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  1. At Gencon, no reply til Sunday...hopefully. Sorry for the long wait.
  2. ((I don't want to reveal the personality to you, Balthazar can try and figure that out on his own if he wishes to. Just apply a +0 and I'll put on any modifiers I find necessary.))
  3. ———— > If it’s not specifically named as such then technically no, but if no other identification is given then it certainly could be if the GM wants it to be so. 32. The Slayer Pump Shotgun mentions that there's a variant that is resistant to warping in the extreme conditions of Hive Tarsus, how would this be reflected mechanically (the warping, not resisting it)? ————— > You could apply a higher jam possibility, due to the warped barrels. Maybe another 5%. 33. Since Cinder Crag Forge is mentioned explicitly as a forge was it intended for Gunmetal City? ————— > See #31 34. Can the drive nailer really not be fired on Single fire? ———— > Yep! One trigger pull and a burst fires out. I’d allow a Hard Tech-Use check to add a single-shot mode though. 35. Where on or in Ambulon is it hot enough to require a Volcanis Shroud? ———— > Engine rooms, plasma vents, you name it. It’s 40k—there are always really unpleasant places no matter where you go. 36. The weight for the Mantle Shrine is listed as "1-kg" seems like a typo of some sort, so what is the weight? ———— > Agree. I’d say no more than around 10 if you can carry it around. 37. Any relation between Cassilda, the heretic illuminator that created the Heretic's Wake Deck, and Cassilda Cognos? ————— > Not intentionally, but that could be an interesting thing to unravel... 38. Night Dust apparently last for 41d0 hours when ingested through alcohol, I'm assuming 4d10? ———— > Yep! 39. The Pale Pits are part of the "Services" offered in the Hive world section, but they have no entry on the price table. They mention there's a variety of prices, but is there a minimum? For the sake of tables? ————— > Probably 5 thrones would be a standard low wager that wouldn’t get you laughed at. But GM can change that as desired depending on the pit. 40. Is the Sollex Energy Blade's destructive quality even more powerful than a normal Power Field, can it destroy any melee weapon it parries? ———— > Nope, no other rules to indicate that so I’d say no. GM and players could create a Best Craftsmanship version perhaps though that could be more destructive though.
  4. The biggest news in this is that Ross Watson, a name you might remember from earlier lines, is involved in Wrath & Glory. Oh and that the pdfs will be available again through them.
  5. PDFs will be available soon again through the new holders of the license Ulisses Spiele. However the print was out long before the license was gone, so good luck finding a copy cheap.
  6. Got a post in, did not think I'd have a reason to pull out the social interaction rules lol.
  7. ((You know...I honestly didn't see that coming. Ok so here's what we're gonna do, I'm gonna grab an NPC and we'll use social interaction rules. I will use this noble to try and convince them they're right, and you (the team) can use their skills and attempt to convince the npc you're right.)) The magnate is a bit flabbergasted at this turn of events, and stands as this turn of events does bring forth a venerated Tech-Priest of the Adeptus Mechanicus. It is difficult to tell, but the mechanized voice that addresses you seems male, "The call has been heeded. This disagreement will be resolved. Present your cases. This servant of the Omnissiah will decide the outcome." ((The situation will work like this, The social interaction rules allow me to decide the personality of an npc and set their disposition. First side to bring the priest a certain disposition level will win this argument. Obviously lowering the disposition to 0 loses automatically. We clear?))
  8. The man's face darkens at Balthazar's resistance, "You will do no such thing, I am invoking the rights of the Consortium to presently and immediately complete whatever duty or business I have to that organization within the Adeptus as it pertains to the business of Desoleum and therefore the holy fulfillment of Desoleum's tithe agreements to the Adeptus Terra greater." He motions to the novices and his guard steps forward, "And you and your little helpers will do nothing in the way of stopping that." The crowd behind the line has actually gone very quiet at this point and faces that can see the situation are seemingly worried in expression. ((You don't need to roll a Scrutiny to be able to tell this guy will escalate the situation if it continues in this manner much longer. Not trying to influence your play. I'm just telling what the situation is.))
  9. I have some things to take care of today that will eat my time, but I will try to get something in this evening or tomorrow morning.
  10. ————— > Right now, I’d use the DH2 Spook table 22. What made the team choose to go with Volonx Thunderclap instead Bang-a-rang? That's what they were called in the old Black Industries planet information stuff. ———— > No idea there, sorry. It’s possible when the planet info was collected that name was taken from an earlier draft. 23. Are the Scar Dragons of Monrass the Scar Wyrms of the size table descriptions? ———— > Nope. Latter are much, much bigger. 24. If a Skem Net is deployed by an arrow, does it affect the roll to hit at all? Similarly how would it be deployed in a more advanced manner? As a grenade (through a launcher)? ———— > Nope. And yes, it could be fitted into a grenade housing and fired via a grenade launcher. 25. How would a Null Field stop a torch from working? Or is it the britich torch in the sense it's a flashlight? ———— > It’s more about the field stopping psychic powers; the “preventing” part is a catch-all for any other situation where more expected lighting would be used. 26. Can Spitfire shells be used in any other bolt weapons (or weapons in general)? Or only the Volg Pattern? ———— > Probably not, as their size is designed for that pistol. 27. How much does a dose of Strixis Tincture cost and how rare is it? It is the usual payload of the Hypo pistol. ———— > On its own I’d say use the same cost/rarity as the dart itself for simplicity’s sake. The darts are mass manufactured and are likely dirt cheap themselves. 28. How would poisoned or explosive darts affect the Cadence's profile respectively? As well, how expensive/rare would they be? ———— > It would really depend on the exact poison or explosive. You could just add the appropriate qualities to the profile to get the desired result, with the GM then determining a new cost/rarity if needed. 29. Is the Mariette also produced by Belasco? ———— > Nope. 30. Was it ever discussed which thane makes the .54 Tranter? I'd assume Westinkrup since it's made in the Infernis area, but I could always be wrong. ———— > Did you mean “fane?” Westingkrup could be making them, but I’d imagine they come from others on the side too.
  11. How's it going? Good on ya!
  12. Hey tagging on the Mara Table, could you post a link to your extra Dead Stars encounters? I used to have a copy but it's gone somewhere...