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  1. So, I just got an email from the Gate of Memories kickstarter, and tucked away at the end they mentioned a new forum for all things Anima related. Thought I would drop this off for anyone who didn't know. It's got nothing on it right now, so let's see about changing that, shall we. And the link: http://www.gateofmemories.com/forum/index.php
  2. Thank you kindly. Seems decent enough. For a 1 minute or 5 minute Procedure, I will probably be adding "First Aid", which covers your basic cleaning and care of a wound before actually bandaging it up. But this is a great set to work off of, so thanks a lot. Are these going to make it into Scissura Exxet?
  3. Then consider yourself officially asked, as I'd love to see the system you're using. I have a player using Medicine as well, and while I've been winging it so far, I do need to come up with my own. So I'd be interested in seeing what others have done to draw inspiration from, if you don't mind.
  4. Count me in on wanting to see Core Exxet and Gaia 2 over here as soon as possible. Maybe it will happen.
  5. That is what we're here for. Also, welcome to the forums. If you haven't checked them out already, there are some "official" forums hosted at: http://cipher-studios.com/AnimaBB/index.php Some people prefer one or the other, some do both. I think the other is slightly more active, but not by much. Anyway, if you have any more questions, feel free to ask.
  6. You should probably ask your GM on that one. That question has been up for debate before, on at least the other forum, if not this one (I don't recall). There is no clear answer, as by the rules, it's how you've read it, but that gives a huge, potentially game-breaking advantage to longer shields, so at least some GM's house rule it to be a per-activation cost.
  7. They do mention it, but I'm not sure if they'll be including any errata or anything else. I'd personally wait until the new prints come out, as it's not too far into the future from here.
  8. If you live in an area with FLG's, you could check there, and possibly even the used bookstores and their chain counterparts, as well. Most of the time, your FLG can at least order it, if they don't have copies readily available on their shelves.
  9. In a case like that, a Power is maintained at the lowest level possible for the Power to actually produce an effect. I don't have my books handy atm so I can't give you numbers, but if 60 isn't enough and 80 is, the shield would be maintained at the 80 level, even though you've only got 60 Potential.
  10. I was flipping through my copy of the 1st Edition Dungeon Master's Guide for Dungeons and Dragons, and closer to the back it's got a huge listing of tables, with one of them being a list of herbs and uses, and it looked pretty extensive. I'm not sure if you've got access to it, but they did just reprint the book I'm talking about, so finding that might not be too difficult. It's not made for the Anima system, but can definitely be adapted, as all it is is an idea list, really. Hope that helps a little.
  11. VoidCabbage said: No problem. Also note that there is another Anima forum here cipher-studios.com/AnimaBB/. It gets a lot more traffic than this forum but I like to keep an eye on both. I see someone is following in my footsteps. Keeping an eye on both is most helpful so far. Elric has posted some great stuff up here that isn't on the other forum, even though that one does get more traffic, it seems. As for the original question, Void hit it spot on. Also, welcome to the forum, enjoy your stay. Feel free to ask any questions you'd like, we're happy to help.
  12. The Unification of Ki rules are nice from a book-keeping standpoint, but I personally prefer the original Ki rules, as they add more distinction between the Techniques, which is something I like. In the games I run, I have both options available to characters, but utilizing Unification of Ki rules has a couple of different rules associated with it, making it more something useful in combat, and less useful outside of combat. So the character using UoK was trained to access his Ki differently and doesn't necessarily accumulate Ki like one using the original set. It is somewhat based off of the ideas of Dancers from FF 11, or monks from DDO. I have had no complaints from characters who use either system. For the book-keeping aspect for the original Ki rules, I find having about 6 different colored tokens of some sort works very well, in numbers equal to the Ki pools of each attribute. These are in two separate bowls or areas or something, and as each round of accumulation pops up, you move the right number from your "pool" to the "available". When "available" is spent on a Tech, set the used ones off to the side, return the rest to the "pool", and carry on like normal. No paper used, and gives a nice visual representation, that you can look down at and see if you have enough for your next Tech. One of my players actually came up with that, and has worked out great. When the character isn't doing anything in combat, i.e. during other people's turns, they can get the next round of accumulation ready, so they just add it to the "available", instead of counting it out.
  13. I think the forums at http://cipher-studios.com/AnimaBB/index.php are more international than these, actually. I see a lot more discussion about the game and it's versions over there. I don't remember the exact numbers from Core Exxet, but I do remember they changed the multiple attack rules to give a penalty based on weapon size. But, listed in the Spanish Web-Supplement 3, where it covers the basics of the changes in the Core Exxet, we have this bullet point on it: Los ataques adicionales ya no sufren un penalizador de -25 con cualquier arma, sino -20 las de tamaño pequeño, -30 las medianas y -40 las grandes. My translation of that is: Additional attacks no longer suffer a penalty of -25 for any weapon, but is -20 for small size, -30 medium, and -40 for large. It doesn't say one way or the other for Unarmed attacks, but I'd go with Small size on those, since those are the same Ini. adjustment as daggers. Just my thoughts.
  14. Also, I will throw in my glowing recommendation, after character generation it all goes much more smoothly in my opinion. And it jumped from newest system to my go-to preferred system the day I ran my first game of it, eclipsing other games I'd been playing for 10+ years on a pretty constant basis. Take that for what it's worth, but for me, Anima far surpasses it's weight in gold system-wise, with it's flexibility and vision.
  15. What I did with my group to convince them to give the game a try (myself as well), is I had them pick pregenned characters from the GM's kit (which you have, it sounds like), and ran a couple of very basic combat scenarios, to see how the game played and give them a feel for it. I think it was a group of zombies versus the party in the middle of a burning town, but I did that because we had a pyromancer psychic in the group, and wanted him to have some tools to work with to get an idea on that system. Really, just anything basic. Last intro scenario was a rat-man ambush in the sewers of Ptolus.
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