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  1. ———— > Distance examples like these generally mean just a couple of that distance. So 1-2 kilometers or so. 52. Concerning the backlash of a Parasite Doll being destroyed. What situations would be more appropriate for 1d5 R damage versus the power being used upon you? Simply a situation where the power does more damage? Or something else in your opinion? ———— > If I was GMing it, I’d go with whichever is more interesting at the time. Go with the one that makes the adventure more fun for the players. 53. What kind of arcana (Minor or Major) do Greater Malefic Codexes contain? ———— > There aren’t any set arcana/rituals; the GM should pick ones that feel appropriate for the NPC in question. For PCs, GM and player should discuss this together to arrive at ones that will offer some character progression without breaking any upcoming campaign plans. Random selection though could also work 54. What would you say the availability of a Pentagrammic Ward is? Just to get an idea of how rare they are? ———— > Extremely Rare at the least. 55. What happens if a daemon ends their turn on a warded area? Not across it, but on it, let's say it's just a very big ward. ———— > I’d say they get repulsed back to the edge of the warded area, or bound within (Left Hand Path). Alternatively, they could suffer a Malediction until they leave. 56. How does putting a Permanent Pentagrammic Ward on to a weapon affect the cost? Or can a permanent ward be added after the weapons creation? Even if after, how much would you say the materials are likely to cost? Or is this one of the services that have no Throne price but are generally a reward by the Ordo Malleus or contact? ————— > You can put a PPW on a weapon after it’s created, yes. Materials needed should be very, very expensive most of the time, and Extremely Rare at the least. Details will vary with the location the PCs are in though. Ordo Malleus Inquisitors could indeed provide either the components or a finished weapon though, yes. 57. Concerning "The Left Hand Path" if a daemon is mastered through the use of a ward, can it freely leave the ward to do their master's bidding? Or do they have to make checks to leave (and presumably re enter)? ——— — — > The latter. If the user is smart, they put the ward on something they can move about, and simply pull the ward away from the daemon to allow the daemon to go. 58. Under Daemon Weapons - How much rarer are non melee weapons than close combat ones? For that matter what would you say are the rarity of daemon weapons? ————— > Depends on the weapon and the daemon really. I’d say the more technologically advanced, the more rare. They should all start at Extremely Rare though at the least. 59. Under Daemon Weapons - Uncanny Resiliance when it states that any effect with a daemonic manifestation released the weapon's daemon, is this in addition to other manifestations? Or does the singular weapon daemon replace any further manifestations? ————— > If the Perils result mentioned manifestation, the daemon has broken free. As a rule of thumb, the GM should try to fit the bound daemon into the result as much as possible. 60. On Table 4-4 Greater Entity, how many unique abilities would a daemon weapon get? 4 (the total of warp touched and 3 random?) Or GM discretion? ———— > 4 would be a good benchmark, yes
  2. ((So based on what you've wrote I'd like to get a quick scene in with each of you doing something I'll be writing on.)) ((You can make (read I will make when I get Balthazar's and Estelia's rolls) a Common Lore (Imperial Creed) at +10 for general information about Desoleum's creed, Scholastic Lore (Heraldry) at+10 for Desoleum's noble families, and Scholastic Lore (Legend) at +10 for some information on legends of various saints.)) Sister Inellia and Ariel in the Greenhouse: We find Ariel in the villa's greenhouse, it is after her normal rituals that she would do before she settles down for her reading, ((Where this fits in the prayers/mortification/armoury practice is left for you to decide)). The greenhouse is as it always seems to be, slightly warm and humid, filled with exotic scents of flowers and of course the memorial statues within the area. They are stood in a circle as well as could be with benches completing the circle as best can be. The specific things about these plants other than their likely chymecal or medicinal purposes is that all of them have imperial religious significance as well. ((How does Ariel arrange herself, and what is her favorite flower in the greenhouse?)) ((You can make a Common Lore (Underworld) at -10 for your book on Acrobatics (it's basically an aggrandized crime novel, but it's got some truth in the story if you can discern it about gang activity in Desoleum Primus).)) Estelia begins practicing with her Flintlock Pistol: We find Estelia in the armoury of the villa with her newly found Flintlock Pistol she has acquired the necessary powder and components to fire the pistol although ((as stated)) she is using no firing balls just yet. The armoury has a small firing range, with room for no more than two people at a time. At the moment there are no others in the armoury. The firing range is simple, an expanse of space with a target dummy that one might put a target paper over the top of to judge the accuracy of your firing. ((Is there a more detailed way you might describe your pistol, and is Estelia nervous or excited before her first firing attempt?)) ((Alright given this you can make a Common Lore (Askellon Sector) at -10 for your studying on traditions specific to Hive Primius, a Scholastic Lore (Philosophy) at +10 for learning the local particulars of the Imperial Creed, and lastly an Inquiry test at +30 for conversing with fellow priests and pilgrims on local particulars.)) Balthazar gets the Brazier: We find Balthazar on an excursion in to the city of Desoleum Primus again, as before his trip seems intent on going to a religious shrine of some form. But it seems today he is further intent on getting a particular piece of equipment for his coming trials. The only place on Desoleum with a reliquary that might be large enough to lend out various items would be the Grand Shrine of the Oath, arguably the most prominent shrine on Desoleum. The shrine is also one of the oldest of its kind on Desoleum, as such even though large enough to fit tens of thousands, there is of course no way for it to fit the bulk Desoleum could provide. Also noticeable is the contrast of the housing of the nobility in comparison with the shrine in that the shrine is humbler (relatively) its marble housing is simpler gilded lines tracing holy writ and lining statues of various saints on the outside of the building than anywhere else. ((How has Balthazar managed to get an appointment at such an important place, and what about Desoleum's creed strikes him as most foreign to that of Thaur's creed?))
