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  1. Epic post. At first I thought you were going to be, you know, negative... But this just made my day. And the first reply was just perfect. Thanks for being awsome.
  2. Look, it's very simple why 'some of us; (The vocal ones who initiated the change) wanted it. All of these changes were only going to be put into Dark Heresy. That meant every other game which is part of this fantastic setting and can already be played interchangeably (Rogue Traders, Guardsman, Deathwatch with the Inquisition and so forth) would NOT be compatible anymore. FFG had specifically said there would be no new editions of the other games (Only War, Black Crusade, Deathwatch and Rogue Trader) to keep them all in one rational set of rules without having to do Algebraic conversion homebrews. if they hadn't specifically said that, then things would be different. It's just logical to not want a single game to be COMPLETELY different then the ones that came after, and are still ongoing. So, we got what 'we' (The vocal ones) wanted. I'm glad for that. Now let's focus on getting this back into the Dark Hersey that is still a liveable and inter-changeable part of the Warhammer 40K RPG universe.
  3. All, I can say, is: I'm thankful they're keeping DH compatible with all the other WH40KRPG products. That's the only reason that I disliked the old beta. it was change with no real reason behind it. Like D&D 4th edition. They had to take a step backwards to get it going again with 5th. Even Shadowrun is returning to some previous editions parts (like Deckers anyone from 3rd?) with it's 5th edition. Oh yeah, you know one game that has barely changed in the last um...oh 15 years? Rifts. Sure, they should change some things. (A revisit is always good.) But overall, it has worked for so long, they know better then to reboot it and turn away what made it work in the first place. Over-rated M.D.C. I jest. Or do I? Sometimes people want everything to change (perhaps the gamers with ADHD, and who think PvP card games, are roleplaying games, I don't know.)...and then they regret it a few months later. Typical Humans. Some evolutions can be dead ends, after all. The current Warhammer 40K system is still evolving in the right direction. And that includes all of it's products in the line, not just DH. (Rogue Trader is still my favourite, and I include it in all my games. Kind of have to, if you're traveling.) This...genetic manipulation or sudden Frankenstein 'reboot', on FFG's part was not needed. Especially since it was not going affect the whole line-up of the 40K games. All-in-all: Stupid is, as stupid does. Luckily someone smart, kicked stupid in the groin before it had a chance to dilute the gaming gene pool. Thank you FFG, for having the sense to not further divide your player-base and keep the products compatible, for the most part.(Introducing the original beta opened up a Pandora's box though). That's what really should matter: Keeping what works, and that includes the players and fans. Not just rules. For what little it's worth, you did make a good call in the end. Now stick to it, and let's play 40K, not just DH and everything else.
  4. For Thrones sake, please do not tell me this is going to be the new Dark Heresy? I had an very similar experience to the OP of this thread. Used to play WHFRP 2nd, and was completely turned off by the card-based (what is this Magic?) and wasted game that is 3rd edition. (It's akin to the old D&D split, that created Pathfinder. I'm Pathfinder obviously.) All FFG has to do is polish up DH to work and still be a part of THE OTHER GAMES. The whole premise of the game differences was the difference in overall 'power' of the characters you play. Firstly, DH are the starting beginner characters. Low experience, hard to stay alive. Just some civilians and others 'conscripted' to be pawns. Then came Rogue Trader, where no longer were you bound to the Imperium alone. And you were considered higher in relative power than a starting DH character. Afterwards, enter Deathwatch, which is what every fan-boi was wanting. Super-powerful soldiers, stronger then the average Human. With Black Crusade, they mixed it all together, and put it to the opposition. Icing on the cake. Finally, they gave us what should have been the first game all along: Only War. Basically Dark Heresy characters, in the Deathwatch type warzones and settings. Being a unit and working (or mostly dying) to live another day in the meat grinder. Now, putting all of that aside, what connects all of this even more, are a common set of crunchy bits...the rules. Not just the fantastic soft fluff, that is the WH40K universe, make one of these games inter-connected. Turning DH into something the others are not, leaves them alone and separate from the whole. How are we supposed to keep any crossover going, for say a crusade campaign? An Imperial Guard unit, somehow assigned with an Inquisitor retinue, that is using (ie: highjacking) a Rogue Traders ship, and has requested Deathwatch aide as well. You've just kicked out any Inquisition play, as we have to spend time going...um...how does my acolyte keep up with the Guardsman who are supposed to be protecting him in his investigation, and how do the Space Marines investigate and clense the Inquisitors xenos mess? What if the acolytes go to the other side and become agents of chaos eventually? How can we keep a system in place for changes that won't make sense now? So: 1.5 Please. Why this company continues to push changes to games that are....well, not required at all, is confounding. (It's like FFG is the Empire. Chaos is eating it away, slowly, but steadily. Look how that's going for them? ;P) I'll admit. I'd have a different outlook, if they were completely changing the whole entire WH40KRP system. I'd be erked that I'd have to buy all new books again, but I might embrace it if that's our only option. But they aren't and it isn't. So why create a headache and make Dark Heresy even more the bastard child, of the system that it is now? Don't change the wheel if it's not broken. Give it a nice finish. Bring Dark Heresy up to spec with the other products you've been giving us. I promise you, we'll shut up and give you our money anyways. I realise I'm typing heaps, but that's all I can do. Apologies for my lame rant. I'd just keen to have all of this great WH40K RP kept together and intertwined, so we can continue to enjoy it all. Don't make a separate game out of just one aspect of the Imperium. I love it all. All we need are updates (or patches if this was a computer game.) We don't need a spin-off set that has little to do with the original that made it, especially while the original is still quite alive and kicking arse. Right?
