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  1. ThenDoctor

    Of Great and Terrible Things

    ((Go ahead, less work for me ;), but really I like players filling in the fiction of the world.)) ((Roll result 39, if you wish to add any details))
  2. Just popping a reminder. Im away from my computer this weekend so no rush though.
  3. ThenDoctor

    Of Great and Terrible Things

    You recall Sister Inellia's words, "...The clothier's name is Cassa she is the main contact the Consortium and nobility of the Apex that is used on Desoleum. The Inquisition has kept an eye on her for some time due to these connections, but they have not found anything particularly damning either way. It would be appreciated if she was not made aware of the gaze of His left hand as it were." ((As this is not Downtime Acquisition we won't be implementing the House Rule for Influence/Requisitioning goods. Autopistol - Average (+0) w/Compact - Average (+0) Concealed Holster - Average (+0) Respirator - Average (+0) Smoke Grenades - Common (+10) )) The carriage has stopped in an area that seems to be a fairly popular business area of Port Gyre, outside the clothier shop you see an occasional shopper coming in an out, but you can tell that the customers that are there are affluent enough to afford to waste a good chunk of their script on clothing. You see the occasional Sanctionary guard as well, as you say before in the Administratum buildings. There are a myriad of other storefronts around, but you also notice street vendors hawking various, admittedly better quality, meats and other foodstuffs. You also see various street hawkers selling religious charms and prayer slips and the occasional "sanctified" artifact from this Saint or another. ((While you make your rolls, let me know what the store/stall you end up at looks like. Lyn feel free just to describe the store, I'll make the roll when I get the chance.))
  4. I'll get a post in tomorrow, save an update from Weasels.
  5. ThenDoctor

    Semi-Test...These Boards Still Alive?