  3. Hey guys, sorry really busy day today. I'll get a post in tomorrow promise.
  4. ————— > The latter—they aren’t free. 42. Does Malediction get reduced by the Daemonic trait, it mentions Toughness Bonus but I'm not sure if that means total Toughness after traits? ———— > No, it isn’t reduced by that. 43. Do you have to resist the effects of a Malefic Curse repeatedly? Or is one WP test enough to resist the effects for the rest of the time period? ———— > The latter. 44. If 42 is yes on repeatedly resisting, concerning Overbleed is the increased difficulty for every WP test? Or only say the first WP resist test and then normal for the rest of them? 45. Is Hellish Blast allowed to be combined with the effects of Death's Messenger? They obviously can't be used in the same turn, but it seems like an Aim action situation where you might set up your next attack. ———— > Yes, they can be combined. 46. Under "Malefic Witches and Warp Tainted Psykers" when the Psyker increases their Psy Rating by 1, does this count as gaining the Psy Rating (X) for the purposes of unlocking new minor/major powers? Or do they basically lose out on the new minor/major powers for the boon of unlocking access to Arcana? ———— > Latter. 47. What happens if a Psyker is say, Psy Rating 3, and buys Sorcerer. They gain Psy Rating 4 for the purposes of dice, but can they buy the talent Psy Rating 4 to gain access to the minor/major powers they'd automatically get? Or do they have to wait until they can buy Psy Rating 5? ——— > Former. 48. Under "Malefic Witches and Warp Tainted Psykers" it does not outright say this, but are Minor Arcana powers treated as Minor Psychic Powers for the purposes of acquisition? ———— > Yes. 49. Under "Malefic Witches and Warp Tainted Psykers" does the addon to the Perils of the Warp roll increase further with Master Sorcerer? ———— > Not unless the GM wants it to. 50. I'm confused on the wording here: When a psyker with the Sorcerer Talent becomes subjected to Perils of the Warp, he must add +20 to the rolled result when determining Psychic Phenomena, which increases the chance of invoking the Perils of the Warp. The Psyker is already subject to Perils of the Warp, how would this increase the chances of invoking Perils? OR is it misworded, in that the first metnion of Perils of the warp should be "Psychic Phenomena”? ————— > The latter - if you’re subject to Psychic Phenomena, then add +20 to the roll and increase chance of Perils of the Warp.
