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  1. You two can continue this at least to it's natural conclusion. I'll put in a response that happens after this conversation obviously. ((Reclimators, can't live with 'em, can't shoot them dead in the street lol)) Inellia offers no real commentary, while she didn't expect you to come back before going into the alms house this is not inherently against the initial plan you laid out. Things are, as well as they can be, going according to your stated desires and designs. Even not finding too much implies, at least to her, that the House hides things well. Which...well to a paranoid mind means they've something to hide. Going to discuss things with this "Sister Intias" seems like the next natural step, it may be even better without the actual head of the Alms House around as you may get information otherwise not protected. ((We'll get another round of Ariel/Estelia interacting with that to close it out and then get to the next day at the Alms House))
  2. Per my figuring: 1230 XP for base tests Round up for roleplaying 170 Total: 1400 XP to spend Feel free to refresh Fate Points, Wounds, etc for resting. Feel free to get a Requisition set in if you'd like. Is there anything you'd like to do in the short time you're waiting at the Villa beforehand?
  3. Estelia seems to have found herself at a food stall named 'Garak's Grub' which is in a lull period for the time. Perhaps the majority of shift changes are over. Not exactly sure what the stall is selling other than what smells like meats covered in some sort of sweet smelling sauce to mask the...dubious quality of the actual protein it's on. The stall vendor is a middle-aged man who's currently mixing what appears to be a newer batch of food (again seemingly in the lull since there's time). 'Garak' as the sign would imply actually takes a look up from his work and wide eyes a little bit at Estelia gear. "Throne, you ain't there to shake it down or nothin' huh? They're decent customers when they aren't begging." He seems to be kidding though as he laughs to himself shaking his head. He makes a quick...confection (it's basically a gyro) and hands it to her, "First one's free, but the Alms house is down that road and hang a left for a quarter block when you hit the main thoroughfare." ((Theoretically Estelia may ask him some questions, or come back later (as we discussed about her making her way back) certainly something to keep in mind given the high DoS basically giving an alright impression on him. Assuming she goes on her way.)) He calls out to Estelia as she begins making her way back to the alms house, "Tell your friends! Heck bring'em!" he laughs to himself again. ((We'll just assume the both of you note Estelia walking up from the other direction you'd have thought.))
  4. ((Given that this is all of you assisting this one thing, I'll just make one general reply. Take a +20 to an Awareness, and/or to an Inquiry depending on if you take Balt/Ariels or both suggestions.))
  5. This area certainly seems...different in a similar way that much of the hive is similar. You can see why people who live her are adept at urban navigation. Anyone in this back area of the hab block seems to be on their own business, and currently are not paying much attention to you. At this point, it seems that either Estelia may have to get ahold of her team for aid, or ask one of the various citizen for directions. Oddly enough you have heard Lax mention of some people who take work directing and leading people places for a living. Getting lost in a hive is an easy thing, finding your way back, not so much. It seems as if the scum had heard much similar from the alms house or street preachers, and don't take too much regard with the sermon. As for what Ariel may recall, I believe in her time in Desoleum she would have learned generally that the 'Dark' is a point below even the underhive. It is the foundational layer of the city. As bad as an Underhive it, this is supposed to be worse...somehow. The 'wastes' refer to the area outside of the hive, the irradiated, glassed deserts of the planet dividing hive cities. ((You can make Common Lore (Imperium) +0 test to ask more specific questions that I'll answer)) ((After discussing on Discord what the current plan is for the group.)) Before a meeting can occur you'll need to get back with Estelia, and it definitely feels like she should have made contact by now or been caught, some change regardless.
