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  1. Take your time, no rush.
  2. I contacted them by phone the day the switch happened and still didn't get a response as of yet. Why would they care? No license, no money, no reason to invest resources unfortunately.
  3. There's nothing to look out of on the small vessel that the Pilgrim ship uses to get people down to the port, so the group is denied an approaching site of planet Desoleum, and a top view of the hive Desoleum Primus as well as Port Gyre. As the throng of humanity that exits in the cramped space finally gets the chance to exit the warband is first visited by the deafening roar of engines which drowns out the shouts of labourers and even the augmented voices of overseers. The stench of burning promethium is everywhere, and the port is very busy with constant inter-orbital traffic that results in an ever-present bank of exhaust and smog that hangs low over the port, casting it into perpetual gloom. As they manage to exit the ship they find themselves on landing pads of different sizes dominating the majority of Gyre’s surface, arrayed at varying elevations. Many of the platforms seem the private property of various individuals and groups; these are in fairly good repair. They are frequently adorned with statues and ornate archways; even the loading cranes are decorated with mythical creatures, lions, and other symbols of strength. Other platforms, such as yours, are purely functional, covered with decades of grime and scorched by centuries of constant exposure to the flames of orbital jets. Situated between the landing platforms—some at floor level, others suspended by reinforced struts—small officios house representatives of the Consortium, as well as various merchant houses and trade concerns, and no small number of taverns and gambling halls. The landing platforms are seemingly accessible by wide stairs, with ladders providing secondary access, and high-volume cargo lifts that lower directly to the tunnels beneath. Some of the largest offer direct entry to the mag-rails and vacuum transit tubes that lead to Hive Desoleum or across the wastes. While this group of pilgrims you traveled with had seemingly calmed down from the excitement of the presence of the group many others haven’t seen the Thaurian priest and his aides, and so they have now all but surrounded the ship and group while various other members of the port try and make their way through to unload or upload various supplies and fuels. The group is barring their path, and are utterly oblivious to the obstruction they are creating as they marvel at the group and their surroundings. They are reading aloud from holy texts, and corporally mortifying their scarred flesh. They are mostly clad in worn sackcloth robes, barefoot or wearing leather strips wound around their feet. Many proudly bear the scars of flagellation, or sheets of prayer parchment pinned to their flesh. Estellia and Balthazar are all but surrounded and separated from Ariel by pilgrims dropping to their knees and begging for the character’s blessings. They are grabbing at the hems of Balthazar’s robes and trying to reach out and touch Estellia’s armor ((the Ecclesiarchal =][=)). The dock hands are certainly getting more and more fed up with the situation from simple visual cues. The workers themselves seem simple enough, many have bionic auditory implants, and respirators, those that don’t are likely deaf and coughing up globs of black tar in between yelling at the throng of pilgrims. Their way is obviously blocked until the situation is dealt with. ((Welcome to Port Gyre. Oh and if you haven't reset your Fate Points))
  4. You can describe it in the narrative as you wish, of course some circumstances might require one limb over the other. It's Tuesday so I'm busy, but I'll do my best to get a post up tomorrow evening, since it's an introduction it'll be a bit longer so it'll take a bit longer.
  5. It's not that they don't teach these things, Common represents what you learn from simply being around and suffused in the material with more than a passing interest. In Scholastic in your example you'd learn specifics about her life, miracles she performed, when she was canonized, holidays around the galaxy about her, the historical impact she had on the various Adepta ect. and for the Sororitas you'd learn specific dates involving the founding, the divisions of the Orders, how they interact with one another and the Imperium at large. Common lore basically gets you "Alicia is a Saint from the Sororitas that killed Vandire back in the Age of Apostasy." and stuff like, "Sororitas keep to themselves, but they have a small holding on our planets moon, they come down once a year for recruiting if they haven't lost too many." Both are fine to have, it is what you want to know about the subject. If you don't take Scholastic this doesn't mean that you weren't taught, it means you weren't a very good student necessarily and didn't take to remembering it all. At least in this case because of your background.
  6. Per, I've never split xp in DH, and I've never seen it suggested. Thanks, if all of you could send an updated link that'd be good too. I mean we'd have to get in a fight for that to happen lol. All Common Lore skills represent the common knowledge an individual might know about the general information, procedures, divisions, traditions, famed individuals, and superstitions of a particular world, group, organisation, or race. Such information is deeper than mere knowledge of the subject’s existence, and more reflects a degree of familiarity that indicates a measure of dedicated interest in the area. This skill differs from Scholastic Lore, which represents scholarly learning one might gain through study and research, and Forbidden Lore, which involves hidden or proscribed knowledge. Common Lore deals with basic information gained from prolonged exposure to a culture or area. All Scholastic Lore skills represent information that an Acolyte would need to learn in a formal setting or institution of learning, whether from a knowledgeable mentor, an organisation, or even the careful study of rare tomes. Unlike Common Lore, this information is not readily available to the average inhabitant of a planet, but differs from Forbidden Lore in that it is not proscribed from study. That's from the Core. The advantage would be different information on a test.
