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  1. Cassa lets Father Thorne appreciate what he's looking at for a moment and goes back to the girls. "Fighting, hmm, I can't say I've ever designed something for combat...That'd be...robes right? People wear robes in combat all the time no?" ((She obviously knows very little about combat wear.)) Cassa raises her eyebrows at Ariel's outburst, "Certainly someone acting one in a play, I think I did that once actually. but I'd never suggest I'd be worth of such a feat...wasn't invited to the play either to be fair."
  2. ((To note, I don't know enough about fabric one way or the other to determine an answer for her, so I'm not going to apply any mechanics in any case.)) Cassa considers for a moment, "I'd suspect that would depend on the cut more than anything no? That nightweave is about as heavy as anything else, but obviously it's not as heavy as some of the metal woven fabrics I've worked on for Mechanicus aligned nobility." She moves the air light fabric with a finger, "This, while a bit revealing I admit, would be like wearing nothing at all, you'd just have to make sure what style you've got it's going to trip you up." She doesn't seem to catch that you're implying you want to be in combat in the dress, if you intend on explaining it to her so she understands a bit better. "Comes in different colouring too, takes to dye quite quickly it seems, so you can make a bit of a rainbow with the right layering." She grins showing off her multi-coloured painted nails. Cassa moves to give Estellia some time to consider her options and looks to see what the priest is looking over. Standing next to him she observes, "I personally think the maroon compliments the bone-white a bit better than whine or blood. Yes there's symbolism, but at the same time there's always fashion to consider. Thinking of anything in particular?"
  3. Within the shop you quickly enough come to find Cassa once again coming out from the back, likely on the same task as you were previously cutting or fitting fabrics to new designs for the elite of the Apex nobility or her customers in the Consortium. She runs through the normal greetings, smiling to herself that she's had a return interest in her business. Ariel probably catches bits and pieces of what Cassa is suggesting to Estelia as complimentary to her frame, skin/eye color, and hair style, but significantly not her lifestyle. She's showing off a material that is lighter-than-air material and seems to float and drift around as it slightly moves. Anyone can tell it's terribly impractical but may find it at least impressive to behold, "I just recieved this in a shipment from the Segmentum Obscurus of all places, well not me, but there was a trader who got lost during transit and ended up in the Askellon and decided to pluck their wares. I'm sure it'll be the talk of the Apex when I get around to introducing it. You could be a trendsetter!" She gestures over to a set of material you'd seen before that is dark as the void and speckled with what seems to be accents that look like stars, "I picked that up as well, but no one's been too interested, too dark it seems for current frame of mind in social circles." She shrugs obviously not too worried about it. She looks over to Balthazar, "I'm sure we can find a good new trim for your Ministorum robes as well father, unless you're looking for something to wear out of the cassock?" ((I've looked for a fashion entry on current Desoleum mindset, but I've found none so far, so basically you can feel free to define what you feel would be appropriate to the current noble circles you might involve yourselves with and the current fashion trend you want going on in the Apex's social circles. Obviously that doesn't have to be what you take, you can practicalize it to what your character would desire.))
  4. ((You probably heard that Balthazar went to the Grand Shrine of the planet, it's where he got his brazier after all.)) The auto-carriage rolls to the familiar stop of being near the tailor's shop. You hear much the same hustle and bustle as before. This time you hear some group calling at a group of servitors trying to manage a bulk of cargo down the causeway to some destination, but it appears the servitors are not understanding the orders well. You have a moment before you exit the carriage for final comments or plans on what you'd like to pursue in the shop.
  5. Inellia nods to your dismissal giving the sign of the Aquila in assent. Inellia smiles to herself seeing Estelia leave and gives Balthazar assent as well adding the small comment of, "Just make sure the tailor doesn't get too...outlandish. There's still a modicum of presentation to maintain." ((Given that we've been through this already and this is a small vignette scene I'm just going to assume that you get an auto-carriage and are on your way.)) As the auto-carriage once again travels quickly through the various roadways out of the hive and back to the port area you notice much the same experiences as before, and possibly even familiarity at this point to the differences from your original convents and training grounds before you were deployed. ((Do you feel like you are more familiar with the planet now, or is it still jarring from what you've been used to?))
  6. Inellia nods, understanding your clarification, "Ah, then yes, regardless it may be a good idea for something else to exist in your wardrobe as it were." I would suspect that the process will take more than enough time for Lax to finish his collating." Inellia raises one hand in the air, "Who knows where you will end up in your investigation, but we are above the mid-hive and as such certain fashion trends are likely in effect. Even on Ophellia the clergy goes through trends of such things no?" She picks up a cup of some herbal beverage and takes a sip, "There's something to be said about staple-points, why don't all of you go back to the tailor? If I remember correctly it was mentioned that you'd said you would stop by again later on if you figured out a clothing desire no?"
  7. Inellia nods, "It would make sense, given what you've previously mentioned about the clothier. Following up on the nature of that contact would not be a bad idea, given that she's associated with the part of the Consortium the investigation is concerned with. I caution only that you remember that she is unaware that the Inquisition has it's eye on her, and it would be...useful if she were to remain unaware of the gravity of her involvement. As for your desire to find clothing to fit in with the upper echelons, it is never a bad idea to look like one's target. Camouflage comes in a variety of forms, as I've been informed." She considers for a moment, "What information would you be after out of the clothier, that you did not already get from your first meeting?" Inellia looks over to Ariel, "I don't know the specifications of that particular servitor, nor if the Consortium has them further modified to their own ends for whatever ties they share with the planet's Mechanicus wrights, nor still if the splinter of the Consortium this investigation is concerned with has them modified without the greater entities knowledge. Would it have been better? Would destroying the main console of the relay have been better in case Lax was incorrect about it recording his infiltration of the system? At the end of the day, a servitor is a similar sort of device, no? One has to make choices about the trails they leave. I offer no opinion on the trails you decide to leave behind save what our benefactor has mentioned." She looks over Ariel's clothing, "Your clothing is of course adequate, but sometimes a situation calls for clothing that is above adequacy. Blending in to a group can require such clothing depending on the social encounter. I wouldn't suggest that you go to a party dressed like that, perhaps Father Thorne may be able to get away with his Ministorum vestments, but looking the part can go a long way in this line of work."
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