  6. Following the father's kind "ministrations" you do note the two scum seem like they'll continue to be cordial with your coterie down the line. How does Ariel feel about the Father essentially bribing Scum for information, or does she think it's bribing? Estellia isn't entirely certain where the fire exit actually lead out. The way was...confusing to say the least appears that the exit had been "maintained" over the years to update to the hab block as it was increased upon due to the ever growing nature of the Hive. She's not entirely certain just where she ended up in relation to the front of the alms house now. ((Make a Navigate (Surface) +10 test, you may modify this with Survival +0 Test to essentially track the flow of people and maybe catch a familiar face in the same way Balt got to modify his Charm Test in the earlier post.)) "Well, Brother Baranthas is a...well a bit scrawny really, think he never really got a lot of nutrient paste as a kid. Says he grew up in the Dark himself, so's I guess that catches. Short, thin, scrawny, old though, he's a survivor sure as sin. Hard to miss really, tan like he gets in the sun of the wastes, brown eyes, odd hair though...like pus-fruit wine. Piercing in his eyebrow, gold, says is from his ganger days to remind him where he was so it can't drag him back...looks valuable though..." Tandy says off handedly as if she's thought of taking it before. "Sister Intias is wiry, taller, only a bit though, thinner 'n gettout. Hardly think she eats anything, says she enjoys fasting, puts her closer to the Emperor. Personally I think if the Emperor didn't want us to eat he wouldn't provide us with food, but who am I to disagree." Skive shrugs, "Anyways, she's younger than Baranthas, but not by much. Personally I think they grew up together, but you didn't hear that from me, I don't think they're actually brother and sister," he whispers conspiratorially. "Fair skinned, mousy short hair, blue eyes...bluest eyes I ever saw. Jittery though, says she got a tic from the fumes when she was young, acts up every now and again when things get hectic." They definitely give their approval at the idea of keeping Balthazar appraised of anything that may be happening anytime soon, but they explain that things don't generally happen until Brother Baranthas gets back up from the Dark.
  7. ((You can make a Stealth Test -10 Test. It's not about getting down to street level or not, but about being noticed.)) Estelia hears some grumbling back at the entrance, but at this point she is not being pursued seemingly. ((You can make an Awareness Test +0 as you were considering Estilia's goal as well. At a different view for sure, but still a scope out is a scope out even if it's short.)) The scum wide eye at the 'advance payment' and nod quickly at your request. They huddle off to discuss what they each know to report back. ((You and Lyn can make Awareness -10 Tests to possibly gain any different info that they're about to give you.)) They come back and Skive begins: "Well you're lookin' for Brother Baranthas sure as a maggot ration stinks" - "Aye, but he's away for now" - Tandy "Away quite a bit to be fair, down in the Dark findin' "More to bring to the fold" or somesuch thing." - Skive - "Gone four days now, prolly back in 3" - Tandy "No, who you probably want to talk to about details is Sister Intias. She's his right hand, far as we've been told." - Skive - Tandy scoffs and makes a face mumbling loud enough to hear, "Moren'is right hand sure as sure." and Skive bats at her.
  8. There doesn't seem to be an obvious new details, however you do note that the door you were trying to open before force itself open (quite loudly at that). You eventually hear someone (a male voice above you) call out from the fire escape entrance, "Oi, what're you making all the ruckus for?!" From here at least can't make out too many facial details, and they likely can't make out too many of your details for what that's worth. ((That's what the 07 awareness ended up being)) They don't pay too much attention to you if you quiet down, seemingly they've noted it may be that you're a "guard" for a reason. ((Make a +30 Influence Test (as this is more or less pocket change) for the "well-being" donation (failure isn't going to hurt it just won't help). If you get any DoS you may add them to a Charm roll (base +10) until you get to +30)) Both of the scum perk up immediately at the idea of getting a payday, and seem utterly eager about helping the nobleman out.
  9. ((Sure at this point, give me an Awareness +0 given enough circumstances have changed)) While this roof is simply facing the front of the Alms house, there are roofed areas all around, that or more decripit buildings, fire escapes, or even possibly an empty hab unit that may be occupied with differing views of the house. Ariel gets an incredibly confused look from the two of the scum, as if she were less intelligent than the two of them individually. "Throne are you on about? Ain't anything at Gyre." says Skive "Don't know about the slum sea to be fair." offers Tandy They both take a read of you to try and figure out just where that came from, but shrug it off to your theoretical privilege in the situation.
