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  1. ———— > Nope. 112. Tell me there's some more stuff on Vitrian, the Heronoris 88th (Would it be Heronor, or Heronoris that the 88th are from), the 4th Epocanus Crusade, and where was Spire City? Sounds super cool. ———— > All there is is all there is, but that just means there is lots of space for GMs to develop it further in their own way. 113. What is an Excoritator? And why are their gilded bolt shells important? ———— > Excoriators are just another fun title that players can apply to their Acolytes depending on their Inquisitor. The gilded bold shell is their “badge” that they use to present their authority. GMs and players though should create more on their own, as each Inquisitor operates in their own unique manner. 114. Does XP spent on Contacts (and alter egos if you use the table) count towards rank progression? —— — > Good question! I’d say yes. 115. If you are buying a contact to reduce an item's availability/price is it only for a single purchase? Or is it any item you try to acquire from then on within a group (or all items if that level is bought)? ——— > The latter. 116. There is no description in either the book or the pdf of "...has a Talent" for table 9-1 in the Contacts section. Do you have one? ———— > Basically, if you want a contact to have a talent, you have to pay 50/talent. Where applicable, talents can help them in aiding you. 117. From Trade armourer there's a typo the phrase ". No Acolyte, however skilled, can create or repair weaponry from the Age of Technology." is missing just which age of technology it is. Obviously Golden/Dark age are just as esoteric, but if you have the right descriptor I'd be interested in knowing. ———— > The Dark Age, 118. Does the npc being compelled with a Command test still need an Intelligence test to realize they've been used? Is it not a bit obvious? I ask because it states it works the same way as charm which includes a test for them to realize what just happened. ———— > Up to the GM really; for lower level NPCs it probably isn’t necessary for example. 119. Is there really no expanded entry for Interrogation? There seems to be one for every other skill. ———— > Not to my knowledge, no. 120. In the expansion for First Aid the optional rule for difficulty modification by damage type is the last entry for Energy at the Critical level intended to be Difficult. All of the other damage types increase at each step. ———— > Good find. I’m betting it should be Hard, yes.
  2. That's the plan actually, when you get the the villa and have a small scene there we will have a time where you can shop. I'll extrapolate your requisition in to say funding from the church or your benefactor. It really just depends on what you look for. I'll think more about it when we get there.
  3. Ok, so it seems like you're all in agreement to a plan of action. I'll be honest unless you have any other plans in Port Gyre I have no scenes left to give. You can easily get through any checkpoint with your oath cogs, your weapons are not egregious, and your stated plans to travel to the Grand Shrine of the Oath are not suspicious. Do you have any plans left for Port Gyre? If not then one of you needs to make an availability roll of Average difficulty or better. This is because Poor Quality transportation simply doesn't go where you intend on going, them's the breaks of working your way up the hive.
  4. You're fine, I don't mind it being brought up. It isn't like this isn't a conversation that wouldn't take place at a table or something. I'm always hesitant to give general information for a successful test because it feels like succeeding but not really. I like successes to be useful.
  5. I mean I could, but at the end of the day I hate the idea of bogging down the system with a common lore for every single planet. *shrug* otherwise the only way you would get it is from a specific planet choice.
  6. Common Lore Imperium: Knowledge of the segmenta, sectors, and best-known worlds of the Imperium. So I took that as knowledge of the best known worlds of sectors as well. Which Desoleum is one of. But I understand your point. There's not necessarily a common lore that covers "religious places" within the galaxy. Balthazar has a talent like that though. Can't remember what it is at the moment.
  7. I'm not sure I understand. You're not talking about using the reinforcement system for exactly what it's for? Regardless if you really want to warn a local Adeptus of a threat they need to deal with you'll need to show that you're Inquisitorial agents so they don't laugh you out or lock you up in a cell for spouting heresy. Which would at the very least be a major hit on Subtlety.
  8. You got a 03 on Common Lore (Imperium) Ariel remembers this about Desoleum from her studies; There exists one major edifice and place of worship for the peoples of the Imperium. The Grand Shrine of the Oath Although humble compared to the gilded marble edifices patronised by the spire nobility, the Grand Shrine of the Oath is the oldest and most revered of cathedrals used to convey the Imperial Creed to workers on holy days and festivals. Its well-worn pews can seat tens of thousands at a time, but such is its prestige that many times that number seek admittance to its hallowed halls when the work-shifts wind down for religious observances. Even a festival that frees one man in a hundred from his labours sees a hundred thousand petitions to attend the services held in the central Oathroom. It is located in Desoleum Primus' Upper Hive, and is likely the closest place of known worship that it would not be strange for this group of peoples to say they are heading to. It is not necessarily close by the villa, but it would get you within the area and you could walk the rest of the way with the assistance of the map.
  9. ———— > Very Hard Tech-Use test. GM can make it much harder too, like it must be done by a Tech-Priest Magos or must be done on a Forge World where they have the sanctified items needed to do the repairs. Repairing one could even be a side quest. 102. Does a Rosarius overloading's photon flash effect also hit the person wearing the Rosarius? ————— > No. 103. What are the long term side effects of having a Psy Jammer in your head? ——— > I’d drip some insanity points on the user over the course of a campaign. But it could be a narrative thing though, that the GM and player work out. Maybe the PC keeps scratching his implant scar when he’s nervous, like a tell. 104. For Psy-Trackers is it a Tech Use Test every time that you want to use the device? Or Tech Use to turn it on for say the scene and then you use it in conjunction for all of your Awareness (if you are looking for warp signatures)? ———— > Latter. Unless GM is feeling nasty 105. Did Erya Nephthys manage to kill any named/important inquisitors during her trap in the Tricorn Palace? ———— > It’s up to the GM about that. Maybe she killed the PCs’ Inquisitor! 106. Question on time again, it states that in 777.M41 "The Treachery of Nephthys: Inquisitor Erya Nephthys, once the most promising of her generation, goes renegade and massacres a number of her peers in the very heart of the Tricorn Palace on Scintilla. The vilest of traitors, she attacks numerous other Imperial holdings and carves a bloody path cross the sector, prompting a blood hunt by the entire Ordos Calixis. She dies a third and final time at the hands of Witch Hunter Rykehuss and her ashes are interred in a sealed vault to insure her disposal is a permanent one” However it is further expanded upon in The Blasphemy of Erya Nepthys "In response, the wrath of the Ordos was terrible to behold and, united in grief for the fallen and outrage at Erya’s crime, it acted with single and terrible purpose. The pursuit lasted for fifteen years” So would you say that the 777 is the beginning (her attack on Tricorn) or the end (her seemingly final death)? ———— > Ditto. Whichever works best for the GM’s plans. 107. Does Belacane manufacture Null Boxes would you say? Or at least did, when they had someone that knew what they were doing? ———— > Ditto again. If it’s not nailed down then the GM has freedom to work it however works best (heck, even if it’s nailed down the GM and players can/should always feel free to change things so they work best in the campaign). 108. How much more visibility does an Icon of Holy Wrath give the bearer for the purposes of talents? ——— > I’d say it would be akin to the wearer glowing like they were in a spotlight. 109. In what way is Topor different if an unreliable source makes it? The unreliableness of it. ——— > I’d say it either wears off sooner or the test to perform actions is Challenging (or easier) instead. GM’s call. 110. It is mentioned that the last saint raised by the Synod of the Calixis Sector was over 200 years ago, but any word on who that was? ———— > Don’t think we established it, so up to the readers!
  10. Yep, you got a 03 on Common Lore (Imperium) as per your request in our message. When I get the other two test results I'll let you all know what you do or do not know