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  1. ThenDoctor

    Of Great and Terrible Things

    The chapel is a simple thing, in its simplicity you find opulence all the same in the materials of the four pews that occupy the area being made of foreign wood and the walls being decorated in a mosaic of the Emperor Ascendant. The focus of the chapel is a shrine dedicated to the Beati ((or however you spell it referring to Saint Sabbat)). Inside you find a familiar face in the form of one of Lax's fellow guards, the older male with grey hair, you've never caught their name ((at least I can't find where I gave them names yet maybe I'm mistaken)), but they seem to have their head bowed in prayer. Inellia looks disappointingly at Ariel and her suppositions and sighs, "Our mere existence is a test from the Emperor Ariel. To stand against the Long Night and defend the Imperium from the things that dwell within, without, and even beyond is a test, but this...no it wasn't. When I am to intervene it means I am to hopefully pull you out of a situation in which you would most likely die, not hold your hand in an investigation. Go on, speak with your compatriots, come to a decision, and if you decide you wish to speak with our Inquisitrix then come and find me. Otherwise we'll speak again when I hear from the Order of the Watchful Eye, it shouldn't be too long now." She dismisses Ariel with a nod of her head and an Aquila.
  2. ThenDoctor

    Interested in licensing Dark Heresy for Fantasy Grounds

    These days they'd have to contact Ulisses Spiele the current license holder
  3. ThenDoctor

    Of Great and Terrible Things

    Lax nods in acknowledgement of the thanks as Estelia makes her way from the room, and when she's left he turns back to the many pict screens of the security cameras around the villa. He seems distracted however concerning their discussion. ((I don't have anything else to add unless Estellia comes up with something else she'd like to look in to. If Ariel chooses to contact the Inquisitor I'll bring you in on that scene.)) Inellia looks at Ariel sternly, "My prerogative is what our Inquisitrix tells me my prerogative is. Currently that is supervising you and your compatriots in this investigation and intervening where I see fit. I arranged those meetings because you found evidence that was useful to follow up on and explained your desire to learn more from the Order. There was no risk in such a thing, nothing overly great as far as I have the ability to see. You say you want to visit the relay station, you're free to, you know where it is. However, intervening here provides too great a risk to our enemies learning our moves, and so I will not do what you ask. I will contact our benefactor for the sake of you finding more information however, if that is something you wish, but it must be your choice." Inellia softens her look understandingly, "The schola and the convent teach you to obey and respect your superiors decisions always, but the Inquisition demands of you personal choice and free thought. It demands you make a decision and deal with the consequences for the sake of the entire Imperium in some cases. This is one such decision Ariel, and I will not make it for you." She awaits Ariel's choice.
  4. ThenDoctor

    [DH1] Question from the Archives - Help Wanted

    Ah I see, my mistake, I'll make sure to gather those up for when I throw them back.
  5. ThenDoctor

    [DH1] Question from the Archives - Help Wanted

    If you read the top bit you'll see there's no way we'll get answers to all of these.
  6. Got a post in I've spoken with Weasels privately, as they are dealing with some unavoidable life issues, I asked if they would feel alright with us putting Balthazar to the side for the time being and continuing on a more regular basis until they can re enter the story in a manner that they can divert the energy and time they want to put in to it. They agreed to such a thing, as such they aren't going to be removed from the game as a player, the issues aren't something I'd remove anyone for, I suggested my alternative to continuing the story and they thought it was a good idea as well. For now we'll be continuing the vignettes until they reach a natural conclusion, and then we will continue the story. Hopefully Weasels will be able to join by that point, but it may not be in anyone's control. Until Weasels comes to me with a decision one way or the other, this will be the path forward.
  7. ThenDoctor

    Of Great and Terrible Things

    She considers Ariel for a moment, "I'd suspect your next line of inquiry may depend on what the Order of the Watchful Eye has to say, if it's more prudent than the relay station, but I see your point. Those sort of plans are beyond my ability to quietly requisition, I doubt anyone save the Mechanicus of the planet would have them as they relate to the infrastructure of the Hive that deals with communication. Admittedly I'm not from Desoleum so I don't know the inner workings of such bureaucracy, but that information could be dangerous in the right hands...do you intend on being dangerous Ariel?" Inellia continues without waiting for an answer, but the smile on her face doesn't leave, "If you have the intent to pursue this sort of information, there's only one recourse that could acquire it in a manner that doesn't give away the fact that we are trying to obtain it, especially for the relay station that seems a crux to the investigation overall. That would be contacting our mutual benefactor, our Inquisitrix, would you do such a thing?" Lax shakes his head, *static* "I doubt that the Consortium would ever consent to you guys mucking around with their stuff, especially without Mechanicus personnel...I guess you could drop the "I" card if it came down to it. Convincing them of that kind of a lie would require a bit of investment; fake documents, disguises, and a whopper of a lie." *static* He considers for a quiet moment at the feasibility of it, though he understands it's not his call to make, *static* "They aren't exactly fans of non natives either, they don't really like anyone that doesn't have an oath over them which is everyone save the Consortium and by extension Lady Desoleum and the nobility that aren't part of the Apex...Is there anything else I may be able to answer?" *static*
  8. I think you should've stopped immediately and just said, "You're lost for 6 years if you burn a fate point you survive otherwise make a new PC because you go crazy" Like...this is way way way too much. The Inquisition would just kill him.
  9. ThenDoctor

    Of Great and Terrible Things

    Lax performs some minor technological catechism to soothe the machine spirits he's observing at the time and turns around from the multiple screens he seems to be viewing. These screens, if Estellia cares to notice, show many of the areas of the villa, excluding your personal rooms, even one or two you're not sure that you've seen yourself in person just yet. *static* "That depends on what you're looking to know really, are you wanting to kill them, or are you just wanting to get around them? Well...I guess that doesn't matter either way." *static* he considers the question for a moment, even putting his gloved hand where his chin would be in a gesture of thinking. *static* "Well, the consortium seems to operate on a pretty similar level as the station's defense force, maybe they have the same defense armament contractor or something, I don't know. Regardless they've got a reinforced uniform, loose carapce plates, carry small arms and melee weapons to deal with crowds. They're trained by the Consortium at the approval of Lady Desoleum to what I'd assume are Munitorum standards of some sort for planetary defense." *static* he nods to himself, *static* "They're hard though, cold the lot of them, if you try and convince them of anything that goes against what they are told of their oaths you're going to have a hard time. They're single minded that way, and they don't like anyone, even other natives...especially other natives." *static* Ariel can almost hear Inellia smirk to herself before she responds, "You may enter, we can discuss things in here as well as through a door." She waits for Ariel to enter and gestures to a seat before continuing anyways if Ariel sits or not, "A proposition, as far as I'm aware, might imply return for my efforts. I wonder what you're willing to offer for information Ariel and for what information you seek." She glances down back at the table filled with more information and less order than before, all seeming related to the larger schema unfolding around the lot of you.
  10. ThenDoctor

    [DH1] Question from the Archives - Help Wanted

    I didn't say they weren't answered at all, just that no developer answered them officially.