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  1. "Pilgrims are like that, most clergymen can control the masses...most." he pointedly states looking at Balthazar. You can distinctly hear the tapping of the Sanctionary's boot and he sighs. Sort of like he's upset that it isn't as easy as just throwing you in jail, but he responds, "I understand father. We get clergy from Thaur here on occasion. Although that's usually when they're picking up the dead. We've got to clear this mob though, so...we're not really sorry about how they're gonna get roughed up. Honestly they'll do worse to themselves later, so I wouldn't be that worried. In the mean time it'd be for the best if you and your two...whatever got out of here. Can I point you anywhere to aid in that?"
  2. Well, I personally know nothing about your players desires for their characters. You can probably ask them what they might be interested in pursuing after they're done with The Maw. Players are attached to their characters when they get the chance to do the things their characters are designed for.
  3. I personally would not go creating talents and giving them as elite advances. Especially when they go about messing with the game's action economy. If you want to give your crew unique rewards you need to know what the crew cares about. Once you figure this out you can entice them with rumor of such a thing being somewhere. I'd finish up The Maw and then see what the crew really focused on in terms of pursuing. Elite Advances are for talents or skills outside of their normal career ranks usually.
  4. The Sanctionary grimaces under his visor, an adult face with a shadow of facial hair, a large mole on the left side of his chin, "Yes there's a problem, you caused a riot in the docks of the port and now operations have been delayed for what the Inkies expect to be nearly half a day. Care to explain yourself? Father..." he questioningly leads. ((Just as a note, before any other modifiers are applied socially interacting with a Sanctionary suffers a -20 penalty.))
  5. I'm gone all day because of work, but I'll try and get something in this evening. Hope you're feeling better Weasels
  6. Do we want to continue in this plot point without Balthazar (for the next post not like for the rest of the game) or do we want to wait?
  7. Doing any better?
  8. Same as ever, it's fine. Can't control these things. Did you end up getting a tonsillectomy?
  9. The laud hailer calls forth, "Outsiders, put your hands on your heads and approach me slowly, noncompliance will result in detainment."
  10. 1. It's likely the Logi Daemonis from CA 23 2. No. Again their character concept isn't canonical. 3. Yes, that is literally what a daemonhost is, Implantation or no.