  7. The pilgrimage from Kappex to Port Gyre will take a few hours, you'll hit planetside at 1200 Standard Imperial. The trip itself is not overly pleasant, you're in a hold with quite a few other pilgrims on their various travelings to places across Askellon to worship at. You overhear talk of them hoping to visit the Grand Shrine of the Oath, or one of the many other minor places the Creed is preached in Desoleum Primus, the main hive city of Desoleum herself. Others are continuing a pilgrimage taking them through the plains and the hive, from there travelling to Thaur and the other Holy Stations of Askellon. Countless vessels run this route including this one. This fact alone makes Father Balthazar a popular topic, many pilgrims come asking for blessings or prayer from a priest of Thaur itself. While Estellia and Ariel are respected in their positions, their actual identities unknown currently, they are treated with deference under the guise of being students of Father Balthazar. ((Ok, so this would seem to be an ending of part 1 I guess of out little endeavor, I wanted to wait until you were off the station to give you xp, so I'll do it now. Here's the breakdown: 640 XP for various tests. 360 XP for Roleplaying reward to even it out. For a grand total of 1000 XP. Spend it now before I begin the next part at Port Gyre. I hope we're all still enjoying ourselves, and it's been a pleasure to play with you so far.))
  8. Latest round of Q&A from Core Book readthrough: Lachrymae, Where is it? It had an outbreak of Psychneuein. Gallowglass, What is it a moon of? A: Unless it's stated, places like this can be whever works best for your group. We don't like nailing things too much in location as that can limit GM options. Rogue Trader says sectors are 200 ly acros. Is this true of the Calixis? A: Sector sizes vary across the Imperium. They are more a collection of nearby stars than a precise demarkation of space. Vile Deformity, What is the Disturbing Trait? Is it just Fear (1)? -Same idea with Frightening, is it just Fear (2)? No answer given, but taking it as a yes. Illumination states that it takes 3 days under warp to get to Iocanthos. Then it states it took weeks in the following text box. A: Both work; 3 days is fine if the GM doesn't have any plans for the PCs on the ship, and 3 weeks works great if you want to include any shipboard activities like we did in Forgotten GOds. When you get results on an information table and get more than Standard do you get the results under it? -For example when you get 2 DoS do you get standark, one, and two? A: Yep! Is a Clota (from Iocanthos) a form of livestock? If so was it ever discussed what they're like? A: Yes, but its details are up to the group. I'd imagine a smaller more docile grox. In Illuminaton (p. 386) what is a "Corrupt Fear Test" in comparison with any other Fear test? A: It should be a Fear Test that causes Warp Shock (see page 238) as a Daemon is involved. -Also what is the difficulty on the Willpower Test to start calling out the rite of banishment? A: It's the Willpower test in the paragraph above, so Challenging (+0)
  9. ((As I understand it most of the ships are technically for extra system travel. However it'd make sense that they'd have other vessels that would go down to Port Gyre to drop of materials once they've gotten clearance from Kappex. So any of the ships are up for grabs technically. It just depends how you want to arrive. As for how big? It's 40k so the answer is bigger than it should be. The Aquisition level is chartering travel for the group from point A to B, not buying the ship itself. The section they're under, Travel Through the Void, mentions as much in the actual text. It's not a dangerous or long trip so for this test lower the difficulty (make it easier) by one step.)) ((Depends how this next bit goes I'd suppose.))
  10. ((Whelp I apparently didn't have anything in my notes >.< oh well)) The group makes their way through the check points towards the docks, while you no longer have your writ of authority it seems the word has gotten out among the armsmen to let this particular group through. The bustle of the station increases once again as you arrive to the area that you originally docked off of your transport from, the various dialects of the Imperium assail your ears once again, all flowing into a strange murmur that only low gothic can a Babel of tongues. There are guards and tech wrights walking to and fro, as well as dozens of laymen off or onloading supplies or fuel to their various ships. At this point it would seem to be up to the group as to which particular ship you're looking to take down to the Port. ((I need to know the type for the availability))
  11. I've got to look at my notes actually for this next bit so I'll get a post in tomorrow if I look at them tonight.
  12. Inellia nods, "That seems settled then, now I really must get going if I'm to get anything set up by the time you manage to get down there as well. Goodbye for now, may He guide your path." She bows slightly and makes the sign of the Aquila. "Go on Lax, lead the way." She makes a gesture for him to go ahead. Lax gives a curt salute to the group and begins leading Inellia toward the private shuttle.