  10. There are two "dregs" milling around the outside of the alms house (Tandy (f) and Skive (m)) who give you a general set of answers about what they're at the alms house for which amounts to ((I'm presenting this like any other Inquiry table with multiple successes having different entries)): One: "The alms house is the only place we can go that we don't get thrown out of. They take care of us, feed us, give us a place to rest. They even let some of us stay on to help out the others if we show enough faith." Two: "Strange sometimes, don't like using formal names. Always brother this sister that. Never met a mother or father though. Last one that asked got a mean as **** look for the question like it was an insult to be saying the word or something." Three +: "Never been to their more private faith meeting, those that go get on the boat real fast. I think it's just 'cause they're actually making a bit of something of themselves. They're supposed to have a...I guess outreaching program lower in the hive. I ain't going lower unless the Enforcers kick me down there, so I can't help you there." ((You may feel free to follow up with more questions as you please)) Life in the mid hive is just as varied from you as you can tell that the higher levels and even the port vary. Each are a land unto their own, whereas on a shrine world there are pilgrims and priests and even they can look similar at times. Here you note that there is no natural light, much like in the area of the villa, but here there are not natural sun lamps, merely industrial street lights that likely have times of service...provided the machine spirits are awake as a few are asleep. Though you do note an adept seemingly coaxing one back into dutiful service down the street. Even from here on the outside of the alms house you note none of those milling around have the particularly blue handkerchiefs of note. Not Tandy or Skive, though their connection to eachother you aren't inherently sure about either. It would appear not for lack of skill that Estellia cannot get into the building, but for lack of care to the workings of the lock or the door mechanisms that are keeping it shut. ((You may attempt another test to try to open it (Strength +10)) You do note that the areas surrounding the alms house don't seem to be overly run down, a run of the mill mid-hive worker house for the various manufactorums that suffuse Desoleum Prime. Scum must seem to stick around the street level, or at least the alleyways.
  11. While Estelia doesn't notice anything related to the Almshouse other than what you've seen from the carriage you do note that generally speaking, at this time, there's basically no new traffic going in to the house. Nor is there anyone coming out of the house. What that may mean is pretty relative to its surroundings, it could be a shift change of some sort. At this area in particular, you do note that there's essentially no Scum activity in the alleyways near the Almshouse itself either for whatever reason, they seem to be staying away from the area. You could attempt to re position yourself, but you know it'd likely require actually getting in to a different place (with security or maybe even Tech-Use). ((Balthazar posted his intent on the Discord: So Balthazar's going to make some social skill rolls like Inquiry to poke around and see what he can learn. His recommendation for Estelia is to keep an eye out for anything suspicious (I don't remember her skills but I imagine she's better at this that Balthazar))) You note that most in the mid hives here stay a respectful distance away from what they perceive as nobility. As with the auto-carriage they take a look and then get on with their business. Most give pleasentries to your inquiries as they do have places to be (day-jobs), so the ones that you can talk with are either the vendors on this street, or those milling about the alms house itself. Out of the sheer physical presence of being there you do note what the Alms house is called "Mother's Embrace Almshouse". ((If you talk with the vendor or the scum it's +0 but if you talk with those milling around the house it's +10)) ((As listed Awareness is +0)) Even from a general looking around, past the things you already note from the carriage arriving, you can tell that life here is (relatively) better than anything anyone in even the lower-mid hive experiences. People here don't seem so...I suspect Ariel would describe them as depraved, or faithless, they merely seem focused on getting their giving duties completed. The Scum at least seem to be keeping to the back alleys for their own observations. You even note some of the people walking past the almshouse making the sign of the acquila as they pass.
