at least. The answer is, "I don't know, GMs are encouraged to come up with their own answers" for the most part.
  9. I've been reading the trilogy again myself (in my readthrough of all the DH1 materials), always hints but never solid answers. That's how it was intended though, why give a solid answer for the future of the sector when they end up erupting it in civil war with the Apostasy Gambit.
  10. ThenDoctor

    Discord- Where all the cool kids are at

    Roll For Heresy has died some time ago, you might try to find the Ordo Discordia (you can find a link from r/40krpg to search for a group possibly.
  11. ThenDoctor

    Of Great and Terrible Things

    "It probably wouldn't be too hard to get a multi-key, I doubt they're that difficult to turn up. Using one is a different matter still as I guess none of us really know much about lock-picking it seems." Lax offers. "I doubt any entrance from the tunnels has a lock, probably just mechanically sealed, I would suspect the only actual lock would be the relay station entrance and something on the main cogitation engine of the traffic control spirit." Lax looks confused at the second point trying to figure out what electronic locks have to do with corpses, "Well, if we're planning on killing them that seems like a different matter entirely, there's probably security there cameras, recording devices, and others. If anything I suspect an entrance may be keyed to a specific piece in their Oath-Cog...come to think of it the Repair Servitor would probably have an Oath-Cog too for such things if we need it. Might be harder to drop if we need to put it down." Lax considers the idea for a moment, "At the very least, you, I guess we, should probably try to get a Stummer, it'll help keep things quiet getting through the tunnel entrance. I've heard about things that may be able to jam outgoing signals to stop reinforcements, but I don't know if it'd disrupt communication traffic from the relay station, and if that happened we'd have the Mechanicus on us and that'd be...well let's just go with no one wants that. There's probably something smaller we may be able to use to try and kill microbeads, but I guess it's a matter of how much shopping we want to do versus how much we care about keeping the outside Sanctionary from coming in. Come to think of it a Combi-Tool wouldn't go amiss for gaining access to the inner workings of the cogitator station that would have the relevant information." Inellia looks amused at the growing list of equipment Lax is thinking up, but she says nothing in reply.