  5. I'm actually not here to ask about those daft force users (Jedi or Sith, they're both wrong and single-minded. Grey forever!) That's common sense and you all answered it. I'm actually more curious about the second 'core' book. Because I have a question in a similar vein…will the Empire (it's military structure, etc) be playable, for those who want an Imperial campaign. I reliase that limits it to mostly Humans, droids and some near-Humans that the Empire…tolerates. But one thing I always loved to do was play a 'Rebeliion'-era character that comes form the Empire. Not the cruel-hearted nazi-esque gits that are mis-represented by Rebel propaganda, but the common Imperial pilot, soldier, officer that has had the family serving in the 'military' (Republic Navy to Imperial Navy) for most of thier heritage. The regime might have changed, but the job didn't, (Best example of this is the old game TIE Fighter. You're not evil. You're just a pilot fighting for what you reckon is right and involved in the politics of the Empire.) All I'm typing here is just to not forget those on the non-rebel (or neutral) side of the fence, and that not all of them are the 'bad guys', or at least not on purpose. At the least, a sourcebook for Imperial services to go with the Rebellion core book, would be greatly appreciated (and purchased!). Aye if you couldn't tell, I'm pro-Imperial. There's a reason the New Republic didn't last long (besides invasions), and why the Galactic Empire still exists (sans insane Emperor, and even complete with alien stormtroopers and officers, that can actually shoot!) in the Expanded Universe of the future generations in the Star Wars Timeline: The Empire endures.
  6. As someone who prefers the way WH 40K was done (and kept) when FFG picked it up, I can say I disliked the dice and cards with their 'new' edition of Warhammer Fantasy. (Stuck with 2nd ed) While I'm dissapointed Star Wars from FFG is using the same…odd dice system, I'm glad they didn't use the lame-cards as well. I might actually be able to get into it this time.After reading this article and seeing the dice used more in the begginer game-set, I'm starting to see how they actually make rolls…interesting, and not entirely numbers crunching. And I see it better without the cards that don't really go with pencil and paper games, so I have to say thank you for that at least. Still keen on Saga Edition (and even the old West End games version) over this type of dice system, but I truely hope that FFG can get me out that mindset, with this version of the SW universe RPG and its books and materials covered.
  7. I admit I'm a little weary of FFG's take on the SW game system. (Mostly because I dislike what they did with Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay cards/dice gimmicks, when WH40K RP is great as it is with percentiles.) I'm holding off on ordering the book until the beta is done, because…well, I love my fluff and I'm hoping that there will be some changes from the beta-testing in the form of glitches proof-read and rules tweaked. Started Star Wars RP with 2ed WEG like most people, and loved the heck out of it. Wish I had kep those books, because the fluff, especially for playing Imperial characters was great. (Always loved playing the less known side of a non-arrogant/un-evil Imperial pilot/soldier.) Moved on to the Saga Edition (I still have the books.), and it was my last foreray into that 'Wimpy other Trash Company' that shall not be named. I don't play card games I play role-playing games Nobody will know me, so no big deal. I mostly just play the 40K games, but I'm willing to see where FFG takes our beloved game and either proudly play it, or sadly sigh and keep to the old systems like some people still do with many games. I'm hoping it's the proud part.