    You can buy the pdfs through the current license holder through this link: http://www.drivethrurpg.com/browse/pub/3444/Ulisses-Spiele?filters=0_0_44242_0_0&term=warhammer&test_epoch=0 There are only a few pre ffg books though, as FFG got the line back when it was just Dark Heresy around so Core - Disciples. Ulisses Spiele the current license holder who is making Wrath & Glory is being headed by Ross Watson, one of the big names from FFG back when it was DH - DW, so if you've faith in him, then it should be fine.
  6. Sounds good, thanks for the update.
  7. Creatures Anathema Vermin & Predators 1. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/114010-a-question-on-gloomhaunt-attacks-post-grapple/?tab=comments#comment-1213192 Regarding the Gloomhaunt in particular - if I am reading the "Cranial Clasp" ability correctly the Gloomhaunt (who has just succeeded on its opposed silent move and subsequent charge attack thus grappling a PC) will deal 1d10+2 damage every round the grapple is maintained, right? - I essentially don't have to roll anything other than opposed str tests each round and then roll and apply the damage, yes? --------- > Yes. 2. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/114010-a-question-on-gloomhaunt-attacks-post-grapple/?tab=comments#comment-1213447 The Gloomhaunt counts as having a Strength Bonus of 6 for the purposes of Grapple Tests. Only Grapple Tests are Opposed Strength Tests, so Strength Bonus doesn't really enter into it. Personal Addition: I guess a better way to phrase this would be; does the higher Strength bonus apply to the grapple check for the purposes of the test? As if the Gloomhaunt has a new Strength? -------- > I’d use the higher SB for the inflicted damage. It really doesn’t apply to the opposed test. 3. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/114010-a-question-on-gloomhaunt-attacks-post-grapple/?tab=comments#comment-1213447 Normally Grapple victims get twice their Armour Protection against Grapple Damage. Whether this counts against the Gloomhaunt's 1d10+2R head-munching Grapple attack is unclear. - Does it? -------- > It doesn’t say it doesn’t, so it should. 4. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/19907-verminspeacker-questions/?tab=comments#comment-207211 In reference to the Verminspeaker Advance, the beast it can control cannot' have more than 19 hit points. - Okay, does that mean that the beast cannot be large, more healthy, or if the beast is reduced to 18 wounds because of combat injury, can it be controlled because it is too exhausted to resist? ---------- > The former. 5. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/19907-verminspeacker-questions/?tab=comments#comment-207211 In reference to the Verminspeaker Advance - If a creatures has more than one quality which one really counts? Because if you look closely some demon and xenos have also the beast quality. I find it very weird to control a deamon because of his beast quality. ---------- > I’d say no daemons, yes on xenos. Like it says, GM may impose other limitations. 6. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/19907-verminspeacker-questions/?tab=comments#comment-207514 In reference to the Verminspeaker Advance - Does the verminspeaker need to see the creatures he control? ------- > No, but again GM can impose limitations as needed. If no than it can control the skin stalker (beast option)? - If yes, his first power gives him the possibility to establish a link with any creatures and he doesn't need to see it. So, he can see by the eyes of a creatures and then he can see the position of a creature and can then use his "domination power" no? --------- > Probably, but GM makes final call. Xenos 7. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/28529-genestealers-12-or-24-to-initiative-rolls/?tab=comments#comment-290706 I'm just going over the Creatures book, and came across the Genestealer's skill set. He's got UnAgX2 for an Ag Bonus of 12, fair enough. But, it also has Lightning Reflexes, where he doubles his Ag bonus for rolling Initiative. - Does this mean he doubles his Ag Bonus on 6 to 12 and then adds a D10 for Initiative, or does he take his Ag Bonus of 6, double it to 12 from UnAgX2, and then double it again to 24 for Lightning Reflexes before rolling the d10? --------- > Use the rules (as example, on p333 of core rulebook) for multiplying a multiple. If you've been following closely you can tell that we've now reached the end of the archive questions for the rule supplements that I've read. I am continuing this endeavor, cut it will be a while before you see new rules questions. This is because of a couple of reasons. 1. I am reading the Dark Heresy novels and compiling described information from them about the Calixis, there aren't any questions concerning them as FFG had nothing to do with them, and I can't ask Sandy Mitchell about them as I've no way to contact them other than the ways I've tried and they have not been responsive. This should take another week or so to finish up. After the novels I have a couple other pieces of literature I am grabbing information from as well, not nearly as long in length, but it'll still be about another week or so after I finish the novels off. 2. I have not read Tattered Fates (in the way that I am reading and compiling information about the books) yet, so that will take time as well, I don't know how long, a few weeks if I go slow, if I get a lot of free time I can get through it in a short amount of time. 3. After I do finish reading Tattered Fates I have to pick 10 questions to have answered still, there are no archive questions about it, so it frees up questions concerning only what I come up with. In the meantime I'll be sending the unanswered archive questions to the producer I've been communicating with, and if they feel like answering a few here and there I'll post them up in the interim, until then I'll be seeing you.
  8. ThenDoctor

    Of Great and Terrible Things

    The trip back into Port Gyre shows a similar sort of field as you'd seen before, plenty of people traffic going from one duty to the next, lots of ship personnel on leave and like the mid/low hive in some places you see the dregs and miscreants of societies. Off to the side of one of the docking platforms you see a knife fight going on between what seems to be two different groups unloading personnel, but none of the Sanctionaries seem to be concerned about the issue, and you can even see some other people taking bets in the form of script or small plastek cogs. You make your way in an opposite direction than the Administratum district of the Port and find your carriage going through what seems to be a business boulevard where you see multiple storefronts selling this or that anything that a ship-goer would reasonably try to be restocking or wasting their money on while at the port during drop off or pick up. ((Note, either before you go to the clothier or afterwards we can do an Influence Roll for requisition some equipment if I deem it reasonable to find it here, if you'd like.)) Eventually the carriage slows and comes to a stop in front of an unassuming storefront, it doesn't have a name, but you see a sign of what seems to be a bolt of multicolored fabric, and in the windows you can see bolts, or clothing, of various styles and colours as well from what seems to be multiple places on Desoleum the planet, as you've not seen all of the styles in the Apex of Desoleum Primus. The carriage makes no more movement and seems to be waiting for you to exit.
  9. ThenDoctor

    Desoleum and Oaths

    Theoretically the Oath system would filter down because of indentured servitude, noble ties, and other such things. Just a proliferation of culture I'd suspect. Nothing I've seen's mentioned it heavily one way or the other.
  10. I will make a post tomorrow if Weasel doesn't find the time (which is totally fine we all have lives of varying business).
  11. Sounds good, thanks for the update.