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  1. The building you approach is...vast to say the least, yet it pales in comparison to Desoleum Primus looming off of Port Gyre. Approaching the officio building is simple enough plenty of scribes and servitors are entering or exiting the building in droves, each of them wearing the devices on their wrists you've been seeing more and more signifying that they are a native, or at least worker, on Desoleum. At the entrance of the building you are stopped at a desk by an old tired looking scribe, skin dark either due to ink stains or naturally, with thick augmetic eyes, she looks you over and sighs beginning to recite something she's likely stated a terrifying amount of times through her thin lips. "Welcome to Desoleum, this is the Auctoriate Porteus main holding of the Adeptus Administratum within Port Gyre. Adeptus business over to the left, without a cog in the second line, new arrivals over to the right, without a cog within the second line. Other inquiries directed to the center, without a cog in the second line. Blessed be your day." She sits back, expecting you to go upon your business but not personally hurrying you along. You do notice the lines beyond her station, both varieties are staggeringly long and look like they could take hours if not a day to muddle through.
  2. I'll try and get a post in today, but don't expect anything until tomorrow.
  3. I would send these in officially through here: In the product line field just choose "Other" it's the last option.
  4. ((I feel at this point that was a natural enough ending to the conversation so we'll move forward)) The first thing that seems to change as you move closer to the center of Port Gyre is that there is an ever increasing tinge in the air of iron or some metal in an undercurrent of the smog and promethium. The sounds of rowdy naval personnel or feuding dock workers leaves the air as well and is replaced by a sound of hustle and bustle as an innumerable amount of adepts are now seen moving from one area to another. Various servoskulls reciting dictations or instructions along with the scratching sound of autoquills fill the air as well. Centrally located, the main holding of the Auctoriate Porteus is, theoretically, a storehouse of complete and accurate records for all traffic through the port, from humble pilgrims to grandiose Rogue Traders. The Officio can be easily spotted from a distance, as it is one of the tallest structures on the port. This imposing building of dark rockrete and plasteel hosts numerous divisios and thousands of scribes, accountors, and other officials tasked with seeing to various aspects of port operations. The transport slows itself to a stop and the servitor in the front announces in a gravelly mechanic voice, "Auctriate Porteus...Please disembark...Emperor be with you."
  5. Last part of the questions I had on Purge the Unclean, next up is Inquisitor's Handbook. From Purge the Unclean - Shades on Twilight: Are Lithorg & Marbrosa considered Xenos, or more like the Homonculite from Edge of Darkness? ———— > More like a servitor really. They are such a patchwork of tissue that telling what species they were originally is almost impossible. Following up on Corsair weapons, recommendation on throne price of said weapons (as Enemies Without does not use Throne currency)? Or are acolytes simply not meant to be able to buy Dark Eldar weaponry unlike other Eldar weaponry. ———— > Almost priceless really. It would be easier to take one from a dead Dark Eldar than buy one. Trading with a dealer could be another option, but the item to trade would have to be something equally rare, like a Necron weapon. This is for clarification from someone on the forums: -Is the +20 Strength characteristic from Agamorr's Power Armour already factored in to his profile? -If so, is it correct then to modify his profile to (12)68? I have heard that in later games (Deathwatch) that this was clarified to not be the case, but I have not seen it in Dark Heresy anywhere. -If this is not the case, then is his profile (12)88, or (16)88? ———— > Yes, it is. Go with 12(68) though of course the GM can modify this as desired—he’s an NPC, so it’s more important that he work to drive the story properly than anything else. From Purge the Unclean - Baron Hopes: If the queen is looking for a way to be remembered as not a horrible despot, why did she not encourage Ulbrexis' methods of education and technology? Or would you say that this desire was sparked in the queen after the Ulbrexis incident? —————> She also probably didn’t want to be remembered as the last monarch either. Being in power is often more important than anything else, and if you’re in power you can work better to ensure people remember you how you want them to. Source for the planet on which the saying, "Destiny cannot be twarted.”