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  1. Also, great ability on Dwalin... "Response: After Dwalin attacks and destroys an Orc enemy, reduce your threat by 2." Great fit for Spirit! The Cave-troll has a similar ability to the Hill Troll, however, instead of raising your Threat, every excess point of damage must be used to damage other characters you control. Weak blockers won't work against this one, even with a Threat reduction deck.
  2. Glaurung said: booored said: Shnik said: About the original topic (Eleanor vs. Surge and Doomed), I'm with GhostWolf; When Revealed resolves first, Eleanor cancels the effect and discards the card, no Surge nor Doomed since the card is now out of play. This is how I see it as well. I dont think so. Eleanor is start to be to powerful in this case. We need to wait off FAQ but i personally think doomed and surge is always work. As opposed to, Eleanor being really weak? Not only does she exhaust to use her power, but you ALSO replace the card you discarded with a new one. Combined with her poor stats, if Surge and Doomed weren't cancelled, that would make her almost useless. Even if cancelling Surge and Doomed, I find her only average, depending on circumstances and scenarios.
  3. About the original topic (Eleanor vs. Surge and Doomed), I'm with GhostWolf; When Revealed resolves first, Eleanor cancels the effect and discards the card, no Surge nor Doomed since the card is now out of play. As for Nate's answer of "Treachery cards don't enter play, so they're never discarded", that indeed contradicts the FAQ saying that Surged and Doomed happens "any time the card enters play" (so they would never occur on Treachery cards according to this ruling...). However, I fully agree that Surged and Doomed would still happen when using A Test of Will on a Treachery card (if that was ever in question). As for everyone who believes Nate French is omnipotent and never changes his mind about this game: remember Chieftain Ufthak? In FAQ 1.0, to make the game harder, they decided that "when he attacks" meant before the attack, which made Ufthak stronger... But also weakened the Wargs considerably, which used the same term. After this was brought up, FAQ 1.1 changed the ruling (to a definition which makes a lot more sense)... So, I take anything Nate French says with a grain of salt, especially when it contradicts (or seems to) the established rules and order of resolving events.
  4. FFG's components are usually top-notch, I wouldn't worry about the quality of any demo I play!
  5. The Deluxe edition also adds a lot of possibilities with the Special cards, if you only use a certain amount every game instead of all 4.
  6. Already, the less players there are, the easier the game seems to be. The only games I've won were 2-player games. As for expansions, I like F&F since it does add something else to do in the game, and gives more variety.
  7. The Brig certainly is a bad place to be, and you'll most often be discarding Skill cards and thus losing resources because you can't play enough cards. Plus, a lot of character's special abilities suck in the Brig: Baltar only draws 4 Skill cards, Roslyn can't use her special ability, and Appolo will often be forced to discard random (and possibly useful) cards.
  8. That module sounds great! I always found that the die roll was too random for this particular mechanic.
  9. I find every add-on they have released before ToI makes the game harder (and sometimes, much harder) for the heroes. I hope ToI rebalances this somehow.
  10. myrm said: I have Maharajah, its the same basic mechanism/ruleset. It plays fine until you realise there is a near-fatal flaw for one of the colours - once thats known by some or all of the players, then that player has little chance of winning as people will be able to take them out of the game somewhat casually. Ugh, that's some bad game design. Hopefully that's an oversight and not intentional.
  11. As has already been said, everything you do affects what others can (and will) do, even placing crystals in the obelisk (increases cost for others afterwards).
  12. How much do the Emissaries & Inquisitors add-ons really add to the game? And are they worth it even if I don't have all the "race" add-ons?
  13. Since the game is based on Kingdoms, it's probably better than the movie!
  14. Shnik


    I'll go against the trend here, but I wouldn't buy it even for 10$. I find the luck factor to be way too high. A Euro game with luck? Kind of defeats the purpose.
  15. Fecktor said: Most here, I think, would agree that Dunwich Horror is one of the best expension you can buy, followed by King in Yellow. Most seems to play with any expansions they have bought, all together. It does dilutes the Mythos deck, so some players have come up with ways to alleviate that. That's the main problem with Dunwich: the more expansions you buy and use, the less often anything happens in that board. As big box expansions go, I prefer Kingsport, since there is no diluting effect for using the board, and the Epic GOO combats add a lot to that part of the game.
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