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  1. I just found your thread any your work is awesome. Are you planning on the occupier tank commander or shoretrooper heads? Salcor
  2. True. Perhaps remove one red and one black attack dice on the follow up attack.
  3. I think your discussion on height is an interesting one. While I think all of the existing suggestions to fix the T47 are interesting, I woul give it one ability, a version of gunslinger. New ability: Strafe - the T47 is allowed to attack one unit after it's compulsory move, and then attack a second unit after it's normal move. Arsenal 2 can only be used during one of the attacks, not both. Salcor
  4. I just go a bunch of minis for there christmas holiday so I need to start painting soon. Salcor
  5. Those are pretty cool. I have been thinking about units like them or rogue one as operative teams, even though so far we have only see operatives as individuals. Salcor
  6. Thanks for the response. I think death troopers will definitely be crimson guard with Krennic being cobra commander. I think vader will be Serpentor (that will be a difficult mod). I was thinking the emperor will be storm shadow and the imperial guard will be Arashikage ninja (paint them white like storm shadow). I was thinking boba fett will be destro. I would like to get some variants hover cycle pilots (preferably mudtroopers). Salcor
  7. So I am putting together my forces and I have decided to go with a Imperial Army themed after Cobra. But I was wanted some suggestions for which troopers should be painted which way. Here are my thoughts so far. Commanders Emperor - not sure yet, maybe Serpentor Vader - either destro, Serpentor, Storm shadow??? Krennic - Cobra Commander (With the hood probably) General Veers - Major Biudd Troopers Mudd Troopers (skull forge) - Basic Cobra troopers Snow Troopers - Snow Serpents (too easy, other suggestions?) Storm Troopers - vipers, especially if I get 32mm viper helmets (any other suggestions?) Special Forces Scout Troopers - Not sure on this one, suggestions Death Troopers - Alley Vipers, Shock Trooper (although leaning toward Crimson Guard) Royal Guard - Crimson Guard (too easy though, suggestions) Support Speeder Bikes - Cobra Flight pods AT-ST - Hiss Tank (other suggestions appreciated) Operative Boba Fett - as him self....maybe Firefly though. Thanks for the help. It should be entertaining. Salcor
  8. I wonder how adding the generator upgrades from the stationary weapons would effect the T47. Imagine adding 2 white Dice and suppressive from a barrage generator, or 1 extra black and an extra impact from the overcharge generator.
  9. mattman, i live is Calvert county Maryland, working on Andrews. We are you playing? salcor
  10. Sorry I have been a little bogged down with work. The group is still talking about it. Probably the equipment, vehicles, and world templates to start out.
  11. Dutzen, Realmworks is a really powerful tool, but it does feel like it has a pretty steep learning curve initially. If you haven't done it yet go over to the Lone Wold Development forums, specifically RW in action. There are a ton of great tutorial videos to help out with just about every aspect of Realmworks. Right now the group of us are just starting to talk about how we want to set up the templates for the FFG stuff. The RW forums have a bunch of differing opinions about how much information should be in RW. As to the Story board specifically. It is general more of a navigation tool as opposed to a specific way of running the adventure. If you right click on each "bubble" in the Storyboard you see an option to associate content with the item. The general way to use the Storyboard is to lay out the flow of your adventure only inputing the title and a little blurb of information in each item, then associate an item from the World/Story Almanac. Then when you are running the adventure, have the storyboard view up as your navigation panel on the left and the primary adventure information in the primary panel. It took me a while to figure that one out, but it works pretty well. Salcor
  12. The new Savage Rifts has a new mechanic that I think I am going to steal called Blaze of Glory. Basically in SW the character declares a blaze of glory, and by the end of the session they are going to die. They receive extra Bennie's to see them through, and when the player decides it's time for their character to die the player and the GM narrate what happened. One of the examples that SPF gives is a big suit of powered armor gets "killed" buy this giant combat robot. With the powered armor got the robot would make short work of the rest of the party. So the powered armor trooper declares blaze of glory. For his death the player says that he is able to survive, charging up and grappling the robot and sets his nuclear reactor to explode killing off the robot too. In Star wars the best Glaze of Glory example I can think of is the A-Wing pilot crashing into the bridge of the Super Star Destroyer. Salcor
  13. Eventually they will move to webbased but that is a ways down the road. Salcor
  14. Sorry freaking auto correct... Lone Wolf Development. http://www.wolflair.com/realmworks
  15. So myself, JT Dinimo and Bradshaw are working on creating some FFG Star wars specific structures for Realm Works by Line Wolf Development. If you are familiar with the software and would like to join in the process look for FFG Star Wars for Realm Works. As with OggDude's software, the intent is to create basic structures for users to work with, not to input FFG copyrighted material. Salcor
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