  5. Fair enough, I'll keep it in mind.
  6. Got a post in. Let's see where Part 3 takes us.
  7. You have been in the villa for the past 3 standard imperial weeks. Desoleum does not seemingly have a very different time schedule than standard imperial either, as such it may or may not have been difficult to have gotten used to as the time has passed. The Villa itself is fitted out with a few useful things it would seem for investigations. As you know there is a Greenhouse present outside the front of the villa. This is as much a memorial garden (to the mothers of the Sororitas) as it is a place where exotic plants are cultivated for multiple purposes. Out the back of the villa there is a small landing pad that might fit a gunship if necessary as well. Within the villa there is a fairly extensive library relating to various subjects, mostly Ecclesiarchal or religiously philosophical in nature, though there is a stasis safe of books that are under some form of arcane lock. It is by no means large, containing perhaps 5 to 10 books at most. Inellia has not mentioned what subjects the books cover if you had asked, nor had she even revealed if she knew how to open the container. Within as well are a medical room/chymistry lab that can treat up to 5 people at once. The area does not look overly used though. Off on the far side of the medbay is a space for conducting autopsies if necessary as well. Likewise there is a small armoury, this is where you've noted that the armsmen have been spending the majority of their time in training exercises getting used to Desoleum's gravity and maintaining their physical forms. At least the three guardsmen you've normally seen. You've learned their names by this point (Female-Fausta Brown short feminine haircut, Male-Alaric Grey military cut, and Male-Quellus Brown military cut). If you wander the villa in the evenings (near midnight or later) you may have seen Lax training although even then he (as you can tell the gender with the sounds of exertion) still bears his helmet. Lax keeps to himself, he chooses to watch the security monitors during the day, rarely if ever sat down to dinner with the rest of the group, and trains every evening without fail. He seems to be taking this duty very seriously. Throughout the rest (including a series of offset rooms enough to fill a small company as mentioned before) of the villa are a similar amount of simple artworks and relics, there is nothing overly rare or grand, all of these would be available for (while considerable) a sum for private collections. Though of traces of the kind of person your benefactor is there are few to none. Obviously they are concerned with the Sororitas, religion, and their own privacy, and it would seem that they have a wallet behind them, or at least considerable resources to call upon. It is 3.970.867.M41 the time is 0600 standard Imperial. ((Tell me how you have been spending your days so far? Tell me how you requisitioned your items (Dante feel free to just repost/expand on the bit you already wrote if desired) Do note you can say if you've been going out and exploring the upper hive I don't mind I just didn't want to presume I'll give you descriptions if you've chosen such actions, and if you want to have been looking in to anything over your time so far in the investigation let me know and we can set up some tests.))
  8. Just a reminder you can reroll any failed requisition with our new house rule in effect if you'd like. If not then I'll get a post in Wednesday (as I'll be busy Tuesday as usual).
  9. ————— > Those sound pretty good, yes. 32. Are all Price of Failure rolls on table 4-1 modified by +10/DoF? Or is it dependent on the ritual? ————— > I hesitate to say all, as there can always be exceptions, but essentially the former. 33. On Table 4-2 is there supposed to be a modifier for -20? Perhaps one of the modifiers from -30 got misplaced? ————— > Looks like it’s missing, so maybe use these for –20? “The Stars are Misplaced”—the timing is poor, and the circumstances do not welcome daemonic intrusion. The summoner has already sword allegiance to the daemon’s known enemy or is acting against the daemon’s cause. 34. Same idea on the question in Psykana Obscura, can Sorcerors pick up any other arcana mentioned further in the line? Or only core, and Disciples? ———— > I’d say the former, but GM’s call depending on the campaign. 35. So, I know that a Psyker can take Psykana Obscura powers as elite advances when they normally gain other powers (at least as I understand the process). How do Sorcerers gain Psykana Obscura powers? Do they just buy a Minor/Major Arcana and just say it takes the effect of a power? Or do they buy a Minor/Major Arcana and then spend more as if an Elite Advance? ———— > Former. 36. Alternatively, as a sorcerer can learn everything else, can Imperial Psykers learn Arcana without the Sorcerer Talent as Elite Advances (Similar to Psykana Obscura)? Or is Sorcerer a key factor in learning the more malign techniques? ———— > GM’s call here, but it can certainly be fun to allow the former and see how the rest of the party behaves. 37. Can Sorcerers learn any other arcana listed under the cult entries later in Malleus? Or are they mentioned merely as examples? ———— > Latter. As per page 117, “here are but a few.” GM and players can make up new ones, or work in powers from other books (like from Black Crusade). 38. When it states that "Individuals with the Sorcery talent have access to the Invocation and Psyniscience skills" does this mean they treat it as basic now? Or do they gain the +0 level of the skill? ———— > Those are skills that normally only psykers can use, so it’s saying sorcerers can also buy them. 39. Do Sorcerers gain the Corpus Conversion talent (their own version stated in the same line as them having access to Invocation and Psyniscience skills) for free? Or do they have to gain it through an Elite Advance? ———— > Ditto for this talent. 40. Until introduced in alternate ranks, are all of the Socerery talents treated as Elite Advances? ———— > That sounds good, yes.
  10. The first one would be an expanded magazine for the shotgun (which I'd picture as a drum), which is a scarce item, so -10 (15% chance). In that case I'd like for my 2nd requisition to be these slugs, of course! Same base availability as the book meaning one more difficult than the gun itself. (meaning one above Scarce) First roll for Expanded Magazine. Base chance 15 Bonus 10 total 25. Roll 12 Sucess Second roll for Slugs. Base chance 05 Bonus 20 total 25. Roll 75 Failure So an expanded magazine for her gun, but no special ammo just yet.