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  1. I don't mind, I just thought it was funny, you'll certainly get information it's about the impact you leave on people and the way the skills influence the scene.
  2. The All Guardsmen Party

    Huh, guess I never really thought about it all actually ending, think there might be a second campaign where Serge ascends to Inquisitor and everyone else is a Storm Trooper? lol Or, I guess it might happen that way anyways I'll just have to wait.
  3. The All Guardsmen Party

    Final chapter, as in final chapter of "The Stealth Mission" or final "All Guardsmen Party"?
  4. Of Great and Terrible Things

    ((As far as I can tell 4DoS is correct, honestly the intimidate check alone makes me want to roleplay it lol)) The group of passengers in question number four in total, three females and one male, they seem to have come from the same place given their attire (what amounts to averagely maintained servant garb on Desoleum are simple dresses and suits that accentuate the presence of their Oath Cogs, designs repeat across their sleeves of their apex house oaths they exist under as well.) A red haired female in the group, a bit younger than the other two but as old as the male, around 22 for the young ones, is continuing their line, " then she gives me another month's worth of cog because I didn't 'shine them to the correct brightness' I swear to the Throne she did, can you believe it?!" One of the older women, gray haired in her lat 40's, chuckles and adds, "I do, but that's how she is, she does that sort of thing when you're getting close to under a year left so they can find more reasons to keep you longer. It's why you have to stay out of her way." The young female responds red faced, "I'll tell her where she can shove that cog if she wants to try and give me any more time, right up her prissy little a-" at this point she goes wide eyed at the approaching armed figure in what she likely thinks is Ecclesiarchal armor. The group of them notice and visibly stiffen and the male steps slightly forward, "Can, uhm, can we help you mam?"
  5. Yes it's for info gathering with the other passengers.
  6. ———— > Keep it as is. 42. Should Option #1 for the Skin Taker have natural armour on its multiple arms as well? ——— > I’d have to say no, but it’s really up to the GM. 43. So...a bit baffling, the Stenchbeast is in the Vermin and Predators section (which is filled with Xeno category so far save the Skin Taker option #2) also it is stated as a xenoform in the accompanying journal entry for Stenchbeasts from Acolyte Baar. However, it is shown in the profile as a Heretic (the skull) and threat rated as a Malleus Minoris yet has none of the common traits of a creature of the warp. Further addressed in the adventure seed it would seemingly confirm that they are at least in some way related to warp entities as warp tainted humans who once worshiped some pagan warp entity. An idea futher backed up in Felroth Gelt's journal entry as to what Interrogator Sarangaas had been investigating upon Strank. So what exactly would you recommend the Stenchbeast be categorized as for the sake of a bestiary entry? ——— > It’s a beast but has some warp connection, the details of which are up to the GM. If the GM doesn’t want to play up that angle, they can be treated as regular creatures. 44. In the print copy of Creatures Anathema the Stenchbeast has a movement based off AB 4, but a profile AB of 3 (Agility 30) and the Quadruped trait which should make the movement based off of AB 6. However, the pdf copy gives the Stenchbeast an AB of 20, meaning AB 2 and a movement based off of AB 4 with the quadruped trait. Which Agility should the Stenchbeast have, and if 30 opinions on the movement rate? ———— > 20, with Move 4/8/12/24 45. Should the natural armour of the stench beast also apply to their arms? ———— > See #42 46. What Hieghtened Sense does the Verminspeaker get, or is the lack of designation meant to state the Verminspeaker can choose what sense is being heightened? ———— > Pick one. 47. Is a creature aware when a psyker is using Verminspeaking on it? ——— > No. 48. Can a creature resist a Verminspeaker's attempt at the Verminspeaking minor power? ———— > Not unless it’s a creature with some means to do so. In general, though, no. 49. Can a psyker send telepathic commands to their bestial ally while also seeing through their eyes with verminspeaking? ———— > See the Note under the power. 50. What is the effective range a psyker can send a telepathic command to a Bestial Ally? ———— > “Close” would mean shouting distance I’d imagine.
  7. Of Great and Terrible Things