  8. I'm mixed about this being a new 'core book'. On one hand I have always believed this is what the 40K RPG line SHOULD have started with. (Not the Inquisition, 'Dork Hearsay') Reasoning? All the RPG products since have been geared towards working in a group/unit. Progression is simple, start as your run of the mill grinder/soldier in Only War and learn the roleplaying in the grim seetting where there is only war, move on to ship dynamics and crews with planetary assaults and more expanded en-masse Imperial military, like a crusade (aka, Only war) with Rogue Trader, and of course add on the xenos outlook and maybe even play them. Then move on to what you learned with baseline Humans and war, with Deathwatch; finally bringing all of what you learned and wanted with the superhuman fighters. Of course Black Crusade is then the icing on the cake as you can then reverse what all you just did. (Chaos with war, from Space Marines, Dark Eldar, to corrupt armies) Dark Heresy never(in my opinion)....fit in this line of thinking. Civilians with little to no structure and cohesion (almost chaos itself) just going about nilly willy on planets like chickens without heads? It doesn't add up to the 'There is only War' that Warhammer 40K is based on. Dark, gritty, death. Anyways, on one side, I'm glad that what I originally was begging for in my games (Imperial Guard unit) is getting it's much needed attention. I just wish it had replaced Dark Heresy to being with. Would have made all these transitions make more sense. One step of units and how they fit in the endless war, at a time. I know I'll be a sucker and buy this anways. I've always disliked DH, so I'll just use those books as the bastard-child flavour they have become to be for me. Only War will be my replacement for the start of a grand-scope to intergrate players into the fighting universe, and move into the larger and deadlier scales. All-inall, I am getting frustrated now that there are so many 'core' books, and I may have to facepalm myself and realise a new 'prime edition' that puts all of this together is what FFG is looking to do, to score more sales and longevity off this product. You have to admit...we all still love this genre of the game, and at least most of us love one and or more of the core systems currently out. So we're here to stay, as long as they keep the system the same and don't gimmick it like they did to Warhammer Fantasy. (2nd ed is still better then FFG's take)
  9. Grats to FFG, I'm glad to see the Star Wars RPG will live on. (I still have all the Saga edition books, but my D6 are long gone sadly). I'm going to have to go with Malckuss on this one...if they can keep the flavour of the game akin to the D6 (West End) and D20 (Saga) editions and focus on the rolplay like it's been done, and not silly cards and gimmicks (Aka: Warhammer 3rd ed, which bombed in my area, because 2nd ed is still the same as Warhammer 40K roleplay, and no one wanted to play a card game when we could just roll our percentiles and didn't have to change out talents...how daft is that!) Also mind you, I'm one of the people who prefer Pathfinder over D&D4E (Not looking to play a dumb-down card game obviously, if that wasn't clear.) If they are going to invent some new system, just please, please please...all we need are gorgeous books and heaps of the great character options and galaxy information you've been giving us with WH40K Roleplay games. Don't go the path of WoTC who seem to thnk everything is 'cards cards cards and competition'. I roleplay these games to co-op with a group. Now, if they do the silly card-game RPG, well I do hope someone can work on a conversion to older editions of Star Wars, using any new material. I know FFG does good work in that department and I'd hate to not use any of it for sure.
  10. Hi there, I've got a major question regarding a background I took from The Radicals Handbook for my Adept, ( the one listed in the subject). It's on page 37 if you need to re-look at it. Anyways, our Dark Heresy team just finsished the first book of a published adventure, where we took on a Lord of Change, and during the encounter, we were in a warp-spawned library of sorts. During this time, we had to look up the Deamons true name, in order to actually get to the next step and hurt the thing. Our GM had myself the adept, find and look through books during our run and gun, that somehow listed many true names...and after making both a search and major willpower check, I found it...but then I had the idea to also look up the full name of the one I knew a fragment of already (which is part of my background) and the GM agreed to it, after reading my note and telling him what I wanted to do in private. Some fate points later, I had it. Well, it's after the game, and now I'd like to go over just what this means for my character in regards to my background. With it, I currently have the effects of one boon, with no servitude to dark powers needed (I'm simply siphining in affect, with the one time cost in corruption points). So, logically to me, this means I could siphon more boons from the deamon with only a cost in more corruption points for each one, (and any malignancies or mutations if I fail my tests when they accumulate.) Does this make sense to anyone? If not, have you had this experience with an Adept and this background package similar to it? I'd just like myself and the GM to have some understanding of the groundwork for the mechanics on this background and any future pacts that by-pass deals with the demons entirely. To sum up: Can I simply siphon more boons for the normal corruption cost, without the payback to the deamon itself, and if so: is there a limit to the number of them, beyond the corruption total?
  11. Ah Ascension...that'll be a good day. But I'm also glad to see Radicals getting into the spotlight. I myself lean towards this bent, (with Xenos) and I'm quite willing to tread this path. Good books on the way! Thanks for the read.
