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  1. In most of the battles in the movie the rebel alliance just throws everything it has into the assault. When it came to the defence of Yavin there wouldnt have been a reason not to launch every fighter they had available.
  2. Dont know if its interesting or more sad, but its definetly noteworthy that season 2 of Star Wars: Rebels will feature both B-wings and A-wings meaning both that all related lore to the projects and development of those vessels can be scrapped and that they have been around for way, way longer then before.
  3. Depending on how far the players take it he might even never recover. Stuns can still cause critical damage and I can imagine that if someone is exposed to excessive amounts of it their heart or nervous system could eventually give out. Would have to be up to the GM to make such a ruling though and might not be popular with players.
  4. Short answer, yes. Slightly less short answer, the three different cores focus on different aspects but work well together within a group. Force and Destiny will be essential when playing in the old republic era to play jedi characters in my opinion.
  5. I have several old Star Wars miniature maps and a few maps from older Star Wars RPGs and I have on occassion used them. In my case it needs to be a good fit for the scene I want to run though so It doesnt come up very often.. I also have alot of desert tiles from running DnD Dark Sun chronicles that have been useful for Tatooine wastelands. Been meaning to get Imperial Assault and I think Ill use the tiles sometimes for my RPG´s aswell. In general I find tiles are more useful then fully drawn maps.
  6. I think the beginners box is great, although I definetly recomend you download the continuation and read through it aswell before starting. The free adventure that follows really holds most of the meat for a good campaign set on Onderon. The box also contains alot of other useful stuff like poster maps, high quality tokens and some reference tables that we still constantly use in my group. Add in the dice set and its a bargain. If your the kind of people who enjoy using miniatures with your roleplaying games (Which granted can be hard to know if your just starting out) you can also use your Imperial Assault mini´s and tiles and Xwing minis quite well with the game.
  7. Currently playing through KOTOR on my pad and when I was talking to some perticurarily annoying employees of Czerka I believe they told me to go to their headquarters on Coruscant to file my request. Seems like a logical place for their headquarter to be in later eras if Czerka is still around.
  8. Its at the printers, thats all we know for now. Im sure as soon as the pre-orders start landing in the hands of lucky people all over the world we will see a spoiler thread started.
  9. I consider myself fairly well versed in obscure Star Wars races, but can anyone tell me who the Satharti are? Never heard of them so im guessing they are are new for this perticular adventure
  10. The only thing the rules have been used for in my groups sofar is to let one player who allways plays jedis to play a jedi in our Edge group where I am a player. When I run AoR next time I wont let players my players start with any of the careers from the book but I will allow them to buy specialities from it eventaully.
  11. It is unclear which planet is the capitol of the Japrael Sector, but Onderon is the only habitable planet in the Japrael system atleast.
  12. Im doing some work on a chronicle for Force and Destiny that I originally started to work on for Saga edition. Its set in the years leading up to the clone wars and one of the central ideas is that the players are Padawans who are travelling with a group of Jedi Masters on a Consular Class cruiser. Ive got the episode 1 cross section book detailing the ship and I believe there are stats for it in one of the rpg books but what I dont have and really would like to have is a deck plan for the ship. Does anyone know if one exists? I Know there is a great website for star trek deckplans but I havent seen anything similiar for Star Wars. Ive still got plenty of time to work out one of my own since the game is far from being released yet, but would like to save the time and effort that would take.
  13. I dont know of any apps. But alot of the background music I use is from soundtracks from the different Star Wars videogames. They can sometimes be a bit of an easier fit then using the movie soundtracks. Not sure were to buy them outside of collectors editions, but you can find alot of them on youtube or extract them from games yourself with a bit of work.
  14. Are there any CIS holdouts left around the setting time? The one I remember holding out the longest was the resistance on New Plympto and it has been crushed by now. An Imperial Strongholds book might be in the works, I can see it covering iconic Imperial worlds and locations and how to break into them and what kind of trouble to get in there. Maybe with places like the Maw, Byss and Kuat. I can also see the possibility for some sort of Core Worlds book, maybe featuring coruscant and other key worlds, things like the Alderaan asteroid field or the coruscant sector in large.
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