? ———— > A mystery for the GM to resolve, if desired. On Player Handout 3.1 it says the date is 791.M41, and that it was transcribed in 792.M41. However in the additional notes it states that Ulbrexis was captured in 792.M41. So I was just wondering what the series of events was in relation to the additional notes. ———— > I’d chalk that up to errors in Imperial transcription. What kind of servitors are present in the Op-Centre? ———— > Mostly standard drones, but others as GM desires. Suggestions on what is present in the Armoury of the Op-Centre? ———— > I’d include things the PCs need at the time if they are in bad shape, or lost their weapons somehow. Nothing too nice though. Standard weaponry for Arbites is fine though. Suggestion on a profile for Regulator Mallier? ———— > Rotlan’s profile will work for him as well if needed. It is mentioned that the serfs are strong enough to resist torture, how would this be reflected in the system? ———— > Simply have them never give up any information. These are NPC vs NPC interactions, so the GM can do them narratively. Thinking further on Serfs, do you have a suggestion for a profile for them? ———— > Dreg profile from the core rulebook can work if needed. Suggestion on a profile for Royal Scourges (as Movern travels around with three of them). ———— > The Enforcer profile from the core rulebook will work, with carapace armor and lasgun/chainblades/frag grenades (and appropriate weapon training) The difference between normal Scourges and "elite" ones (Movern travels with them). ———— > No difference, it’s just a descriptor for the Scourges as a whole. Is the assumption that treating an aero-sifer like an auspex a correct one? If not what should the device act like? ————— > It’s a gas sensor, to tell when the air is bad. So not as widely-applicable as an auspex. It’s a canary for the coal mine. Are Olion's bodyguards supposed to us the Mutant Thug profile or the Mutant Terrorist profile, or one of the other various "Mutant" profiles in the system? ———— > Any will work, depending on how the GM wants the encounter to go (and the relative prowess of the PCs). How many Royal Scourges can Movern bring to bear for the attack on Hazael's Cross? ————— > As many as the GM feels is applicable. Not too many, as that gets unwieldy, but ten as a cap would be good. It’s more that mutants need to be expanded depending on the number of Scourges taken, so it can be as many or few as desired really to make the combat as big as the GM wants. Since it only states that Movern will be waiting nearby, how long would it take his forces to get to the scene of the attack? ————— > A round or two. If the acolytes want to call in more Arbite support than the 10 that Rotlan provides, how many are available? How long would it take them to get to the scene of the attack? ———— > Maybe another 10 tops. And it can take as long as the GM wants to keep the tension high. There could be other things going on that demand their attention, so as to slow them down or keep them from showing up until the last minute. Proposing the acolytes want to change tiers during the fight, is Ulbrexis' three rounds a good rule of thumb? Or would it take more since they are not as familiar with the caverns? ——— > Yeah, I’d make it a little slower. In the pic earlier that Vaarack had of Morrir, it stated that there was a mutant with scales in the group. Are we just supposed to think this was a "Mutant Terrorist”? ———— > It certainly could be, but doesn’t have to be. Profile suggestion for Grisha? ————— > Cult Fanatic from the core book perhaps, but here the “cult” is the Cult Imperialis. If Ulbrexis managed to "lose" the acolytes after the attack on Hazael's Cross, any suggestions on getting him in to the final act? Are the acolytes doomed to failure, or will Ulbrexis turn up because he desires to kill Morrir? ———— > The latter is fine, or perhaps the GM can create follow-on encounters as the PCs attempt to hunt him down. This could allow the adventure to go on for awhile; should the fail (or be called away) their target could show up down the road too. From Appendix II Was this supposed to be stated to be read anywhere? Appendix I was stated that it should be read back in "Rejoice for You are True", but Appendix II is just sort of there. Not that I'm complaining, I was just curious behind the design decision to include it. ——— > It’s more background for the GM; it can be shared with the players if they try to gain more information on things. The Recieved date is 847.M41, for the first missive. What use is it to the PCs when the current date is 816.M41 (at best guestimation if they've played through PtU)? Especially since they will likely have heard the name for themselves. ————— > The GM can alter dates as needed really; it’s possible the group is playing in a totally different decade or century after all. I don't know how much of a hand you had in in Purge the Unclean or the appendixes, but I was curious if you could help me understand a few of the Eldar terms Carrecenad ———— > Eldar spirit stone. Varantha ———— > an Eldar craftworld, featured in a Black Library book Dyantar Mara-Kaedan ———— > An Eldar honorific, as translated on page 137. The author rescued a hundred sprit stones. Ish-aith ————> Judging from the appendix, it’s the name the Eldar gave to Eloeholth. Asurmen ——— > The Lament of Dethardin ——— > I think all there is on that is in the Appendix, sorry. Is it safe to assume that any of the planets and systems mentioned in the various letters are intended to be in the Calixis Sector just not specifically anywhere? ———— > Yep!
  6. How's it going? Everything ok?
  7. Decoration or various support for cybernetic implantation. Sometimes they're trophies or metals.
  8. I don't think there's a hard and fast rule, you might find something in the Navis Primer under the expanded warp travel rules.
  9. Well you have to understand that these forums are in the archives, and so the viewer/userbase is much diminished from what they used to be. I don't play rogue trader so I can't help you but if you use Discord then you can check out the 40krpg server and maybe get an answer there:
  10. We're still unsure if it was a full c'tan or just a very large shard given recent lore as far as I know. Back in 4E it was a full C'tan and it had very obviously influenced the Cult Mechanicus over the millennia.
  11. We seem to be at an impasse again. So, what would you like to do about the current situation?