  12. Alright, you're forgiven as you were still working on something SoTI related...especially a website for it.
  13. It's pretty much common sense that the more heavily hardcore 'war'-related creatures that we've coem to know from the books and tabletop games will be represented in Deathwatch and more 'intense' duties. Otherwise a cadre of Acolytes would be salughtered and it's way out of the realm of what they delve in. So everything an inquisition cell faces is more to our level-ish and in the realm of playability. FFG is doing a great job presenting fresh options for this as well as common elements. DH is actually NOT WH40K as some may know it in all it's full glory (as in the fringes of space where it's life or death strugles war 24/7). We're only taking our first small steps into the larger universe with DH. So wait like the rest of us for the next steps in the WH40K RPG systems. The challenges in the creatures/xenos will be comensurate with the next stage of Imperium life/death.
  14. There were two different sets of 'Iron Men' that Cain encontered. The first were the original sets that had been standing dormant since the dark age of technology. (Plainly not Necron-like at all.) The second set that he had to briefly engage, were the warp-corrupted ones the also chaos-infected STC he found began to churn them out. Unlike Necrons these were not once organic beings turned into cyborgs, but twisted AI versions of Iron men. The confusion for some might lie in the fact that AI's were up to point of say, Dune-level sentience (which is where GW got the idea from them with the whole rebellion against machines and all.) They were not once organic beings, just a race onto themselves. That being said necon-theory could have been formed in part due to such living Ai's in thier prescence. But anyways, Iron men...very dangerous and very tough.They seem to move slowly at a pace, so I could say most of thier stats save Fellowship, and Agility would be quite near the 75-90 percentile range. (The corrupted versions seemed to miss on occaision).
  15. Hmm Luddite, you may also wish to add more non-appearant deviagtions to Humans, After all there's more to say 'evolution' (or de-evolution) then simply physical changes, such as: Variations of eye sight: Did Humans develop the need to see in lower/higher light conditions, or even at all, gaining another form of 'sight'? (Low-light vision, heightened sound awareness, darkvision, colour-blindess, new spectrum sight, etc. This could make a fully human appearaing character, albiet with a non-physical 'deviation' as Imperial authorities might put it. Changes in cerebral functions: Did the inhabitants develop a new part of the brain as yet untapped by others, (due to say a planets gas or plant-life makeup) It doesn't even have to be psycher related. Perhaps the Humans from planet 3324-P are just better at remembering things and can recite an entire library at will. Or Humans from 445-GIU are all amidextrous but are all near-sighted due to thier use of constant detailed work. Resitances: Did the Humans from Cold World develop a comfotable level of tolerance from the frigid conditions (yet can't stand the heat.) Same goes for the desert world. All without any physical changes of course. Was the radiation level from say Rad-world slightly higher then normal on a planet, giving rise to Humans who didn't mutate, but just now can stand the 'heat' of microwaves better then any others..but now have to have such levels of raiation to survive. Limb funtionality: Humans adapt in ways unforseen. Perhaps a typical loking human set of colonists had to develop flexible limbs and joints to adapt to an all forest world. They look completely Human, but now have the uncanny ability to move thier limbs in a 330 degree (not 360 of course) range of motion. Now of course thier equipment has to be modified, but again they look completely Human and can't be distinguished normally. Pressure changes: The oblivious fact we all take for granted is that Humans only live in an atmosphere that gives us 5ft per square innch of pressure. What happens to a Human that might live on a world or moon of a gas giant that has less or more pressure? (not gravity). Would the Human develop internal sacs of air to compensate, have less/more bone density?? (all non-cosmetic because it's internal.) I'm not entirely sure how suchchanges would effect them in a typical earth-like pressure. (would they suddenly swell/deflate, lol.) But I could assume that they'd be able to do some different things with water swimming, or even climbing etc. Altitude changes: Oxygen only comes in varying degrees. Did the inhabitants of planet Alpine devbelop greater breathing capacity due to the lower oxygen rate or higher altitude of thier homeworld? If so it could let them perform for hours/days ahead of a 'standard' Human. "You never get tired? Why am I out of breath and you aren't? -------------------------------------- Anyways hope that gets you into he mindset, that WH40K is missing some of the more...intriging and less obvious changes that could occur in a species that has been seperated for over 30,000 years. It's more then the obvious oh physcial; abnormality-so-not-Human idea. Especially since they Humans are only the way they are because we developed only on a single planet. Personally I'd like to see how the Imperium 'classifies' Humans that are in most ways better at something on the inside then a simple 'mutation' or physical change.
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