  12. The auto-carriage arrives a ways down the street from the alms house (rather than right in front of it to not cause a stir), and you seem a seemingly different sort of lot from what you've previously experienced. The hustle and bustle of various peoples in the Port aren't here, many look very similar to eachother. Simple factory workers and the like that you noticed on the elevator ride between hive levels previously. There is some "rif-raff" however on the sides of the street, it's hard to escape scum in a Hive city outside of the High Levels of course. People do take a general note of the arrival of the carriage but quickly get back to whatever they were doing instead of scoping out potential targets, sizing up equals, or standing in awe of the finer things of imperial technology. You can smell faintly down the street sweet-meat vendors, but not the dangerous sort of "meat" that you may fear the origin of, it does actually smell like Grox even if it's not exactly prime quality, and the smell of human refuse is lessened in this part of the mid-hives as well. You may note a small patrol, three, of Enforcers walking through the street, but they don't beat anyone out of their way like you may have noted in the lower areas. People merely move aside knowing their place. While no street preacher is around you do not a somewhat functioning laud hailer calling out broken Imperial catechisms and hymnals. In relation to your mission, you not mainly the two following things: - The Alms house looks unassuming enough. A simple fabricated building with what appears to be portions of it reconstructed to a semblance that doesn't seem to be about to fall apart. You see the poor and downtrodden sitting around outside, but at the moment no workers from the house (that you can tell) are outside assisting them. You note that there seems to be some form of heat and burning going on as there is smoke coming out of the top of the building. Not in an on fire way, but rather, a fireplace or cooking equipment way. The building itself is nestled between hab units of middling size, but notably they are not connected to the alms house. Some of this repair seems to have disassociated the house with the other habs around it. As for sneaking in/around it, that's another issue. - The area around the House is a series of hab units, they do have windows, or holes in them for various viewing ports, also across the street division are more habs that one could feasibly enter in to as well and view the alms house from, it's a matter of reaching where you'd like to go and then getting a veiw-point that you'd find useful to scoping things out. Alternatively there are of course alleyways in multiple places you could lay low in and simply sit for the day, it depends on how you want to be seen. Getting out of the auto-carriage unnoticed is one thing obviously. ((Various Tests and Modifiers: Athletics (+20) - Lots of places to grab on to Awareness (+0) - It's a specific area you're scoping out Charm (+10/+0) - Depends on who's talking Common Lore (-20) - It's a specific section of the hab Deceive (+10/+0) - No one has a reason to not believe you, depends on circumstance Inquiry (+10/+0) - Depends on circumstance, could be increased with bribe Intimidate (+0) - Depends on circumstances Scrutiny (+0) - You don't inherently know anyone here or their tells Security (+10/+0) - Depends on circumstances and just what you're breaking into, may decrease Sleight of Hand (+20/+10/+0) - Depends on what you're trying to lift Stealth (+20) - There's a lot of circumstantial stuff going on to help with Stealth currently))
  13. Inellia nods understandingly, "That is true, the lack of familiarity of anyone to a new world can be difficult to navigate at the best of times. Getting lost on such an important assignment would only lead to inconvenience at best, and at worst falling into the hands of the enemy...No, it might be best for you to take the ride with Ariel and Balthazar, and then sneak off closer to the Alms house. Though, you should go regardless, sooner than later. You'll have to figure out if you wish to come back to the Villa or find lodging there later on however, I leave that decision to you." She dismisses you with the sign of the Aquila. ___ The Autocarriage in question is much like the very porminent ones you saw on the way to Port Gyre itself, better than the one that you used initially at least. The Cyber-equine used in the autocarriage has been well groomed and maintained, and the quality of the seating is certainly the comfiest you've likely experienced as well. It even recycles and cools the air within the carriage during the trail. The windows remain tinted during the trip, allowing the nobles occupying the carriage to not have to sully their eyes with the eyesore that Desoleum can be, so the majority of your trip is with yourselves, while the soft shaking of the carriage on it's shock system only moves slightly with the roads of the hive as you travel from the Apex to the Mid-Section. ((So I figured at least a round of dialogue exchange, or more, on the trip.))
  14. Inellia nods, "His will be done." She motions with her hand, dismissing you, "Well, now's as good a time to begin as anything. I've taken the liberty of acquiring an autocarridge transport of the proper quality for such traveling under your cover that will be a competent masquerade for Ariel and Balthazar. For now, at least for the week, its services have been sequestered for the "traveling nobles". Longer than that, and you'll have to find other means of staying in the area if it's your will. For Estellia, of course you may travel with them initially, or you may find other means of travel to the mid levels for cover while scoping out the area."
  15. She inclines her head slightly, "The goal of any plan that doesn't involve a pyre I suppose."
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