    The trio find their easiest path down one of the major hab conveyors that generally only transfers fine materials up to the Apex, imports of food and drink or other fine materials that the Apex nobility do no have brought in through more private ways. When the conveyors are off loaded many servants who live in the mid and lower hive are permitted, or pay, to take the conveyor down to the lower levels that it travels. Passing down the lift, to the area the group needs to get off at, takes roughly two hours, something that may impress the enormity of Hive Desoleum Primus on to one not used to such sites. ((I'm not sure of Ophelia has massive buildings or is just covered in shrines and convents.)) Their trip goes at an average pace, too fast might disturb what would be on the conveyor after all and too slow would grind the gears of the hive's flow. Of note there is not sunlight on their travel, the conveyor is not on the outside of the hive and they are in an enclosed space for the entirety of their trip, yet the group can still see across a vast amount of the city through a plethora of architectures in varying states of repair some even being built upon right now. You can feel the cold of the closeness of the refrigeration units you flew through earlier getting to the area near the villa for around 10 minutes before you have moved past the area. The noise though is a muffled cacophony the sound of every movement of life and existence in the Imperium can be heard in a jumbled mess from where you are. While there are others traveling on the conveyor as well none make a movement to speak with you, the appearance of the novices with a father of the clergy seems to give off the vibe of being an important Ministorum member on the conveyor for a reason, and best to leave undisturbed. None gawk at the group or quiet down from their normal conversations, but it is easy to see the weariness of the lives the servants lead in the Apex. ((While I'm going to finish up the ride we can flash back really quickly if anyone would like to make a social roll on the group to gather some information. A Charm +0 or Intimidate +10 )) Finally you arrive at a point in the Mid Hive close to the divide between the Low Hive, you're moderately far off of where your pad said the Precinct would be, but still here you are. A dozen or so servants get off where your group departs, but none pay any head and quickly move off on their respective ways. The conveyor lowers itself again as it continues on down to the Low Hive and wherever it gets more supplies loaded on to it. From here on out you've only got your data pad to get you to the Arbite holding. ((This will require a +10 Navigate (Surface) test.)) _____________________________________________________________ Back at the villa we see Sister Inelia sighing as she leans back in her chair. In front of her is still the conference table covered in data pads and packets of varying thickness. Moved around and connected in various ways, "Where is it...what's the point of all this?" She lifts her head as there is a knock upon the door, "You may enter." Lax appears carrying a mug of steaming recaff, *static* "You have't been out of here since before the sun cycle, I thought you might need a refreshment," *static* he states professionally and matter-of-factly. Inelia inclines her head in agreement and motions with her hand to have the mug brought to her, Lax keeps his face forward and purposefully away from the table and what information it may contain. "I can see it in your face Lax, what would you like to ask?" Inelia states in a sarcastic manner (he is wearing his helmet) taking a deep drink from the mug. *static* "Do you think they'll be able to do this? Whatever...this," he gestures to the table without looking down, "is?" *static* he quickly adds, *static* "Not to doubt their employer's choice in personnel of course or-" Inelia cuts him off with a reply, "I understand what you mean, and honestly I'm not sure. I'm trying to figure out what this is all about in the first place, why this particular marriage is even important. I could ask of course, I've the clearance to learn, but I am hesitant...I can't exactly be sure who's listening." She looks up wryly at Lax, "Can I?" Lax doesn't make a movement in reply, he stands ready to take the mug from Inelia when she finishes. ______________________________________________________________ This scene is all audio. "Brother, how is Mother?" - Female voice, a young woman "Sister, Mother is fine." - The male voice we heard earlier back at the Administratum building in Port Gyre "Should I tell her any stories when I visit her next?" - Sister "Yes, if you wouldn't mind, I think she'd like to hear the tale of the Little Nosy Scribe." - Brother "I see, I'm sure she'll love to hear it again...will you be at the next meal Brother?" - Sister "I will do my best, I'm seeing if I can't find a few new friends to bring along." - Brother "That'd be splendid, there are more and more of us at the table..." - Sister
  8. The All Guardsmen Party

    Oh wow, I'm sorry. Hope things smooth out for you.
  9. The All Guardsmen Party

    I'm interested at least, if you're willing to answer, I guess I'm curious as to why the long break? Just scheduling nightmare, or something else?